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Internet # 316106590

Model # PC-1500

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Schumacher 1500-Watt Continuous Power Converter with Two AC outlets and Two USB Ports

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  • Supplies 1500 continuous watts of power/3000 peak watts
  • Features two AC outlets and two USB ports
  • Two built-in, high-speed fans ensure constant, cool operation
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Product Details

About This Product

The Schumacher PC-1500 converts vehicle power to household power. The unit supplies 1500 continuous watts and 3000 peak watts of power, which makes it ideal for powering heavy-duty remote tools and equipment. It includes two AC outlets, as well as a two 2-amp USB ports, which are perfect for charging your mobile devices. Connect the unit directly to the vehicle battery with the included ring connectors. Protection against power surges and overheating is also built into every unit.


  • Converts 12-Volt battery power to 120-Volt AC household power
  • Easy to use ─ connects directly to battery
  • Two NEMA 5-15 USA AC outlets
  • Two 5-Volt 2-Amp USB ports
  • On/off button
  • LED indicator
  • Heavy-duty battery cables
  • Thermal protection ─ unit shuts down if operating temperature is excessive
  • Surge protection ─ protects against damaging current fluctuations
  • Low Battery alarm
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Product Information

Internet # 316106590

Model # PC-1500

Store SKU # 1006140864


Dimensions: H 10 in, W 10.5 in, D 4.88 in


Product Depth (in.)

4.88 in

Product Height (in.)

10 in

Product Width (in.)

10.5 in


Amperage (A)


Automotive Part Type

Power Inverter


No Additional Features




No Additional Items Included

Number of Outlets


Product Weight (lb.)

6.3 lb



Running Wattage


Start Type

Electric Switch

Starting Wattage


Voltage (V)


Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

No Certifications or Listings

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:Where is made
by|Jun 19, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  This unit is made in China.

by|Jun 21, 2024
    Q:We’ve lost the terminal screws. I’ve been trying to find replacements for it but I’m not what I should look for or where. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    by|Dec 8, 2023
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Please call customer service at 800-621-5485 to order the parts.

    by|Dec 11, 2023
      Q:How many amp does it delevered in the same time
      by|Nov 30, 2023
      1 Answer
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      A:  The PC-3000 power inverter has a continuous output power of 3000 Watts at around 25 amps.

      by|Mar 12, 2024
        Q:The case for the 2,000 watt unit says output is 115V. The 3,000 watt unit says output is 120V. Is this correct in both cases? "Headline" on Home Depot site labels them both as 120V. Is 8 amps the maximum draw on both sizes?
        by|Aug 23, 2023
        1 Answer
        Answer This Question

        A:  The nominal output voltage for the PC2000 and the PC3000 is between 110-125 V AC, and the total load input current for both models can range between 180 to 250 ADC. Please get in touch with our tech service line at 800 621 5485 for more details.

        by|Sep 28, 2023
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          Very easy to use
          There is minimal setup if you even want to call it that. It’s as easy as hooking up jumper cables to your car battery. This power converter is super convenient to use your 12V battery already in your car or a disconnected battery if you have one. What you will need though is a table or cart to set the unit on close to the battery or it can be mounted. You only have to hook up a ground wire, positive cable to the battery, and negative cable to solid metal. The unit has fans for cooling during prolonged use but it is otherwise essentially silent. The only sound you’ll hear will be your vehicle (engine should be on when using the converter) or whatever tool, speaker, etc that you’re powering. The converter has a single switch operation and four power outlets along with two USB ports to use. Great to have when “off the grid” or when you don’t have long enough extension cords.
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          Convenient power to run things when camping
          About to buy a small trailer for camping & converter's needed. The new trailer we're purchasing needs extra power, as truck's battery not enough to help with extras needed for decent running of tools, small appliances and lights. It has power surge protection, alarm and fans to run cool, as needed. Haven't had an inverter of this size and really looking forward to having the converter take care of our camping needs. Delivery was quick, as usual from Home Depot.
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          Works great; no cable clips
          This review is for the Schumacher Electric 2000-Watt 12-Volt DC to 120-Volt AC Power Inverter (Converter). We’re planning to go with solar power for our new home and wanted to give it a try before going full scale. I like that this can be attached to a car battery, especially for emergency use. While the product does come with cables, there are no booster cable clips provided and it makes it easier to use with a car battery so we added those. The unit has both thermal and surge protection; a great feature for protecting the unit and your tools, etc. Another thing I like is the alert when your battery is getting low. 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports make it handy for remote use.
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          Well-built, and works as advertised. Be sure to pay attention to the warnings.
          This inverter seems very well-built, and works as advertised. Due to my test setp limitations, I was not able to take it to the full 2000W output. I did, however, test under idle and load conditions. Although the instructions warn about pulling current even when off, my measurements show only 10-20mA of draw, so that would take a LONG time to significantly drain a battery. That is actually less than the self-discharge current for most SLA batteries. With a load of 71 Watts, I measured 7.3 A battery current with 11.6V in, and 119.6 VAC out (measured with a true-RMS meter). That equates to 84.68W, or an efficiency of 83.8%. The output waveform is definitely NOT a sine wave (see the pictures below), so pay attention to the warnings about potential damage to switching power supplies, which includes almost all chargers for cellphones, watches, games, etc. Some can handle waveforms of this type, and some cannot. Incandesent lights, motors, etc., will have no problems at all. Running the output through a 1:1 transformer could help to clean up the waveform if you have one available.
          • Recommended
          Impressive. Versatile. Excellent- instructions- features- quality.
          Excellent features. Well designed power converter with built in protection. Great for turning DC power into AC for a variety of uses. Cables included for single & two bank battery applications & converter grounding, a bit on the short side & have ring terminal ends, but can get the job done, may require converting battery terminals to the type having a means of connecting to ring terminal; converter terminal or similar more permanent hook-up sufficient for the converter full load input current. Schumacher’s 3000W converter is easy to set up and use, only one issue- determining load demands; converting amps to watts. Selected this 3000 watt converter because its a Schumacher product, known for quality and performance, suitable for multiple applications; DIY tasks when there’s no power for AC tools, which the 4 AC outlets did fine for a 4” grinder, skill saw, multi-tool & ⅜ drill. Converter will also be great for converting a boat's 4 battery bank DC power to AC for the occasional power tool, without the hassle of a generator. And perhaps the single most important use- powering a gas furnace when the grid is down from boat battery bank stored inside for winter. On board USB ports are a definite plus for tech gadgets needing a charge. Staying within the recommended output power can be calculated with the Owners Manual clear guides to aid in determining safe loads. Well written manual also explains features & operating instructions clearly & has warranty info. Well packaged for safe shipping. Another well designed and functional product. After a few weeks, highly satisfied and recommend this 3000W Schumacher Power Converter for easy converting of DC battery power into AC.
          Never be without electric. Schumer 2000-Watt 12-volt DC to 120- Volt AC power inverter. Take power where you need it.
          We are excited to have this Schumacher power converter, when the power goes out, camping or using power tool on a job site where there is no electric. This unit has 3 AC outlets, 15-watt max NEMA approved. 2 (5 volt) USB ports. This unit is protected by 2 high speed fans, thermal overload and LED power switch. Surge protection keeps your tools safe, and a low battery alarm keeps your battery from being unable to be recharged. This really is a great way to be ready for the unexpeted.
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          Perfect for Emergency or Camping. Practical use. Connecting to Car Battery is a little tricky
          I got the Schumacher Electric 2000-Watt 12-Volt DC to 120-Volt AC Power Inverter. This used Vehicle Battery Power to household power. This a 2000-Watt but 4000 Peak Watts and can be used for heavy duty tools and equipment. It has 3 AC outlets for you to plug in variety of appliances, tools, etc., The 2 Amp USB port is perfect for all mobile devices like phones, computers, etc. This unit connects directly to the vehicle battery using the provided ring connectors. The great thing is that it has built in protection against power surges and overheating. Yes, it is a bit inconvenient to connect to our car battery as our car battery terminals are hidden behind air ducts but it's acceptable. Perfect for camping as well and emergency power outages.
          • Recommended
          Handled everything I had
          I needed something for my truck (F350) so I could power a 6-gal air compressor. The unit comes with two red and two black power cables (still can't figure out why there are two of each). The setup is pretty simple, red-to-red, black-to-black. Make sure your battery connections have a place to screw the the wires. Mine did not and I had to buy an adapter. The compressor ran with not problem. I also plugged in a shop vac and had no problem. Great for emergencies.
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          Awesome power converter
          I got the Schumacher 3000 W power converter check it out and it sure is a beast giving out up to 6000 Peek W . It has 4x15 amp 120 V outlets, and two USB ports. This does work off 10 to 15 V DC, using 280 A. This unit does have a low-voltage shut off of 10 V DC. So don’t mistake this unit is going to need some serious supply power in order to do its job. It has an input voltage and output, wattage, digital meters on it. As well as a master power switch. However, it has a multitude of built-in protections. Including thermal protection that shuts down if the unit reaches 176°F. It has two high-speed cooling fans, but it is going to need an area where it can cool off. This has an output is a modified square sine wave, and not the typical pure sine wave that you have in a house. In the instruction manual, it has a list of some devices. You might want to check before using it with this inverter. For standard automotive applications, it is recommended that the car or other vehicle be left running to supply the inverter with enough energy to run, otherwise a isolated battery bank should be used that way it won’t run down the vehicles starting battery. This is a really awesome power converter
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          Lots of power, straightforward hookup, auto-off
          Summary: lots of power, straightforward hookup, auto-off. I could not get a good ground off a bolt in my engine compartment, which left this unit turning on, off, on, off. Once I moved the ground cable to the battery negative lug, the power meter spiked right up and it went to work. One of my pics shows it running an LED reading light. The other meter shows the amount of load on it, so you know if you're getting close to its limits. It'll also shut off if your battery voltage drops below 10VDC; nice if that was adjustable, b/c at 10V my diesel ain't starting anymore :-). Mine came with two sets of power cables, not sure why, perhaps for connecting a second battery; I'd have preferred one set of longer cables that'd reach into the back of my cab. Was hoping to mount in on the side of the passenger's feet, but as my pic shows, this is a big inverter, too big to put there, so will have to search for a wife-approved spot. Also, since many of us won't perma-install this, it'd have been nice if it came with a short cable with clamps at one end for temporarily tapping into the battery under the hood. The plus/minus lugs on the back are not covered at all, so don't put it where a stray tool may land and bridge the contacts, or tape the heck out of the positive. Like many consumer-grade inverters, this puts out a modifed sine waveform, so it won't work well for certain picky devices like linear power supplies, fan motors, or ballast lamps; they'll still run, but may run hot, or possibly hum. But for your battery chargers, radio, and other normal tools, you're probably okay; check your manuals to be sure, and if you need pure sine wave, be prepared to pay more.
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