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Model # 12-904

Bailey 9 3/4 in. Bench Plane

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  • Bevel Down Wood Plane
  • Replacement Blade 12-313
  • Ideal for shaping, flattening, or reducing thickness on lumber
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Product Details

About This Product

This plane is constructed from cast iron. The bottom and sides are precision ground. A durable epoxy coating provides long-lasting protection.


  • Gray, cast-iron base with precision-ground sides and bottom
  • Durable epoxy coating provides long-lasting protection
  • Hardened, tempered steel gives precision-ground cutter edge durability
  • Fully machined and polished double-iron cutter and lever
  • Frog seat is machined for precise mouth adjustment
  • Cutter adjusts for depth and alignment, offering precise control
  • Solid brass cutter-adjustment knob
  • Quick-release cam lock makes iron removal easy
  • Kidney-shaped hole in lever cap helps secure cutter in place
  • Contoured, polished high-impact polymer handles and knobs
  • Replacement Iron 12-313
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Product Information

Internet # 203771412

Model # 12-904

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Base Length (in.)9.75Blade Width (in.)2


Hand Tool TypePlaneHandle MaterialPlastic
Returnable90-DayTools Product TypeHand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer WarrantyLimited lifetime

Questions & Answers

Q:Who is the manufacturer and where were these planes manufactured? Was the ?Stanley? line of planes a special for Home Depot?
by|Jul 14, 2023
0 Answer
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Q:How do you adjust the to be square in the mouth? On the old Stanley planes the is a long blade adjuster behind the the top of the blade. I can?t see it on this plane.
by|Apr 6, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  The knob at the back of the planer would need to be adjusted. If you are still having troubles, please contact us at wecare@sbdinc.com and reference ticket #6858127

by|Apr 7, 2023
    Q:How can i get replacement knobs and totes for a #4 and 5 Stanley? The plastic one have failed
    by|Mar 9, 2022
    1 Answer
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    A:  There are templates available online if you would like to make your own. Or a search for 'plane handles' will present a number of woodworking retailers with finished and unfinished options.

    by|Mar 13, 2022
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      Q:Is the blade made from Hi-carbon tool steel?
      by|Feb 16, 2022
      1 Answer
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      A:  Hello PeteSut Thank you for your contact. We apologize for any trouble or inconvenience in finding information. The blade is made of hardened, tempered high-carbon chrome steel assures excellent edge retention. Best Regards Sherri C STANLEY TOOLS

      by|Feb 23, 2022
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        High quality tool
        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Just as you would expect from a company like Stanley, this bench plane feels like high quality. It's very heavy which is what you want with a plane bench. The handles are ergonomic and feel very nice in your hands. The adjustments are very easy and standard. This bench plane is essential to anyone you does custom furniture and cabinetry work.
          • Recommended
          Almost too nice to use
          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I opened the box and questioned whether or not I wanted to actually use this because this is a seriously good-looking tool. It has a really nice weight to it and the ergonomics are awesome. The majority of the plane is metal with resin handles that are comfortable to hold. Adjustments are pretty simple and the included manual is easy to understand. I know it should be sharpened, but the blade came razor-sharp so I put it to use and haven’t looked back. The machining on this is much nicer than cheaper store-brand versions and seems to be durable enough to last a long time- this is reasonably priced and surely a bargain for the quality. I’m very happy and recommend this.
            • Recommended
            Great results after a little tuning.
            [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'm not a professional, but this seems to be a good tool to me. You will have to make adjustments out of the box, but the enclosed instructions are easy to follow and the adjustments are fairly easy. With a little time tuning, you will be pleased with the results. I would prefer wooden handles like on my dad's old tools, but these plastic handles seem sturdy and should hold up just fine. I consider this tool to be slightly on the heavy side, but I feel that this reflects quality.
              • Recommended
              Bailey No.4 Smoothing Plane
              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'm of two minds about this plane. On one hand there is what you get out of the box and on the other there is what you end up with if you're willing to put a few hours of work into it. Out of the box, the plane I received was pretty disappointing. The casting was roughly finished and the sole was decidedly not "machined flat and true" as stated on the front of the box. The injection molded plastic tote and knob both had prominent parting lines (lips where the two halves of the mold meet). The relief angle of the stamped steel chip breaker was poorly machined. On the plus side, the enamel finish was uniformly applied, the back of the iron was nearly dead flat and the mating surfaces of the frog and body were spot on. After spending a few hours flattening the sole and sides of the body, re-grinding the leading edge of the chip breaker, smoothing and polishing the tote and knob, and honing the iron I ended up with a reasonably performant smoothing plane. Whether the relatively low cost of this plane justifies the amount of effort required to render it usable is an open question. If you have some extra time on your hands and enjoy the fettling process, than probably yes. On the other hand, if you just want to hone the blade and go, than no, this plane is not for you. An additional consideration is that even if you do manage to whip this bad boy into shape you're still going to end up with plastic handles, a riveted stamped steel lateral adjuster and a chip breaker and iron that you will probably want to upgrade. Note that the photos included with this review are all “after”, I forgot to take the “before”s
              Response from STANLEY® TOOLS SupportApr 1, 2022
              We appreciate your feedback on the 12-904and are sorry to hear about the issue you are having with your product. This is not the kind of performance we expect from our products and would like to speak to you about this issue so we can assist you in resolving this to your satisfaction. Please email us at wecare@sbdinc.com and reference ticket # 4132537. We look forward to hearing from you.
                Nice New and useable out of the box
                [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received the Bailey Bench Plane about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I was able to start using it right out of the box. There was a nice machined sharp edge on the iron and and sole was nice and smooth. the spacing for the chip breaker was acceptable. I was able to easily slide the iron into position for planing with just my index and thumb while holding the tote. I must say that I didn't have much of a different experience with this plane compared to my other planes that had been tuned for my work. The only difference was that this plane was clean, shiny and new. This plane did need a little smoothing of the sole for a bit of fine tuning and I did sharpen the iron a little with a fine sandpaper but other than that and a little wax on the sole and shavings were flying all over my shop. Thanks for a great hand plane Stanley.
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                  Needs Adjustment
                  [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The 9-3/4 in Bailey® Bench Plane requires a lot of set-up, out of the box. The sole is square and the blade is sharp, but the frog is not aligned. I used large Philips® and flat-bladed screwdrivers to loosen the frog clamping screws, and adjust the frog, but it was still not entirely in alignment. The adjustment also requires right-angle screwdrivers or bits, to clear the handle, so this plane is not good for someone without a large collection of tools. I do appreciate the included instruction sheet, with parts diagram, operating procedures, and maintenance tips. Unfortunately, the frog adjustment is not mentioned in the setting instructions. The lateral adjusting lever was significantly skewed for a parallel cut, so I initially spent more time adjusting the frog, than I did cutting. I also made the adjustments, carefully, because I didn’t want to crack the castings. Overall, this is a decent bench plane, but I would not recommend it to anyone without decades of experience and an arsenal of tools. This bench plane could be more user-friendly…
                  Response from STANLEY® TOOLS SupportApr 1, 2022
                  We appreciate your feedback on the12-904 and are sorry to hear about the issue you are having with your product. This is not the kind of performance we expect from our products and would like to speak to you about this issue so we can assist you in resolving this to your satisfaction. Please email us at wecare@sbdinc.com and reference ticket # 4132569. We look forward to hearing from you.
                    Good starter hand plane
                    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] First Impressions: it feels good in the hand, about the same weight as my vintage No 4. I did have to oil the lever cap lock in order to get it to open and close. I hope that as I use it it will break in somewhat. There was a touch of rust on the inside of it too. The handle and tote are made of the same plastic looking material as the 12-404 but as this No 4 is marketed as “contractor grade” I imagine that’s a standard cost saving measure across all of Stanley’s hand planes. (I will probably fabricate a new set at some point though) The depth adjuster needed some oiling as it is stiff but the lateral adjustment lever moves smoothly. The body and sole had quite a lot of tool marks on it but the japaning looks nice. It took me roughly 15 minutes to flatten the sole. This is not unusual as I have spent an even longer time on vintage planes. I spent another 10 minutes on cleaning up the sides and an additional minute or two using the wire wheel on my bench grinder removed the rest of the the tool marks and made it nice and shiny. Next, I disassembled the plane and gave all moving parts a dab of oil than reassembled it, sharpened the iron up and started making shavings. It took a little dialing in but once I found the sweet spot, it worked great. The adjusting wheel definitely needed a shot of oil, once I did that it was smooth and very responsive. Final thoughts After some tuning up, this is a pretty darn good hand plane. It will not replace my vintage No. 4 as a smoother but I think I will turn this into a dedicated scrub plane. If you are in the market for a budget bench plane that will get you going in the craft...or if you are contractor that needs a hand plane for the jobsite...this will do just fine.
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                      Big beefy plane
                      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Solid well built plane. It's pretty big, and heavy. It's great for working on big stock, and will clean up hardwood no problem. I would prefer if it was a bit more compact but the weight I can easily deal with. I am going to check out the small sweetheart plane next!
                        • Recommended
                        Not worth the effort
                        Purchased this Stanley plane (No. 4, model 12-904) several years ago, when it was marketed as "contractor grade". It's mostly sat in it's box since, because it has almost every major tuning issue a hand plane can have: -Sole is not flat, it's basically one big hollow off the front and rear edges; needs heavy flattening starting @ 80 grit. -The chip breaker leading edge is blunt, and leaves gaps to the blade. This means it actually does the opposite of what it's supposed to, and grabs and traps the wood shavings where they foul the blade. -Worst, the frog is not machined flat on the contact surfaces, so it sits unevenly on the base and makes the blade sit out of square. All inexpensive hand planes need setup, don't get me wrong. But the issues this plane has, to the extent it has them, make for at least several hours of basic finishing to regrind all the important machined surfaces before normal 'setup' can be started. And even after that, you'll have a cheap plane with plastic handles, crude castings, hollow rolled sheet metal pins, and lots of slop/backlash in the adjustments. In other words, it's not a tool worth putting 5-8 hours of correction labor into. To the consumer: take a pass on this plane. To Stanley: even if it doubles the price, fix the machining flaws; it's literally useless as a tool unless you do, or your end consumer does so after purchase.
                        Response from ProductExpertAug 5, 2021
                        HI PK
                        Thank you for providing your feedback regarding the 12-904. Your feedback will help us to better our current and future products. Please contact Customer Support at WECARE@sbdinc.com if you have any additional questions or concerns that we may assist you with. Please reference case#13614985.
                        Thank you
                        STANELY StanleyTools
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                          Bought this and the plastic handle broke with the first use. pass on this one and get a better...
                          Bought this and the plastic handle broke with the first use. pass on this one and get a better quality with wood tote and knob.
                          Response from SBD_Product ExpertNov 4, 2020
                          Thank you for providing your feedback on this unit. I am sorry to hear of the issue you are having. I'd like to speak to you about this issue. If you are interested in speaking with me I can be reached by email at wecare@sbdinc.com and reference case # 12578954.Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
                          Thank you
                          STANLEY BLACK AND DECKER Customer Care
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