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Fly Magnet Sticky Paper Fly Trap (8-Count)

  • Catches nuisance flies and other flying insects
  • Traditional ribbon design with no odor or mess
  • Includes 8 disposable fly paper tubes
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Product Details

it works, fly magnet fly paper

TERRO - It Works!

Generations of consumers have come to know that the bright orange package stands for “Ant Control." No matter what type of home pest control challenge you face, TERRO has the solution!

fly magnet attracts and traps flies

Attracts & Traps Flies

As flies and other flying insects buzz around they come into contact with the sticky fly paper. Once they touch it, they become stuck and eventually die.

where to use fly magnet

Where to Use

Hang Fly Magnet on porches and patios, in barns, near kennels, at campsites, and other outdoor spaces where flying insects are common.

fly magnet is easy to use

Easy to Use

Grasp the handle with one hand, the tube with the other. While twisting, pull on the tube. Hang on a tack or nail.

fly magnet is odorless

No Odor

Unlike many fly traps, Fly Magnet doesn't have a stinky odor.

fly magnet has no mess

No Mess

Flies stick fast so there's no mess. When the trap is full, just throw it away.

fly magnet requires no bait

No Bait

Fly Magnet traps attract flies and other flying insects without the need of added bait or attractants.

fly magnet works on all flying insects

Effective Against Flying Insects

Fly Magnet traps are effective at trapping all flying pest insects that invade your outdoor spaces and prevent them from coming inside.

fly magnet works on flies


Flies can be a major nuisance in your outdoor spaces - buzzing around, landing on food, and other annoying habits.

fly magnet works on gnats


Gnats are tiny, but they can be a huge problem. These pests are frequent problems in outdoor spaces and near trash cans.

fly magnet works on mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying flying insects. They fly around looking for a blood meal, leaving behind itchy bites.

fly magnet works on wasps


Wasps are not only a nuisance, but can also inflict painful stings. Their presence can make you wary to spend time outdoors.

fly magnet works on spotted lantern flies

Spotted Lantern Flies

These insects have recently invaded the U.S. They attack and kill trees and other plants. Apply on or near trees to catch them.

Featuring a traditional ribbon design, Terro Fly Paper traps nuisance flies and other flying insects in and around your home. This method of fly control has lasted so long for 1 simple reason it works. Simply hang the tube in an area where flies frequently swarm, such as near windows and doorways, where garbage is stored, and other similar areas around your property. Then unravel the ribbon to expose the sticky surface. Flies that come in contact with the ribbon as they buzz around your home will soon become stuck and eventually die no more swatting as you try to relax. Best of all, Terro Fly Paper requires no baits to catch flies. They also feature no odor, allowing you to hang them anywhere that flies are a problem. For your convenience, these fly traps are mess free to allow for an easy clean up. When flies stick, they stay there. Once the trap is full, simply dispose of it in a trash receptacle and hang a new trap. This package includes 8 Terro Fly Paper traps, so you'll be in good supply all season long.
  • Attracts and traps flies
  • No baiting, no odor, no mess
  • Easy-to-use ribbon design
  • Conveniently disposable
  • Includes 8 fly paper tubes
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Flies
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Questions & Answers

Q:Does this drip in hot weather? We want to put it near our deck and outside dining area but a sim...
by|Jun 21, 2021
2 Answers
Answer This Question

A:  I haven't noticed any dripping. I hang mine in my kitchen and I have no air conditioning, so it gets pretty hot during the summer.

by|Jun 21, 2021

    A:  These fly traps do not drip.

    by|Jun 21, 2021
      Q:Why is the two pack purchase in stock but the single pack is out of stock. So two is available but one is’nt. ??
      by|Oct 25, 2020
      2 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  Hi DJJ, both the one pack and the two pack are out of stock. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for shopping Home Depot!

      by|Oct 25, 2020

      A:  Apologies for the inconvenience, currently both packs are sold out.

      by|Oct 26, 2020
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        This tape is superior to all others I have tried. Very pleased, indeed. I added a small stone/peb...
        This tape is superior to all others I have tried. Very pleased, indeed. I added a small stone/pebble in the bottom case after untwisting the tape so that it has some weight and stays untangled and straight, and does not fly off the hook easily. Works great.
        Response from Woodstream TeamOct 11, 2019
        So glad to hear this! Thanks for sharing!
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        Standard fly paper to lure and trap bugs in real time by getting bug legs stuck to the substance ...
        Standard fly paper to lure and trap bugs in real time by getting bug legs stuck to the substance on the paper. Just unfurl the coil and thumbnail it to a desired spot. When flies have been removed from the area, toss the tape. It is that easy. This is an 8 pack of fly paper. Perfect as a run-up to any outside dinner party. Put it out a few days before your big event and just before game-time, remove it and the fly problem is resolved! Flies did not swarm to the tape, but tape did work.
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        4 found this review helpful
        Terro Fly paper traps will bug the flying bugs that would bug you. These are a long lasting flyin...
        Terro Fly paper traps will bug the flying bugs that would bug you. These are a long lasting flying insect control item. There is no smelly scent , naturally sticky and easy to place use and dispose of. Simply pull of the card board end that has a tack in. Now my only complaint is that if they are cold or old stock the tack may not pull out easily and may fail altogether, but you can still use the trap. Bring tube to room temperature before opening. Very important!!!! Extract thumbtack from lid to hang fly paper anywhere. But if it tears or you lose it other methods will work. Tape, old hook, branch on a tree. Yes these are for use outdoors. The porch is even more usable as these stick the flying insects. To open, grasp cord in one hand, tube in the other and pull out slowly with a twirling motion. I like to use a foot or so. Extending when the tape starts to fill up. In our wood shop dust is a problem if you extend the whole way. In case of contact with sticky area, wash skin or clothes with soap and water.
        • Recommended
        1 found this review helpful
        These work!!!
        These work great, hanged three (3) between the kitchen, dining room and living room and the flies are gone. I guess that they don't like the odor even though we can not smell them!!!
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        • Verified Purchase
        Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
        Rating provided by a verified purchaser
            it catches small flies such as fruit flies but does...
            it catches small flies such as fruit flies but does not work on house flies
            Response from Woodstream TeamOct 7, 2021
            We're sorry to hear you haven't seen success with flies that's typical of this product. Please contact us directly at 844-837-7644 for assistance.
              Don't bother
              Flies everywhere, but did not attract or catch 1 fly. Not that sticky & has nothing to attract flies. I thought Terro fly magnet would be a good product since their ant products work so well. But did not work at all. Disappointing.
              Response from Woodstream TeamSep 3, 2021
              Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear that the desired results were not seen when using this product. We have shared these comments and concerns with our Product Manager for review. This product is backed by a 30 day return policy. Reach out to us at 1-844-837-7644 for assistance.
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