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1 in. Diamond Grit Impact Drive Bits (5-Piece)

Includes 5 units (99¢ /unit)
  • Diamond Grit Improves Durability Providing 20X Longer Life
  • Diamond Grit Holds Tight To Fastener For 2X Stronger Grip
  • Compliment Your Tool Collection With RYOBI Accessories
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Product Details

Compliment your tool collection with RYOBI Diamond Grit Coated Technology. The 5 PC. 1 in. Diamond Grit Impact Drive Bits offer a premium driving solution. The Diamond Grit coated technology provides an additional layer of protection for 20X longer life, improving the bit durability across all Phillips screw driving applications. Diamond Grit produces a 2X stronger grip which allows for a strong pre-driving hold and seating of the fastener into the bit. This added grip creates a similar experience as a magnetically charged bit, but with a more secure hold. The Diamond Grit coated technology grabs into the Phillips fastener during driving applications for better fitment to prevent stripping of the Phillips head. This set is a perfect drive bit solution for all DIYers and Pros looking for less stripped screw frustration, and optimal pre-drive control. The 5 PC. 1 in. Diamond Grit Impact Drive Bits are compatible with standard drills and impact drivers and include (5) 1 in. Diamond PH2 Bits.
  • Diamond Grit hardens tip for improved durability and 20X longer life
  • Diamond Grit holds tight to fastener for pre-driving control and 2X stronger grip
  • Diamond Grit improves fit and grabs fastener while driving for less stripped screws
  • Diamond Coated Technology
  • 1 in. bits pair perfectly with all RYOBI bit holders and screw guides
  • Compliment your tool collection with RYOBI Accessories
  • Includes: A96501 (5) 1 in. Diamond PH2 Bits

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Q:Are all the tips the same size?
by|Jun 23, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Hello, Bobby - Thank you for your question. Yes. They are all the same size. I hope this helps! Additionally, if you need further support, then a RYOBI Customer Experience Professional is here for you, Monday - Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (EST) when you call or text us at 1.800.525.2579 or through email or live chat when you visit us at https://www.ryobitools.com/support/contact. And thank you again for your interest in the 2 in. Diamond Grit Impact Drive Bits (5-Piece). - Jewel

by|Jul 27, 2023
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    3 broken bits, 1 removed screw
    Broke all 3 within 20 minutes trying to get a screw out of a 4x4.
    Response from RYOBIJan 18, 2023
    Hello, Dewalt4life - We're sorry to hear about the trouble you had with your bit set! It would be great to connect with you, so we can work this out together! Will you please email us at Reviews@RYOBItools.com? RYOBIOutdoorTools
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      Bought a set of these a few weeks ago and used the first one last weekend. It lasted literally one screw and snapped the tip off. ONE SCREW, a 3" fine thread drywall screw, with the new brushless impact driver by Ryobi. I'll be putting the other four in the junk bit section of my toolbox.
      Response from RYOBIJul 22, 2022
      Hello, Russ91 - We're sorry to hear of the frustration you're having with this bit set! We'd like to learn more about what happened to see if we can come up with a good solution for you! Will you please email us at Reviews@RYOBItools.com? RYOBIOutdoorTools
        Good bitse
        I am enjoying these bits. The shaft length is just about perfect for most of my applications. And the diamond grit on the bit is genius. The bit stays engaged in the screw much better than a normal bit. Being able to reduce the likelihood of boogering the fastener is a great thing. In the last photo I am fastening some heavy wood and the bit worked like a champ.
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        Not Your Average Bit
        Alright, here's the skibby. These one inch bits grip and drive amazingly. They do not wear down easily unlike other bits. Works well with extensions that have magnetic grip to hold the bit. However the one thing I noticed is that these do not stay in my Milwaukee impact gun when using them just by themselves. Otherwise they work great and I would recommend this product to others.
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        Works great
        The Ryobi 2in diamond grit drill bits worked wonders on my fence project. I went through a bunch of old rusty screws and they came out easily, didn't strip a single one. Replaced some fence parts then put the screws back in with ease. They fit screws great and should last a long time. The two inch size works great for general use, now I've got to pickup the other lengths for when hardware gets in the way of the drill body. This is a great drill bit.
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        Better Grip
        The RYOBI 2-inch Diamond Grit Impact Driver Bits comes in a pack of 5 bits. The bits have a diamond grit on the tip that makes it less likely to slip out of the screw head. The bits shafts are designed to resist breakage when driving screws. With the Diamond Grit the bits last up to 20 times longer than conventual impact driver bits. A good choice for impact bits.
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        Nice Grip
        The RYOBI 3-1/2-inch diamond grit impact drive bits come in a 3-piece set. The bits are great for longer reach like in deep countersunk holes and the diamond grit really holds onto the screw with a lot less chance of slippage. The bits have a 20X longer life than regular bits and have 2 times stronger grip than conventual driver bits. The bits are designed for impact with less chance of breakage.
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        Very good #2 Phillips drive bit, good value, good quality, great results, easy to use.
        This is a Ryobi hex 2 in. #2 Phillips drive bit set. They are rated for impact drive drills. There are 5 bits in the set. Ryobi states that these are diamond drive bits. I understand this means that the bits are reinforced with little pieces of diamond powder embedded in the Phillips head or the head is coated with the diamond powder. Ryobi represents that these bits will last up to 20 times longer than a standard metal bit and have more gripping power. Time will tell, but they do grip and hold firmly. I drove 3 inch screws into a 2x4 and was impressed with the grip and feel. Based on my initial experience, the bit seems durable and effective. The price is also very good for a good quality bit.
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        Drive'em deep!
        I had been using regular screwdriver bits in my impact driver and couldn’t figure out why I was blunting so many bits. Finally my mental light bulb turned on and I realized that the action of the impact driver was pounding the tips against the metal screw dozens or even hundreds of times per second. I got these “Diamond grit” bits because they are impact rated. It worked well at putting a deck screw into treated landscape timber with my impact driver which I consider to be a good measure of the durability of a bit. I haven’t used it to drive a self-tapping screw into metal yet but I expect it to perform well in that too.
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        Fits, Holds, Drives screws nice
        I have a box of aluminum 3" screws that have been very hard to drive successfully and the head strips easily. The diamond grit on this bit seems to grab and hold the screw very good and after drilling several screws with it all went in nice and able to extract easily with out the head stripping. I can not comment yet on the 20 times longer life claim but will give a thumbs up to the 2 times stronger grip claim. About the only negative is has a very faint PH2 marking. I tried filling in with chalk but the the indentation is not deep enough to hold.
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