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Toilet Tank Support/Tank Brace Set (2-Pack)

  • Braces the gap between wall and tank to prevent leakage
  • Designed to enhance support and prevent wobble
  • Plastic-built makes it resistant to molds and termites
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Product Overview

Secure A Tank is a toilet tank brace which helps prevent tank wobble and damage from unwanted toilet movement. It’s an affordable, 1-time insurance policy against costly leaks and repairs that every toilet should have. Contains 2 toilet tank spacer sets to secure 2 toilet tanks.
  • Safeguard "the gap
  • Stop the wobble
  • Prevent toilet tank leaks
  • Easy 3 step installation - measure, cut, snap in place
  • Double pack - secures 2 toilets
  • Acts as a toilet tank anchor

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Outside Diameter
1 in
Product Depth (in.)
1.5 in
Product Height (in.)
8 in
Product Width (in.)


Number of Pieces
Pack Size
Plumbing Part Type
Mounting Bracket/Clip

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty - This Vadco Innovations product should be free from defects in material and manufacture. Defective units may be returned to Vadco Innovations for replacement, free of charge. Replacements are subject to the opinion of Vadco Innovations.

Questions & Answers


Had a new toilet professionally installed, but the tank lid is loose and if it is jarred, makes t...

Asked by MartyAnne July 12, 2020

No this item fixed my tank from moving. I also have the Lisa rattle I just put a piece is felt on each side of lid that worked for me.

Did someone really say that these things resist termites? Will order or pick one of these up afte...

Asked by Ted December 20, 2019

You got to be kitting

would these work on a toilet tank lid that has the water saving push buttons on top? the kind tha...

Asked by joe January 29, 2019

Yes, the button placement has no issue where these are installed.

On the box it says "Secure Your Tank, Before Uncle Frank...". ...?? Before Uncle Frank what?

Asked by Kirby May 10, 2018

Before Uncle Frank has that beans and burrito dinner!

How can I get my kid to close securely

Asked by Chau March 15, 2016

Assume you meant lid. The tank cover should easily set over the hangers that clip to the tank and hang lower than the tank cover.

How large of a gap will this part cover

Asked by Brinkerman September 16, 2015

The set will span 4 inches from the wall to the outside back edge of the tank.

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We finally bought the house we've been renting for a few years. An annoyance was that the toilet ...
We finally bought the house we've been renting for a few years. An annoyance was that the toilet in the half bath wobbled, so much so that the home inspector listed the toilet as wobbly. I even bought some shims thinking that might fix the wobbly toilet. After examining it more closely, I found that the bowl was solidly attached; it was only the tank which wobbled forward and back. I searched the net for a solution and ran across this. Am mightly impressed with the design and ease of installation: It took all of five minutes. As their video shows, (check Youtube if needed) you measure it using the toilet tank and wall, hacksaw it to length and then clip it onto the back of the tank. You have to do this once for each side. Replacing the tank cover renders it invisible. Now the tank is very solidly attached..
by BigMike
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Years ago we upgraded all our toilets but didn't realize that there would be a gap behind the tan...
Years ago we upgraded all our toilets but didn't realize that there would be a gap behind the tanks. Even brainstormed a product we could invent to solve the problem. (Got as far as a catchy name.) I was so glad to find these and installed them a few days ago. They were easy to install and provide firm support for the tanks. I used a small saw to cut the spacer to the right length being careful I didn't get it too short. Aesthetically these are so much nicer than the Styrofoam we had stuffed down behind the tanks!
by Handywannabe
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why not
I figured I would give it a try. Why not try secure a tank. If it saves me a leak or costly repair bill. It fits up to a 4 inch gap and if it stops tank shake rattle or tank coming loose will easily pay for itself. Just a simple easy solution. Easy to cut. After I marked it with my marker was an easy cut with razor knife. As you can see from pictures I included it is hidden from view. Simple idea to avoid possible issues. a customer like you!
by northflguy
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Quick Way To Stabilize Tank
Easy to install...would recommend using a fine tip felt pen to ACCURATELY measure, before cutting to length. Measure EACH brace separately, as the tank and wall may not be parallel to each other. For a relatively narrow gap, using about 1/3 of the available length of the brace, it is rigid enough to prevent tank movement. If used at its maximum length, it is possible that the brace could flex a little ( though you could double up with two sets of braces, if needed). Once in place, with the tank cover in place, they are barely noticeable.
by DonK
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Easy fix for toilet tanks
Secure-A-Tank Toilet Tank Brace is a helpful idea that could save you money and hassles. The purpose is to secure the toilet tank against the back wall. It also prevents the toilet tank cover from slipping between the wall and the tank if the spacing is too great. Its not designed to hold the cover propped up against the wall, but will keep it from sliding accidentally down. It also provides some rigidity if the tank is wobbly, too. Not much to it, its molded plastic in two pieces which you cut to fit and slip one on the back of the tank and it extends to the wall. It holds onto the tank lip with a clip which does a good job and installs quickly after cutting it with a razor blade knife or other tool. You first cut the top portion of the brace and and score the flat portion and carefully bend it back and it will snap off. It worked for my situation and if the need is there should also do just fine for yours.
by FXP1
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Secure Brace for your Toilet Tank
I have friend that comes over and when he sits down on the toilet he comes down very hard. One time the toilet tank gasket had slip and water was coming. I was trying to figure out how to secure the tank to the wall. Then I saw these online "Secure a Tank" It designed to prevent leaks and damage caused by the gap between the toilet tank and the wall. It' is fully adjustable brace what secures the toilet by bracing the gap. It was very easy to install. The two braces can be cut to size from 1/4" to 4" from the wall. All you do is cut with a sharp knife or saw to cut the extension T. No screwing to the wall. You clip the two assembled parts together and put it onto the back edge of the toilet tank. Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA.
by MikeLikesIt
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Quick easy fix for that gap behind the toilet tank
I've had the wobbling tank issue in the past and it can turn into a huge mess in no time. This only took a minute to install and is very strong. Will be buying more for the rest of our toilets.
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OK Toilet Tank Brace To Steady the top of a 2 piece Toilet
This product only works for toilet tanks that have at least a 7/16" gap from the back of the toilet tank to the wall surface behind the toilet tank and also under a 4" gap since that is the length of the plastic braces prior to cutting them to length to fit each installation. Was only able to install 2 of the 4 plastic braces because my toilet and tank are not parallel to the wall. The plastic braces are easy to cut with a hack saw and to trim with a sharp utility knife. The plastic braces do help to provide additional stability at the top of a toilet tank if they can be fitted snug between the wall behind the toilet tank and the rear of the toilet tank. The smaller the gap between the rear of the toilet tank and the wall behind the toilet tank the stronger the plastic braces are. Any support at the top of a two piece toilet between the rear wall and the top of the tank helps to take some of the strain off of the pair of 1/4-20 brass bolts that secure the toilet tank to the base of the toilet while compressing a gasket seal between the bottom of the toilet tank and the base of the toilet. Do not want the plastic braces installed too snug otherwise they can possibly damage or push into the wall surface behind the toilet or push the toilet tank out which can cause the gasket seal between the bottom of the toilet tank and the base of the toilet to leak or worse possibly crack the toilet tank where it secures to the base of the toilet.
by DIY03038
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Secure a Tank toilet tank supports/ braces are a good product that eliminates leaks from water inlet and prevents the rattle associated with the tank and cover moving. Installation was easy and they can not be seen unless you are looking behind toilet.
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Simple and easy solution to problem of tank being too far away from the wall. Installs in seconds...
Simple and easy solution to problem of tank being too far away from the wall. Installs in seconds and remains in place. Almost impossible to see once installed. Great product.
by Mike
Showing 1-10 of 80 reviews