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Purple Rain Amaryllis Bulbs

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Hippeastrum (commonly known as Amaryllis) are popular for their indoor holiday color and are often given as gifts from October through January. They are easy to grow and are impressive flowers. Their large blossoms can measure up to 8 in. across. We only ship 1 large blooming bulb size to ensure well-proportioned plants, which are guaranteed to produce large, vibrant blooms for you. As bulbs are essentially storage mechanisms, they already contain everything needed to produce flowers. They are tropical and subtropical. All you will need to do is plant them and water. But best of all, they can be induced to re-bloom indoors for years to come. While Amaryllis Purple Rain is not a true purple it is named what its named, as the flowers do blossom with a hint of purple veins. Tropical looking and ravishingly beautiful.


  • Unique purple veins
  • Newer introduction
  • Enjoy for years to come
  • Bulb size 26 cm/28 cm
  • Hippeastrum (commonly known as amaryllis) are popular for their indoor holiday color and are often given as gifts from October through January
  • Super easy to grow and are most impressive flowers
  • We ship our amaryllis bulbs as bulbs, not kits nor pre-planted, so that you can pot them up yourself in your favorite pot
  • Hippeastrum (amaryllis) is a tender bulb and needs to be planted in pots indoors throughout most of North America, in USDA zones 9-12, they can actually be planted outside, as long as they are protected during freezing temperatures, plant them outside with the neck sticking out of the ground, water, fertilizing after the leaves appear, and repeating several times in spring, then, let nature take its course, to grow indoors as a house plant proceed as follows: select a 6 in. to 8 in. container of your choice, then fill about half the pot with medium, set the bulb atop the soil, filling in with soil around the bulb to maintain its position, about the top third of the bulb should be left exposed above the soil level, leaving room in the pot for watering, amaryllis bulbs like room temperatures, and exposure to sunshine will keep them shorter, as the flower stalk grows towards the light rotate the pot frequently to prevent toppling, sit back and enjoy
  • Some gardeners treat their amaryllis as annuals and simply toss them after flowering, however, they are fairly easily induced to re-flower next year, to re-grow follow these steps: after flowering, cut off the flower stalk just above the neck of the bulb, but be sure to leave the foliage, as it will play a critical role in rebuilding the bulb and prepare it for future blooming, place the pot in a sunny window, and only water when the soil is dry, fertilize regularly, after danger of frost, place pot outside until fall, when frost kills the leaves off, then having removed the foliage, let the potted bulb rest by storing it in a cool, dry place for 2.5-months, do not water it thereafter, restart the process as stated above
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Questions & Answers

Q:This refers to a package rather than a single bulb, how many bulbs are in a package of Purple Rain?
by|Nov 27, 2019
1 Answer
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A:  There is one Amaryllis Purple Rain.

by|Dec 1, 2022
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    Has not bloomed yet but is progressing beautifully.
    • Verified Purchase
    • Verified Purchase
    I purchased the amaryllis Oct 30 thinking I would have...
    I purchased the amaryllis Oct 30 thinking I would have flowers by Christmas. It is March 7 and the bulb just bloomed today. The bulb was healthy and nice sized. I bought the variety for the beautiful pinkish purple flowers shown. The flower is a typical red amaryllis. Wish I could add a picture here.
    Response from Van Zyverden ProductMar 8, 2022
    Thank you for your purchase. Please contact our customer service department at customerservice@vzusa.com and they will be happy to assist you.
    • Verified Purchase
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