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Internet # 315076919

Model # Archer AX1800

Store SKU # 1005969398

Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router Adapter

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  • Dual-band speeds for streaming, online gaming and downloading
  • Connect more and stay fast with Wi-Fi 6
  • Easily set up and manage your Wi-Fi
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Product Details

About This Product

The latest generation of Wi-Fi technology brings faster speeds, less lag and higher capacity, enabling more simultaneous connections on your home network. Every application feels more fluid with drastically improved Wi-Fi speeds. Both 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band get upgraded to the latest generation-perfect for 4K streaming, online gaming and fast downloading.


  • Dual-band Wi-Fi 6: equipped with the latest wireless technology, Wi-Fi 6, for faster speeds, greater capacity and reduced network congestion.*
  • Next-gen 1.8 Gbps speeds: Enjoy smoother and more stable streaming, gaming, downloading and more with WiFi speeds up to 1.8 Gbps (1200 Mbps on 5 GHz band and 574 Mbps on 2.4 GHz band).**
  • Connect more devices: Wi-Fi 6 technology communicates more data to more devices using OFDMA technology while simultaneously reducing lag.***
  • Extensive Coverage: Achieve the strongest, most reliable WiFi coverage with Archer AX1800 as it focuses signal strength to your devices far away using Beamforming technology and 4 antennas.
  • Increased battery life: Target Wake Time technology reduces your devices' power consumption to extend their battery life.****
  • Easy Setup: Set up your router in minutes with the powerful TP-Link Tether App.
  • Backward Compatible: Archer AX1800 supports all previous 802.11 standards and all WiFi devices.
  • *Claims about 802.11ax Wi-Fi technology are based on comparisons of the expected maximum theoretical data rates for one spatial stream using 802.11ax at 160 MHz (1201 Mbps) as opposed to one spatial stream using 802.11ac at 80 MHz (433 Mbps) as documented in IEEE 802.11ax draft 3.0 spec and IEEE 802.11-2016 wireless standard specifications and require the use of similarly configured 802.11ax wireless network routers. Use of 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard requires clients to also support the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard.
  • **Maximum wireless transmission rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Range and coverage specifications are based upon test results under normal usage conditions. Actual wireless transmission rate and wireless coverage are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of 1) environmental factors, including building materials, physical objects and obstacles, 2) network conditions, including local interference, volume and density of traffic, product location, network complexity and network overhead and 3) client limitations, including rated performance, location, connection quality and client condition. Actual network speed may be limited by the rate of the product's Ethernet WAN or LAN port, the rate supported by the network cable, Internet service provider factors and other environmental conditions.
  • ***Use of MU-MIMO, DL/UL OFDMA, TWT and 1024QAM requires clients to also support those functions.
  • **** Saving clients' battery power requires clients to also support the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard; Actual power reduction may vary as a result of network conditions, client limitations and environmental factors.
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Product Information

Internet # 315076919

Model # Archer AX1800

Store SKU # 1005969398

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Dimensions: H 9.45 in, W 12.99 in, D 2.87 in


Product Depth (in.)

2.87 in

Product Height (in.)

9.45 in

Product Width (in.)

12.99 in



Dual Band



Electronics Included Components

AC Adaptor/Charger


Ethernet connection, Indicator light, Parental Controls, WPS, Wireless


5 GHz

Maximum data transfer rate/speed (Mbps)


Network Standard

Wireless AC

Number of antennas


Number of Ports


Operating System Compatibility

Linux, Mac, Unix, Windows

Pack Size


Port Type


Product Weight (lb.)

1.92 lb

Recommended Use

Gaming, HD Video Streaming, Multi-Device, SOHO, Video Chat, Web Surfing



Wi-Fi Range

Medium to Large Homes

WiFi Speed

AX1500 to AX1800

WiFi Technology

802.11ac, 802.11n

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

CE Certified, FCC Certified

Manufacturer Warranty

2 Years

Questions & Answers

Q:Model number?
by|Nov 30, 2023
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Hi! This router's model number is the Archer AX1800.

by|Nov 30, 2023
    Q:Will this router connect my wifi to ring doorbell?
    by|Oct 5, 2023
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Hi! This Wi-Fi 6 Router is designed to be connected to your existing Internet source via Ethernet cable. Then, it will broadcast a Wi-Fi network so your Wi-Fi devices can connect to it within your home.

    by|Oct 10, 2023
      Q:Will this router handle fiber connection
      by|May 29, 2023
      1 Answer
      Answer This Question

      A:  Hi! This router supports Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) connectivity from the Internet source (e.g., modem, ONT, gateway).

      by|Jun 1, 2023
        Q:Is this compatible with the M4 TP-Link Deco mesh system?
        by|Mar 12, 2023
        1 Answer
        Answer This Question

        A:  Hi! The Archer AX1800 is not a Deco Mesh Wi-Fi model, so it will not directly integrate via Mesh Wi-Fi, or via the Deco app, with an existing Deco Mesh System. However, it can be added as a general Wi-Fi Access Point (by connecting it via Ethernet cable to an existing network), and be managed separately via the Tether app or web management interface.

        by|Mar 13, 2023
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          I was hoping to replace my older Linksys Router with this TP-LINK Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Rout...
          I was hoping to replace my older Linksys Router with this TP-LINK Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router Adapter seeings how my desktop is running slow with a new XPS 8930 Tower I purchased last year. TP-LINK looks like a very nice router. Tried to set this up 5/14 and It took a while to figure how to get it set up by myself. If I could get it all the way set up it would be nice..Called my fried for help. Instruction Say's their is 2 Methods to set this up and I can not get into to either one. 1st. is the TP-Trather app.. 2nd their http/tplinkwifi.net or http.// on my desktop. 1st 2 pictures are what I get on the TP-Trather app on my iphone, press "Get" pop up say's to "Double Click to Instal" in the middle right side of the screen or bottom say's "Confirm with the slide button?" Tap on either and it just goes back to the APP to "Get"?? Last 3 pictures are of what I get on my Desktop of either http/tplinkwifi.net or http.// The only TP-Link site I can get into is their store. And no I didn't try to trying to bind my current router to your current TP-Link ID, I would know how or what it means. My friend that is a computer expert, drove 75 mile to came up on 5/19 to help me get this working. He couldn't fix the issues, and couldn't get in the TP-Trather app or http/tplinkwifi.net or http.// either. And after extensive research on this router and spending over 2 hours on it, he said this router is defective, it will not connect to the app or http/tplinkwifi.net or http.// and will not re-set to the factory setting. He's been trying to contact TP-Link. I sent a e-mail to the seed 5/19 explaing everything and that this router is defective and asked "Can you please see if they will send me a replacement with a return shipping label so I can send them this one back when I get the new one? No responce from them to date. Looks like I'm stuck with a defective TP router and need to figure out how to re-hook the Linksys back up, I'm no computer expert. This has been very frustrating experiance. From the reviews no one has had my issues, all seemed to have a smooth setup...
          Response from TPLinkSupportJun 2, 2021

          Thank you for your review. We regret to hear your initial interaction with our Support Team was anything less than satisfactory, and we would appreciate another opportunity to follow up with you to address your concerns. At your earliest convenience, please send an e-mail to USSupportTeam@TP-Link.com and include a link to your review and a copy of any correspondence you may have received from the original support agent(s).

          Thank you,
          TP-Link Support tplink
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          How fast is it? That is what is easily the number one question (Which I'll get to). First, if yo...
          How fast is it? That is what is easily the number one question (Which I'll get to). First, if you are still paying your internet service provider to lease their equipment, I'll save you time and just recommend buying it right now. Depending on your internet speed, you may also need to purchase a modem. You'll not only save money in the long run, you most likely see a boost in your internet speed. TP-Link's Archer AX1800 is a good router and is a steal with its price tag. Setup is very straight forward. Simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code, download the app and it will walk you through the easy setup. The AX1800 claims Wi-Fi speeds of 1.8 Gbps *. I have 1 Gbps fiber optic internet and after setting up the AX1800, I used my phone to test the speeds on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth. I was a few feet away from the router when I performed these tests. The 2.4 GHz topped out at almost 105 Mbps. The 5 GHz topped out at just over 677 Mbps. Not quite the speed advertised, but still very fast. For the price and the speeds, it would be hard to find a better entry level router.
          Response from TPLinkSupportJun 21, 2021

          Thank you for your review. We're happy to hear you are overall pleased with the router. To ensure the best possible signal, it's important to make sure placement is as optimal as possible.

          To ensure optimal performance of your wireless router please check, and if needed, update its firmware using the steps outlined in our FAQ: https://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-2139.html

          If you would like assistance with any of these steps, please reach out to our free support team using any of the resources included with the product, or from our official website, and we'll gladly have a Support Agent follow up with you directly.

          Thank you,
          TP-Link Support tplink
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          TP-LINK Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router Adapter, Black I am using for my home to enable more s...
          TP-LINK Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router Adapter, Black I am using for my home to enable more simultaneous connections on my home network. Need to improve my current Wi-Fi speeds. it has both 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band get upgraded to the latest generation for faster downspeeds. It has Dual band Wi-Fi 6 with equipped with the latest wireless technology, Wi-Fi 6. It's purpose is to connect more devices to simultane communicating more data to more devices. I have videophone router, monitor for videophone, high speed internet modem. It takes a while to figure how to get the router hooking up by myself. It works good and faster than other router.
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          I live in a large house 4300sqft, without adding finished basement. Before I had AC1300 router in...
          I live in a large house 4300sqft, without adding finished basement. Before I had AC1300 router in basement near modem and 802.11n router on first floor. 802.11n was only serving kids. My wife and I both are working from home and were using HomePlug AV2 ethernet over power adapters. For long time interconnection LAN speeds at home were much faster than speeds advertised by internet providers. I had both fiber and cable. And I remember first fiber was 50mbps, while I could do >100mpbs to 802.11n over 5GHz wide channels. Now affordable cable plan give me >400mpbs and I saw it reduced to only 80mbps over ethernet over power even after I installed phase coupler. I read about WIFI6 or 802.11AX that standard uses OFDM modulation to concurrently send data to multiple devices in the same time frame. This is fascinating technology that was used since CDMA on cellular networks. Cell providers pay fortune for a spectrum and need to utilize that very efficiently. So your cell phone receives the entire stream but only decodes part that is sent to it. Now this tech along with MU-MIMO and beamforming came to free spectrum like wifi. This is because 2.4-2.5GHz chunk is becoming narrow for contemporary speeds and needs to be managed very effectively. Using this router along with mesh devices I created single SSID wireless network utilizing the entire free spectrum on 2.4 and 5GHz bands. One of the mesh devices has wireless backhaul, meaning that it retransmit on another portion of digital spectrum signals received from other devices. Router can be managed from cell phone app or via web page. Cloud integration is nice free feature that lets to manage router from anywhere. Setup is very simple and done via wizzard in the app. Router can be managed without cloud as well. Parental control feature is much better than on my old router. It has ability to limit cumulative and also set bed time e.g. you could set only 4 hours in total anywhere from 6AM to 9PM. There's a vpn server that can setup and login from anywhere in the world to manage your LAN devices. You could setup free DDNS to resolve your router IP address via domain name. This allows to securely manage devices that are deployed on home network without punching multiple holes in router firewall as it used to be before. Due to addition of VPN, firewall management became very simple. There also advance features such as VLAN, static routing etc. If you like your existing router you can configure this one in AP mode to use wifi transmitter only and leave routing to the old device. But for me VPN and other new features are crucial. Also small but nice: you could disable network status LEDs by simple push of a button. Speeds up to 1800mbps or 1.8gbps are perfect as you will not get >1gbps over WAN NIC. In real environment with radio noise coming from neighboring routers and other devices this 1.8gbps will be ~1gbps. There's also USB port that you can plug solid state drive to run back-up or file server.
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          The TP-Link Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 router has solved my smart home connectivity problems. My old route...
          The TP-Link Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 router has solved my smart home connectivity problems. My old router was constantly going off-line for several minutes at a time and my smart devices would loose their connection. I used to think that some type of interference was causing the problem. After switching out my router with the Archer AX1800, my problems went away. I have since connected my fire cube to the router’s gigabit LAN port, my families smart phones to the 5 GHz wi-fi band and a 1 terabyte shared drive to the USB port without any issues. I currently have 26 devices connected to the wi-fi and the router works perfectly. Setup was a breeze using the TP-Link Tether app on my iPhone. The Tether app walks you through the setup process and you can also use the application to manage and customize your router. The router has two wireless bands (2.4 and 5.0 GHz), four gigabit LAN connections and a USB 2.0 port all managed by a 1.5GHz quad core processor. According to the manufacturer, the router uses the latest generation of Wi-Fi 6 technology which allows for faster speeds and more simultaneous connections. All I can say is I couldn’t be more satisfied with this router.
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          2 found this review helpful
          Very Impressive Speeds!! The speeds are much better than our old TP-Link router. My husband’s download speeds are now 170 Mbps and upload is 12 Mbps and mine are 178 down and 10 up. This router is very easy to setup but we also used our old TP-Link install instruction booklet which has much more detail. As with our old TP-Link router, this new router does not take up much desk top space. The base is 6 inches in depth by 12 inches wide by 1 ¼ inches tall and the adjustable antennas go up to a max of 6 ¼ inches tall when the router is set on top of a level surface. Made in Vietnam. We are extremely happy with this new router and believe that TP-Link routers are worth every penny spent on them. Our old TP-Link router still works fine, but with newer technology, it was time for an upgrade. Highly Recommend TP-Link!!
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          The router was easy to set up. It does exactly what I expected it to do. Now I have better WiFi in the back of my house and I have more Ethernet connections.
          • Verified Purchase
          Dual Brand WI-FI -6 Wireless Router Adapter by TP-Link offers excellent internet speed and fast downloads.
          • Verified Purchase
          • Verified Purchase
          Easy to install. Replaced a 7 year old D-Link router and all settings stayed the same, so no one in the house connected the same as before.
          • Verified Purchase
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