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10 ft. x 36 in. 120-Volt Radiant Floor Heating System for Laminate, Vinyl, and Floating Floors (Covers 30 sq. ft.)

  • Factory attached wires efficiently connect to 120-volt source
  • Hermetically sealed lead wires offer an airtight fit to the film
  • Flexible carbon film allows flush mounting for a seamless finish
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Product Overview

A gentle electric radiant heat system designed specifically for dry installation under floating wood and laminate floors. A low profile, line voltage system, it features gradual warmth from low wattage resistance heating of ultra-thin, flexible radiant heat film. Installed easily over a subfloor or over an acoustic/insulating underlayment as part of the overall floor assembly, it uses just 12-Watt per square foot to gently raise the temperature of the floor, conforming to the warranty requirements of many floating floors. The system, which sports an impressive 99% efficiency, includes temperature limiting properties so the film does not overheat. Its available in four convenient rollout mat sizes that will accommodate most any layout. Each mat has wires pre-attached for ease of installation.
  • Use with most floating laminate, engineered wood and floating tile floors
  • Uses an highly-efficient conductive ink technology
  • Disperses an evenly consistent heat throughout the entire floor
  • Will not add extra height to the floor, only 0.016 in. thick
  • Consumes up to 50% less power than traditional wired systems
  • Easy to install roll out, cut length to fit if needed and run pre-attached wires to a wall thermostat
  • No mortar and no mess
  • Conforms to many floating floor manufacturers requirements
  • Maintenance free, crafted to not completely shut down if the system should ever become compromised or damaged
  • Adjust temperature with quiet warmth thermostat (sold separately)

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Voltage (volts)120120120120
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Product Length (ft.)
Product Thickness (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Flooring Product Type
Underfloor Heating
Flexible Carbon Film
Product Weight (lb.)
4.5 lb
Total Square Footage Covered
Voltage (volts)
Wattage (watts)
12 W

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
ETL Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
25 years

Questions & Answers


I'm contemplating using this with Pergo Outlast that comes with a thin underlayment attached to t...

Asked by GW May 21, 2021

there isn't enough R-Value to the padding of the plank to cause a major disruption of the heat to pass through. It marginally may take longer but not anything you will considerably notice.

Would installing this under 1/4 plywood with peel and stick vinyl tiles on top in order to get mo...

Asked by Mile May 17, 2021

Each peel and stick vinyl tile can have different strength of glue strength on the back of the tile. Since we don't know how strong the glue is, we don't recommend QuietWarmth under peel and stick vinyl. The warmth may loosen up the glue and the floor detaching from the plywood/subfloor. In addition, all flooring over the top of our heating mats must be 4mm or thicker.

can this be cut around a toilet?

Asked by Goddess March 29, 2021

This system can only be shorten by length not width .

I'm a little confused about the power module. Where does it go in the system? How does it help? I...

Asked by Zedtruk2 March 26, 2021

It allows you to expand the system without buying several thermostats to control. It is a bit cheaper option typically. QuietWarmth mat systems come in either 120v or 240v systems. These are wired in what you have coming from the Electrical box. A licensed electrician can fully help with that. In many cases using 120 or 240 all depends on how much sqft of mats you plan to heat with. There are other considerations too and all depends on your situation. On 120v you can place 150 sf of mats to 1 thermostat to control. On 240v you can place 300sf of mats. For example then, A power module is a relay that can be used for 120v systems that go over the 150sf allowance that 1 thermostat can handle. You will have to run another circuit from the electrical box to the Power Module to expand to another 150sf and so on. The thermostat will still be the main controller, and the power module acts like a dummbie...it truly doesn't "control" it just takes the direction to turn off and on when the main thermostat calls for more power or to shut off. In larger rooms, it could be good to zone heat by using 2 thermostats (instead of 1 thermostat and power module) to have optimal control over the heat the mats puts out.

If I purchased multiple strips to use in front of furniture and in traffic areas, would I just lay it on top of underlayment or cut around it?

Asked by Bobby March 19, 2021

Installation order is this: underlayment, then the QuietWarmth mat, then the flooring. The only underlayment cutting usually necessary is a groove to sink the wiring into so it’s flush.

Can we use the same thermostat and electrical panel slot for these as for the QuietWarmth designe...

Asked by Mel March 15, 2021

You can if you want to use the same thermostat for all areas. If you are wanting them to be on a different thermostats, then we suggest going on a separate breaker.

Can you use this on your outdoor enclosed patio with a cement floor?

Asked by Patio February 21, 2021

It could but wouldn't be cost efficient to operate .

can I install under tile

Asked by steve February 17, 2021

No, this film is for floating floors.


Asked by LIVELYGIRL February 4, 2021

Hi, we would like to know more about your flooring situation. You can call us at (888) 379-9695.

Is there any minimum length that the mat can be cut to?

Asked by Laney February 3, 2021

There should be no problem cutting down to 3 feet. The reading will go up after cutting.

10 ft. x 36 in. 120-Volt Radiant Floor Heating System for Laminate, Vinyl, and Floating Floors (Covers 30 sq. ft.) - page 2

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I put 7 of these heating mats under my new family room laminate floor. The mats have a little cur...
I put 7 of these heating mats under my new family room laminate floor. The mats have a little curl to them from packaging but I put the curl facing down which worked out fine. Running all the wires took a little time as they have fit into your underlayment not just lay on top of it but overall the installation went very smooth. These mats work great, my wife and daughters love how the floors feel to their feet.
by OhioDIYer
8 people found this helpful
So worth the money!! I would rate 6stars if i...
So worth the money!! I would rate 6stars if i could, having warm floors is the best. We had an electrician hook them up to the thermostat and test them, but did the rest of the installation ourselves.
by Courtney
5 people found this helpful
Really easy. It is thin and cuts easily. The warm fllors feel great. Still tweaking the thermos...
Really easy. It is thin and cuts easily. The warm fllors feel great. Still tweaking the thermostat, is set at 70 for four hours in the morning, but my thermometer says the floor is 88 to 90. Thermostat could be a little easier to use. Install it at eye level in good light.
by smithy16
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Game changer. Easy to install, goes under luxury vinyl tile, or wood, or Pergo. Easy to cut. T...
Game changer. Easy to install, goes under luxury vinyl tile, or wood, or Pergo. Easy to cut. Thin. Great thermostat, easy to program. The warmth under your feet coming out of the shower is priceless. Only person unhappy about it is my wife, because it was installed in my bathroom and not hers.
by smithy16
7 people found this helpful
Very Easy To Install!!!!!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This was the easiest thing to install, I was very impressed as I have been a contractor for 20 years. You simply just install it under the floor layout that you are going to use. It rolls out so evenly and flat leaving no gaps. It also will help to keep the cost of heat down which is another huge plus. It’s kind of pricey but I do believe in the long run it will pay for itself being so energy efficient. Definitely a huge plus on this product!!!
by DAlexMarc
The receipt of this product led to a complete remodel of our bathroom. That is why the review to...
The receipt of this product led to a complete remodel of our bathroom. That is why the review took so long to publish. Saying that the thin film floor heating element works fine. The very nice feeling when you walk into the bathroom barefoot and the floor is warm. I installed the heating film under Snap Stone tile over the old vinyl tile floor. The purchase of a GFCI protected thermostat was also necessary for the installation to function properly. So QuietWarmth is the new way to have heated floors without a lot of extra construction.
by Sword
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Slow Steady Heat
Great stand alone product, to augment your heating, for somewhere you might sit a long time (e.g. a desk or in front of a TV couch) or have bare feet touching the floor (e.g. next to a bed or in a bathroom), but if you move the desk/couch/bed, you will have to rip up the floor to move it along. The directions show you being able to set up a grid of these, to heat an entire room's floor, but I am not sure how cost effective that would be? The box states, 'Heat your floor for pennies a day!', but just this one alone uses 334W. Three hours of use, and you have used a Kilowatt. My Power Company charges me $.18/Kilowatt. Multiple that by hours run per day, and multiple that by numerous mats ... and it is more like 'dollars a day' (imho). I also find it odd, and a much larger installation expense, to require this be on a 'dedicated' 20A breaker (i.e. run 12 gauge wire from this to the breaker box). It uses less than 3A. Running this to the closest outlet, and upgrading that outlet to GFI, seems sufficient. A dedicated 20A would make sense if you ganged 5 of these. Only had it a few days, and like it so far. Have not got a power bill. but time will tell ... Best part, which I do not see mentioned anywhere, it is stamped, 'Made in USA'
by TheDogsCar
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Cold tile floors no more!
The Quiet Warmth Radiant Heat film for FLOATING FLOORS is a must in the winter months in Michigan! This particular heat film is for Floating Floors only so be careful when choosing which kind you want. I am installing a floating tile which snaps together and then you apply a special floating tile grout. See pictures. The thermostat is sold separately and you will need a DEDICATED 20 amp circuit which is protected by a GFCI. The technical hotline is 1-888-WARMPAD in case you need to clarify anything before you buy this. You totally control the floor heating with the thermostat which attaches to the wiring on the pad and is wired up the wall of the room you're installing this in. If you are installing this heated film in a basement on concrete, you will need to install a 6-mil vapor barrier (underlayment) on top of a subfloor before laying the heat film and then the floating floor. Again, I chose to put down a floating tile but you can use other floating floors such as laminate or engineered wood. Make sure that whatever floor you decide on, that you check to make sure it is rated for use with electric floor warming systems. I had an electrician lay this film because I wanted to make sure it was wired correctly before laying the tile flooring and grout! Some things needed from electrician are 2 junction boxes (3" for thermostat and 4" for electrical connections along with 12/2 Romex Wire. I did not need a separate GFCI because my thermostat had an integrated one.(see picture). This was a pretty simple installation for my electrician because I wasn't attaching other heated film matts to each other. This was for a bathroom in which my 10' x 3' size was sufficient. I love the ability to turn it on and have a warm floor to walk on when I get out of the shower!
by JoJo
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Works perfect
Just in time for our new wood floor in our walk in closet. The product was easy to install but you do need lots of planning. The actual install was fast but you do need to read and understand the electrical,requirements that will also go through a thermostat not included . First you need a 20 amp circuit that is not shared. Then you need to get the wires to the radiant heat film. Remember this is Radiant heat film and is not instant heat it could take from hours to days to get your floor area up to your desired temperature . Depending on the sub floor and the floor finish will determine the amount of time . Radiant heat takes a while for things to absorb the energy the air in most cases may never reach your desired temp. It is also something you don't turn off and i.e. peck it ti cool quickly. So great product made well with high quality products. Not a beginner project but can be done , read the instructions and hire an electrician if electric is not your thing.
by FrankieG
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Warm, Toasty Floors
This is a luxurious yet affordable upgade, especially if you are planning on putting in new floors anyway. There are videos to help with installation. I have minimal experience working with electrical projects, but by reading the instructions and watching the helpful videos, I was able to install the necessary junction box, thermostat, and run the wires from 2 heating mats to the thermostat in an existing home where we were redoing the floors. It is helpful to install an underlayment barrier under the Quiet Warmth roll; that way you can cut channels into the underlayment where the wires run across the floor to the wall where the thermostat is installed. Otherwise the wires, though they are small, might be felt under the flooring (we put in luxury vinyl planks; wires might not be as noticeable under harder wood or laminate.) These rolls are super easy to cut with sharp scissors to get them just the right size for your project. Once installed, use the thermostat to control the temperature; the rolls give off a nice warm touch from the floor, removing the chill, and help to keep the room they are installed in warmer. We are very happy with them.
1 person found this helpful
Showing 1-10 of 138 reviews