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Sengled LED Smart Bulb Soft White A19 Kit

  • Allows you to illuminate your home anytime, anywhere
  • Each hub can support up to 50 Element bulbs
  • App controlled that allows a variety of remote custom settings
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Product Overview

Sengled Smart LED is a lighting system that lets you illuminate your home anytime, anywhere. Simply add the hub to your home WiFi network then add the Element bulbs to the hub. The hub is wireless and can be placed anywhere in your home that has WiFi coverage. Each hub can support up to 50 Element bulbs. Use the app or your voice through Amazon Alexa to control the lights. Going on vacation. Schedule the lights to turn on automatically to make it look like someone is home. Need help waking up. Use the preset Wake-up routine to slowly turn on the lights to match your circadian rhythm. Kids left the lights on. Check the status of each light in the app and turn it off remotely. Use the Sengled Element app to view energy stats of your system. Turn off lights during peak hours to cut down on your electricity bill. Sengled Smart LED is integrated into various existing Smart Home ecosystems. The hub and bulbs works with AT&T Digital Life and Stringify, while the Element bulbs are certified to be used with iControl and SmartThings. Sengled is committed to planting a tree for each Element bulb sold to offset the carbon emission from using the bulb. Learn more by searching onebulbonetree.
  • Smart scheduling - program the lights to turn on and off at specific times
  • App-controlled-change bulb brightness, set custom lighting schedules and track energy usage anytime and anywhere directly from an iOS or Android device
  • Eco-advantage - element bulbs use 80% less energy than incandescent and have a lifespan of 20+ years
  • The Smart LED A19 LED Smart Lighting Starter Kit is the easy, affordable way to get whole-home smart lighting. Use included hub to schedule, dim, and turn bulbs On/Off, and run preset routines for Wake Up, Energy Saving, and more.
  • A19 format fits in most fixtures
  • Remote on/off/dim via the app IOS/Android
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Bulb Diameter (In.)2.3Product Depth (in.)4.5
Product Height (in.)4Product Width (in.)5


Actual Color Temperature (K)2700Actual Color Temperature (K)2700
Average Life (hours)25000Bulb ConstructionPlastic
Bulb ShapeStandardBulb TypeHousehold
Bulb TypeHouseholdColor Rendering Index (CRI)80
Color TemperatureSoft WhiteIndoor/OutdoorIndoor
Light Bulb Base CodeE26Light Bulb Base TypeMedium
Light Bulb FeaturesDimmable,Energy Saving,Smart BulbLight Bulb Shape CodeA19
Lighting TechnologyLEDLumens (Brightness)800
Number of Bulbs Included2Power OptionsPlug-in
Requires Hub?Item is a Hub or Smart AssistantReturnable90-Day
Smart HomeSmart Home EnabledSmart Home ProtocolZigBee HA
Voice Control Hub RequiredAlexa via Proprietary Bridge/Gateway, Samsung SmartThings Hub, Wink Hub Google Assistant via Proprietary Bridge/Gateway, Wink HubWattage (Watts)9
Wattage (watts)9Wattage Equivalence60 Watt
Works WithAlexa, Google, Proprietary App, Samsung SmartThings, Vera

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty3 Year

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Really Cool!
These light bulbs are so cool! Using them, really makes us feel like we're living in a smart home! We got this product because there are days where we'll be gone during the day, but won't get home until after dark. Before getting these bulbs, we were concerned with making it back to turn the light on for our animals and ourselves, since when you walk through the main door, there isn't a light switch as you walk in. So, it can be pretty dark when you walk in at midnight and don't have the lamp turned on. When you open the box, you are given a clear instruction manual, a power cord, an ethernet cord, the smart hub, and 2 bulbs. It was all packaged very well. For be an eco-sensitive brand, they did not mention anything about the packaging being made out of recycled materials, so I'm not sure if they're living up to that label. They do however plant a tree for every bulb that you purchase. You can register your purchase through the mobile app. Setting up the product was fairly simple for having to connect two light bulbs to your wifi! (Still can't get over saying I have light bulbs connected to the wifi!!) The instruction manual was step-by-step, easy for the most part to follow. Part of the installation process is downloading the mobile app, with which you do need to establish a profile. The profile asks for minimal information. To register your bulbs with the app, there is a QR code on the bulb that you can scan through the app, eliminating having to manually enter some ID code for each one. That was really nice. We set up each bulb in a different room, and were able to label them as such. The app offers features like telling you how old the bulbs are (from the time you register them), how much energy/money you have saved, and how much CO2 emissions you have NOT put out. The app also lets you add more bulbs to the smart hub at a later time, making it a viable option to start with this starter kit, then building your way up, if you'd like more of these bulbs throughout your home. Operation is not tricky, but if your main purpose of buying this starter kit is to be able to operate the lights while you are not home, you should read the following. Both of the lamps in which we placed the bulb are typically operated using a two-click turn style knob. If you manually turn off the lamp by turning that knob, your bulb will appear offline in the app, making you unable to turn on the lamps through the app while you are away. You have to become quite disciplined with using the app to turn the bulbs on/off. Again, I mention that as an important item if your main reason for purchasing is to operate the bulbs while you are not home. Overall, this is a great product with a very well thought out mobile application. I recommend buying this product if your concern is operation while out of the home or tracing your carbon footprint. Otherwise, a simple bulb will do.
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Great LED lighting kit
This is a great LED lighting kit. I really like how these bulbs mimic traditional incandescent bulbs, casting light both up and down in lamps. Also, the color temperature is dead on, giving a nice warm feel. The app is really intuitive and allows for multiple Sengled kits to be paired (ultimately letting you set up different rooms). Sengled also works with Amazon Dots so you can voice control your lights too. I really like that these kits basically allow me to save a lot of energy, look great and have total control of being able to remotely turn on my lights. Highly recommend!
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Good working standalone system
What you get: Sengled hub Power supply Two Classic bulbs (800 lumens) One Ethernet cable Setup Setup is easy, you download the app (I used Android), screw the lightbulbs into some sockets and plug the hub into your router and a power outlet. The app finds the hub, it finds the light bulbs and you can assign them to a room (For example: kitchen). The light bulbs can NOT be used on a circuit that has a dimmer on it. The packaging claims that the light bulbs are ZigBee compatible with a ZigBee HA 1.2.1 hub. You get to choose which continent will get two trees planted in your name. Once running, I was able to turn the lights on and off, and adjust brightness. The user interface is easy enough to use but does have a short lag of some seconds in updating the status of lights and hub. For example if you power off the lights, the app things they are still available until some refresh occurs and then it shows tham as unavailable. This is not a big issue. Once the hub has been established using a wired connection, one can configure the wifi settings and then unplug the ethernet cable. This approach seems reasonable and probably avoids the cost of implementing a BlueTooth radio in order to configure the hub. Once setup up, one can then move the hub away from the router but with the wifi signal range. The software allows the lights to be scheduled to switch on and off at different times each day or certain weekdays. The brightness can also be preset. The lights switch on if they get power. This is handy if you have a wall switch that controls power to them, meaning you can still flip then on and off using the wall switch - which is often way faster than opening the app and navigating about to switch them on or off. The software does remember the brightness setting when they are off. It shows the power consumption of each light bulb. At 100% mine showed 8.5 Watts. It also shows performance data - how long the lights have been on, and how much power has been used etc. There are some app software issues. The FAQ area does not scroll the text. You can only read the first screen and there is no way to scroll down to read more! Not sure how that got past quality testing. Small nitpick: “Nickname” is one word, not “Nick Name”. There is NO integration with IFTTT! This means one cannot do any of the home automation that interacts with other services which has now become the norm. The only way to control the bulbs is through the app, the provided automatic scheduling, or the power switch. I hope that in time IFTTT functionality is added. I dropped one star for this. Once installed I looked at the devices connected to my router. I saw the IP address it was using and visited that in my browser. Oops, there is a full interface for a RealTeK network router and bridge. The initial screen tells you the password and the interface provides the ability to set what looks like everything in the hub including even updating new firmware! What this means is that anyone on your network can most likely totally disable your hub and remove the ability for your app to switch then on and off. This could be done by uploading bad firmware or simply messing up the configuration. That is a serious security issue. Do not use these lights for security. I docked another star for this issue. Other lighting systems (such as Hue) do not let you configure the hub with a browser and have a mechanism to ensure you have physical access to the hub before allowing any interaction. Interestingly the box says “Not for emergency lighting”
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Really good, not quite great
This is a pretty good entry level product into the smart home lighting world. The set up is super easy, connect the hub to your router, enter your password, and your done. The 2 bulbs that come with the kit are already paired so once the wifi is live, you're good to go. The unit is small (see pic for reference) and again, once it's connected to wifi you can put it anywhere. Here is why I gave it less than 5 stars: 1 - App control, you can name each bulb, up to 50, but you can't group them together, so if I want to put these in the kitchen in a 3 light fixture I would have to use the app to turn off each of the three bulbs one by one, vs the fixture. This would have made it a 2-3 star product, if it wasn't for the fact that I have an amazon echo and this is compatible. With echo, I created groups and can put one, or both and each individually in different groups. That brought me back to 4 stars. They really need to update the app to consider how people are going to be using these, imagine you didn't have an echo and had 6-10 can lights in your living room... way too tedious. 2 - I think the description leads you to believe you can change the light temperature from 2700K-6500K. It could be more clear, but I didn't deduct a star for this.
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Decent choice and they have quite a few other interesting lighting products
These are not a bad choice at all if you are getting into the 'Smart Lighting' game. I also noticed that the price of many Sengled products are a bit less than several of their competitors. I placed one in our front room and one in our bedroom to have some additional control over the lighting in there. I ran the bulbs through their paces and have the following observations. Pros: 1. Set up is really easy. Even ridiculously easy. I took a pic of the instructions so everyone can see just how easy it is. 2. The hub does not need an Ethernet connection after you do the initial set up on Ethernet. Several other brands require a constant Ethernet connection to the hub. This is a huge plus. 3. Smart scheduling is neat. Lights can come on in the morning or off at night with a timer. 4. Two trees were planted in Africa (I choose Africa, you can select other areas). One per bulb. 5. You can control the lights from anywhere and it works. I fully tested it. Some brands are finicky after you leave your Wi-Fi network. This does well. Cons: 1. The lights didn’t dim as much as I would expect even at 5% or 1% brightness. 2. The app is decent but not great and a bit behind some competitors. 3. Does not work with Google Home at the time of this review. 4. No ‘color temperature tuning’ on these bulbs. You need the Element Plus bulbs for that. Overall, it's a nice product and most people will like it just fine. I recommend however you do your homework on all your options. This market is just starting to get hot and the future is a ‘smart home’.
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Efficient and convenient lighting
This is a pretty interesting system. The control hub is Ethernet cabled to the WiFi router for initial setup. After registering a user account and downloading the mobile device app, the WiFi password is supplied to the hub. The Ethernet cable can be disconnected and the hub can be positioned wirelessly in the home. Two LED bulbs are supplied with the kit. They are already paired with the hub. When the bulbs are installed in lamps, they become available in the app and can be fully controlled - on/off and dimming. The light they emit looks warm and incandescent; very nice. The app allows the user to specify which room in the house each bulb is located in, assign a photo of each light fixture and supply a descriptive name. The app shows WiFi signal strength for each bulb and supplies energy consumption information for the system. Also, the Ethernet cable is included. I found the user interface a little bit confusing at times, but it's pretty good overall. I learned that deleting a bulb means it is disconnected from the hub, so I had to go through the process of adding a bulb to the system. It was very simple. The app provides a scanner that reads a code on the base of each bulb and instantly identifies it and adds it to the hub. This is a really nice product.
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Love them... So easy to install and put w my...
Love them... So easy to install and put w my echo and alexa
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Great Product at a Good Valued Price.
Great Product at a Good Valued Price.
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Great concept when it works
I was very excited to see smart lighting for a reasonable price, so I jumped at the chance to try it out. Set-up was relatively easy and I love all the options for controlling my lights. There are issues with this product though. The hub and lights go offline a lot! I have 100mbps internet speed and have an Orbi RBK-50 ac3000 router with satellite, so no reason for this product having issues based on my set-up. The problems have to be caused by a software issue. Thus, the second part of my disappointment. You can contact Sengled support directly from the app that controls your lighting, but I'm not sure anyone is on the receiving end of the messages, because after several days I have yet to get a response. Hopefully this disconnect problem will be resolved, because this would be an outstanding product if it is. Until then I cannot recommend it.
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    This smart led light bulb works great, programs, dims off/on all from sitting on the couch using ...
    This smart led light bulb works great, programs, dims off/on all from sitting on the couch using the app on my phone. I can control it even when I'm not at home. Must leave switch in on position to control away from home. If switch is off the app will not override wired toggle switch. I have them installed in table lamps and recess can lights. While watching tv dim the lights. Each can be programmed together or separately. Very USER FREINDLY!!
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