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Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Dimmer

  • Set the ambiance and mood with Kasa Smart’s dimmer switch
  • Follow the guided step-by-step wiring process for an easy install
  • Fade lights off as your child falls asleep or you leave a room
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Product Overview

With the Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer, you can control the ambiance of any space with the push of a button. A quick tap of the switch toggles lighting to the previous level and built-in up and down dimmer buttons let you fine tune lighting to match your mood or activity. Because it's a TP-Link Smart Switch, you can easily control it from anywhere using the Kasa app or your favorite voice assistant device. The Kasa app also guides you through each step of the installation, connecting your smart dimmer to your home Wi-Fi.
  • In-wall smart dimmer that allows room brightness to be controlled from anywhere
  • Brightness control the brightness of the lights in any room and set the ambiance for any activity, designed to dim todays energy efficient LEDs as well as traditional incandescent bulbs easy on/off switching as well as brightness control from the built-in up and down dimming buttons
  • Control from anywhere control your dimmer from anywhere with your smartphone using the Kasa app (iOS, Android) easily connects with Amazon Echo or Google Assistant voice assistants for convenient hands-free
  • Easy installation Kasa app provides step-by-step wiring instructions for replacing a traditional light switch connects to standard secure home Wi-Fi networks
  • Easy to locate built-in indicator illuminates to locate the switch button at night
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Product Depth (in.)
1.77 in
Product Height (in.)
5.04 in
Product Width (in.)
3.35 in


Color Family
Indoor Only
Network Connectivity
Operating System Compatibility
Power Options
Power Type
Product Weight (lb.)
0.24 lb
Remote Access
Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Voice Control Hub Required
No Hub Required for Voice Control
Wired or Wireless
Works With
Alexa, Google, Google Assistant

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
2 year

Questions & Answers


Can I control the switch with Siri?

Asked by Abundez December 28, 2020

It works with all three platforms. I use the Goggle platform when I decide to use voice. Use these for the stairs, the kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, hallway, front porch, front yard light, back door light, and side of house light where my driveway leads into the garage. I personally would buy them anytime over anything else that is out there unless something else comes out that is better. But I doubt that will happen!

Does this switch required a neutral wire from the wall to install and function properly?

Asked by MOMOspeed October 9, 2020

Yes you must have a neutral wire for the switch to work.

i have four 6" recessed 16w dimmable led lights in pot light holders. these are not screw in bul...

Asked by mickey October 4, 2020

Your LED bulbs will have to say "dimmable" on the box to work. a non dimmable LED will not work properly with a dimmer switch.

If the switch is in the off position can you turn on a smart bulb on that circuit?

Asked by Mike August 24, 2020

No, for a smart bulb to work it will have to have the switch turned on. Also beware that if it is a smart bulb on a dimmer switch you may have problems with it functioning properly. Typically a smart bulb wants to manage dimming with its internal dimming capabilities. A dimmer switch will reduce voltage to the bulb as you use the dimming function on the switch. There is a small computer in the bulb that may not tolerate the reduction in voltage, or may be damaged by it.

Will this switch connect to my ADT security system

Asked by Josh March 21, 2020

I don't use ADT. you may want to check the ADT site or customer service. I have Alexa, my TP-Link works with Alexa.

Will this connect to a hue hub?

Asked by scott January 31, 2020

HUE and these switches are both supported by IFTTT. you may be able to integrate them with that. https://ifttt.com/

What is the best bulb to use with this switch? Any recommendations? I want to keep flickering to ...

Asked by beeman December 26, 2019

I have not had any flickering issues and I have several TP-Link switches. I would recommend that you ensure that any bulb you consider is rated as dimmable. I personally buy the cheapest dimmable LED in the warmth and brightness I want.To date I have not found any bad ones.

Is Home Depot planning to stop carrying these?

Asked by Michael November 17, 2019

At my HD it is not a stock item, but I can order for delivery to the store or delivery to my home.

How many can you put in a row?

Asked by Piper September 27, 2019

If you mean how many bulbs can it support, you will need to look at the wattage of the bulbs and use an online ohms calculator to turn that into amps. Review the amp rating on the switch to ensure you are not exceeding the rated capacity.

Does tp-Link make a higher wattage smart switch dimmer?

Asked by Debra February 21, 2019

They make 3 different switches. The dimmable, a non dimmable, and a 3-way switch pair. The non dimmable is rated at 15 amps general use, or 600 watts of Incandescent/ LED/CFL

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awesome, simple but smart
nothing is lost from a regular switch to this smart switch. you just get more and for only a few dollars more than a dumb switch. You can adjust the level before manually turning on the light which many may not realize. It also automatically goes to the last setting when turning on if you don't change it prior to turning on. work very well with google assistant on nest hubs and the speaker things
by JR3HP
The first thing I noticed during unboxing was that there was no manual included. Apparently, the ...
The first thing I noticed during unboxing was that there was no manual included. Apparently, the installation is also included in the Kasa app. The installation requires a neutral wire and cannot be done if you don't have one. My house is kind of new so the wiring was easy to figure out. If your house is old, you may want to look behind the old switch before ordering one. It took me around 15 minutes to install this, another 15 to set up with Tplink app and then with Alexa. As you can see from the pictures I have done a standalone install, but this would work for a gang install as well. Keep in mind this switch will not work if its a three way installation. There are dimmer controls on the switch as well to control it physically. I really liked the led indicators on the switch for the brightness intensity. There is also a LED halo on the switch to easily find it in the dark. The switch responds well to the Alexa app and I did not observe any lag during the operation. Overall, I am satisfied with the product and I would recommend this for the ease of install and seamless integration with Alexa.
by Victor
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This Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Dimmer is made by TP-Link. You will need to download the Kasa app to your smartphone to connect it to the Wi-Fi. With the app you will need to setup the Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch and then you can set it the mood for the morning, good night, movie night or even custom it to your liking. On the app you can dim the light to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. If you go on vacation you can setup a schedule for it to turn on the lights and off during a set time. It will randomly turn on off during the set time you programed. If you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home you can setup it up control it that way too. I have both Alexa and Google Home and they both work with it. It was easy to setup and control by the app or the Alexa and Google Home. I have mine in the family room and all I have to do is say “Hey Google turn the lights to 50% or off.” It comes with a 2-year warranty.
by MikeLikesIt
This light switch works just like you would expect it to. I had no problems installing it, or loa...
This light switch works just like you would expect it to. I had no problems installing it, or loading the app or getting Alexa to work with it. A couple of minor little annoyances did come up, the instructions for downloading the app say "Download Kasa, get the Kasa for Mobile app from the Apple app store or Google Play" the only Kasa Mobile is not associated with TP Link, what it should say is to download Kasa Smart. Another thing I didn't care for was the cover clips on to the Light switch, which is ok, but if your electrical box is not perfect you may have to put some spacers behind the switch so that the cover will clip on and not just push the switch back into the box. I also would have liked if they had printed directions for installing the switch, but you have to get the app first to get the instructions. However the instructions in the app are very good and detailed, except for one thing, which is how to get the cover off of the switch. It turns out there is a little slot the bottom of the cover, that you can slide a screwdriver or knife into and pop it off. You can also remove the cover(s) on the switch and use whatever cover you would like as it does have the standard screw holes. Once you have the app downloaded it can do all kinds of things, like setting the range of the brightness and calibrating for your bulbs, setting a timer, setting a schedule that will repeat daily weekly etc or be based on sunrise / sunset. Also you can set how fast it turns off/on. The help section of the app is good and it was easy to get Alexa to work with it. You can also control the brightness, and the on/off functions from the switch itself. The switch also has lights that tell you where the dimmer is set and shows WIFI status. All in all a nice switch that works just the way I would expect it to with a very decent app and a 2 year warranty. I like it
by ss
This Smart Wi-Fi switch by TP-Link is easy to install and configure light switch that I have come...
This Smart Wi-Fi switch by TP-Link is easy to install and configure light switch that I have come across. The kit includes labels for the wires if you feel you need them, and the Kasa app guides you through the installation including getting it connected to your wi-fi network as well as checking for firmware updates and installing them after everything else has been done. This switch will work on Android and Apple phones, and can be used with Alexa and Google assistant also. I am sorry to say that this smart switch will not work on Homekit or with Siri. Hopefully one day they will add that ability. Other than that, this is a really nice switch, the cover plate needs no screws so it is visually more appealing than the old-fashioned wall switch plates that screw on. The app has a couple nice things that also can come in handy, such as a “Scene” you can create, say for instance a good night scene, where 1 touch can shut off all the lights in your home that use a smart switch. Some lights can be dimmed while others are shut off or on, useful to keep the home looking like its occupied at all times which is good.
by LawrenceS
The Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Dimmer is larger than a normal light switch. My Condo has metal wall...
The Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Dimmer is larger than a normal light switch. My Condo has metal wall boxes to hold the light switch, being smaller that the newer box I had to select a second light switch to install the Smart Wi-Fi Switch Dimmer into. I viewed the video on the Home Depot Web site before doing the install. For difficult installs you can e-mail USSupportTeam@TP-Link.com for further assistance. I was able to download the Kasa App and set up the dimmer switch easily. It took 5 mins to download and setup the app and was then able to control the light via WIFI. This is an excellent switch with the app. The face plate covers a larger area that one pulled off, resulting in no issue of having to paint around the new cover.
by shouldawoulda
1 person found this helpful
This is a great dimmer switch. Very easy to install. You have to pair it with the TP-Link KASA ap...
This is a great dimmer switch. Very easy to install. You have to pair it with the TP-Link KASA app you can down load from apple store or google play store. You then link the app to your smart home system such as google or Alexis. The TP-Link dimmer smart light switch uses screws instead of the little holes that you poke your wires in. This makes the installation a little more difficult, however probably a little safer as well. It has some nice features. You are able to do a soft off where the lights slowly dim until they turn off. There are three buttons on the switch. The main on-off switch and the other two allow you to increase or decrease the magnitude of the brightness of the light. Holding the main switch for 2 sec will soft turn off of the lights. It works great with my google system. I am able to say "google set my dimmer to 50%". This is very nice to have. I highly recommend this dimmer.
by DK
This light switch is great. To install it, just follow the directions on the KASA app. There are ...
This light switch is great. To install it, just follow the directions on the KASA app. There are step by step instructions and the switch comes with labels for the wires. I had no problems taking out the old dimmer and installing the new one. I already have another TP-Link device, so I already had the KASA app installed. I added the new switch to my wifi in a matter of minutes. I also have an Amazon Echo Dot so I can control the switch with voice commands. I have it in the kitchen, so it's useful to turn on and off the lights when you have plates in your hands. The switch dims and brightens the lights well. I have LED lights in the kitchen and there is no flickering at all.
by Jteach
It works like it's designed to!...
It works like it's designed to!
by AMAngelmusic
Easy set up and the app for your phone works...
Easy set up and the app for your phone works great. Have had others and they all have been a pain to set up. Definitely will buy again
by Buttermere
Showing 1-10 of 34 reviews