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Formula 747 Plus 128 oz. Adhesive Remover

  • Compatible for use with Sentinel 810 (sold separately)
  • Ideal to use for removing different flooring adhesives
  • Great for both commercial and residential use
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Product Overview

The Sentinel Formula 747 Plus 128 oz. Adhesive Remover is a great choice if you are planning on removing flooring adhesives. It can help you easily remove many different flooring adhesives such as sheet vinyl and carpet foam backing, black cutback adhesive and many more.
  • Helps to easily remove flooring adhesives
  • Works well at removing black cutback adhesive, indoor and outdoor carpet adhesives, vinyl tile and wood floor adhesives, sheet vinyl and carpet foam backing
  • Low odor formula
  • Biodegradable formula is eco-friendly
  • Can be used with Sentinel 810 (sold separately)
  • For both commercial and residential use

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Questions & Answers


More of a statement, if it says biodegradable or eco friendly it won't work that well. bought thr...

Asked by MFR February 6, 2021

Can i pour this directly to carpet to break down adhesive?

Asked by Chris August 26, 2020

The instructions say it can - cut carpets into 1-3 inch strips the mix and saturate carpet. Leave on for 2 hours - then you should be apply to remove carpet.

Does this product have a strong/ bad odor?

Asked by Jackie July 8, 2020

It does have an odor, nothing too overwhelming, but you will want ventilation.

Tenant poured glue all over wood floors. Would this work to get the glue off the wood floors without damaging them?

Asked by Bzilla June 9, 2020

I wouldn’t recommend because you have to scrape the glue up and it would damage the floors. I recommend using GooBeGone for your situation.

We have carpet glued directly to concrete floors, when you rip up the carpet the back side of the...

Asked by Jayy June 11, 2019

Doesn't work well on tile adhesive.

How do you clean it from linoleum?

Asked by Maureen July 15, 2018

This product should be cleaned up with a water based degreaser and hot water.

Is it safe and effective on wood?

Asked by Rindie June 11, 2018

Yes. It will not damage the wood. I used it to remove wood flooring adhesive, which was laid on plywood floor decking, and it did not damage the decking.

Can this be used on black mastic over hardwood flooring

Asked by Caghca April 20, 2018

No, this doesn't work on black mastic remains. I pulled up hardwood floors and used this with no effect. Get Klean Strip adhesive remover instead and follow the directions to the letter and you will be scrapping up that old glue within 30 min.

Will this remove ceramic tile mastic from dry wall?

Asked by Lois March 17, 2018

Yes, this will remove ceramic tile mastic from the drywall.

Is this safe to use on black mastic containing asbestos?

Asked by boris January 18, 2018

As long as everything stays wet then you’ll be fine. If you scrap the floor and the Abestos containing mastic is dry at all then you will have exposed yourself to a cancer causing fiber. I’m a licensed abatement worker. Look up your state to find out what the rules are for homeowners

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Poor Product Does Not Work as Described
This product does not work on glue down flooring. Applied product as directed and it just sat on top of the glue even after 24 hours. Total waste of money, returning to home depot. Don't waste your time with this product, hot water works better! Picture attached with remover still sitting on Top of Glue.
by GrassGuy
Removed some adhesive
Applied the solution as directed on the container, even tried leaving the solution on the floor with plastic covering and leaving it overnight, still did not soften the adhesive. It softened a different type of adhesive but was a real pain to clean up. Odor was strong even with sliding open. I have the fan ventilating the room for 2 days yet the strong odor is still persistent. I was hoping that Home Depot would let me exchange this with a different adhesive remover.
by RickC
Does this work - YES !!! My only con - it does take muscle. Be prepared. The clean - up is messy...
Does this work - YES !!! My only con - it does take muscle. Be prepared. The clean - up is messy, I mopped till clear. The floor was still slippery so I let dry, then sprinkled on baking soda. I left overnight and swept in am. Wow - a huge difference.
by craftykn
Only Partially Effective
I am removing a brown adhesive from a porch that previously had outdoor carpet on it. There are also spots of black mastic from an even older job. Formula 747 is taking off about 50%-60% of the brown adhesive, but it takes a fair amount of scraping. It gets only about 10% of the black mastic off. My porch has a slight slope (so would a deck, I imagine) and the Formula 747 flows off, making it difficult to leave it on for the required working time. Don't let it splash on your skin, it is irritating. Wear goggles. My porch is about 7' x 11' and I've used most of the gallon. Have not made a lot of progress.
by PaintPaintPaint
Amazing product- A life saver!!!!
I was in the process of refurbishing a 20 yr. old fishing boat and had gummed up, old contact cement all inside the hull. It was the consistency of gummy bears and a power scraper or sander or angle grinder could not tackle it without gumming up the discs. I tried all kinds of solvents suggested by other boaters: laquer thinner, acetone, Mek, Xylene, mineral spirits and even oven cleaner, all with minimal or very limited success. 3M adhesive remover might have worked but was prohibitively expensive for the amount I would have needed to do a 17ft. boat. I thought I was doomed to spend the rest of my days in my life scraping the gummy stuff off an inch at a time with tremendous elbow grease. Then saw the Sentinel 747 product on the shelf at HD, and even though it had many negative reviews, I decided to give it a shot. OMG-what an amazing product: I sprayed it on (on vertical surfaces now mind you). Waited 45 minutes and the glue was like warm butter and scraped right off with a putty knife. Removing the glue was now a breeze. In a few spots the glue was very thick and I had to respray over again with the same amazing results. Thank You Sentinel 747, you have a wonderful product that really works and I did not have to wear a respirator and worry about a flash fire using dangerous and ineffective solvents! I don't understand all the negative reviews but if you are dealing with contact cement-Sentinel 747 is the Bomb!!!
by JP
747 Plus works! I used it to remove wood floor adhesive (which was laid on plywood floor decking...
747 Plus works! I used it to remove wood floor adhesive (which was laid on plywood floor decking). I soaked paper towels in 747 Plus and laid them on the adhesive - I did this around 9pm. In the morning (7am), I removed the paper towels and used a 2 inch width chisel and scrapped the glue off with ease.
by TheRock
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I am not sure if this is doing anything more then just soaking in water would do. Makes a goopy ...
I am not sure if this is doing anything more then just soaking in water would do. Makes a goopy mess with lots of fumes and still requiring LOTS of elbo grease. I will finish the bottle and go back to just water.
by mzbear10
Massive Mastic Mess and the magic Remover that worked great!
We had a massive amount of the old cutback/mastic adhesive to remove from our concrete slab floor throughout the living room dining room and hallway.. used to glue down old wood floors 50plus years ago and it was thick everywhere. This remover we poured it on used a metal scrub brush to to rough it up and let it sit for 2 to 6 to 12 hours depending on just how thick it was and how tired we were of scrapping and scrubbing and it was like magic it removed everything a little effort was put out but not nearly what we were doing with other removers. Its a bit messy we had that black tar slurry in lakes and puddles and it was so thick in places I never thought we would get rid of it but a little cat sand or other type of absorbent clay/sand poured on the slurry then stirred until it was not a liquid anymore...all we had to do after that was scooping and dumping! we were finished in no time. It works and it works great it was not instant for us but I believe had an unusually large amount of that stuff on our floors. Hate Cut Back LOVE LOVE this remover! OH and no real odor to the product or at least not one we could smell over the old mastic smell ick!
by Newiess
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Removes Black Mastic (old adhesive)
This was for 100 sqft room I poured the product on, directly to the surface. Staying within a 2x2 area. I waited 20 mins, used my scraper to take off the bulk of the adhesive, collecting it with paper towels (Bounty 8 rolls). In the same 2x2 area, I used the 747 Sentinel in an old Windex bottle and gave a light coat. Then used an old dish brush to work the product into the concrete. Using paper towels to wipe it off. Afterwards, when this black tar mess was wiped up. I went over the concrete with driveway/concrete cleaner and a hand brush. Advice: Use paper towels to collect the mess. Dont wear clothing that you care about. Kitchen gloves are your friends. Its not toxic, just messy.
by Backbreaker911
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Not so great for my floor
Bought this product to try (with much skepticism) and I'm glad I only bought one gallon. I'm in the process of removing asphalt cutback adhesive from the 60's and this stuff might work if I had bought a pallet or more of the stuff, plus a tractor trailer full of rags, etc for clean up. I put down the first coat in a small 3' x 2' section to try it out. I let it soak 20 min as the instructions recommended (this is a concrete floor) and then scraped and only about half of the material came up. Another coat and a hard brush and some more came up but still much left. After about 4 coats most of the adhesive is off the floor but its far from clean. Won't be buying any more of this stuff. Time to find another plan... I've attached before and after pics. Again this was just a small section I worked and this took me quite some time. It would take me days to do my entire floor with this stuff.
by vfrbeerman
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