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1 qt. Satin Triple Thick Polyurethane

  • 3X thicker than traditional polyurethane to finish in one coat
  • Excellent scratch and stain protection on interior wood surfaces
  • Self leveling, water based poly covers up to 50 sq. ft. per quart
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Product Overview

Beautifies With Scratch and Stain Resistant Finish

Beautifies With Scratch and Stain Resistant Finish

Polyurethane protects wood projects such as furniture, crafts and trim. Protective clear coat and sealer provides a scratch resistant surface on interior wood.

Varathane Logo

Creating flawless finishes for over 60 years

Expert wood finishing quality since 1958 for the professional, DIY fixer upper, furniture maker or home restoration project.

Triple Thick Formula for One Coat Coverage

Triple Thick Formula for One Coat Coverage

Available in Water-Base, Oil-Base and Triple Thick Polyurethane with Satin, Gloss and Semi-Gloss sheens for custom project needs.

Craft Sealer

Craft Sealer

Create unique décor and gifts

Protect Items from Moisture

Protect Items from Moisture

Seal and protect wood from moisture

Topcoat Tables and Furniture

Topcoat Tables and Furniture

Use polyurethane for protecting tables, chairs, cabinets and furniture

Apply Polyurethane to Wood

Apply Polyurethane to Wood

Products like Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane make wood stain projects fast

Interior Ceramic Tile Floor

Available in Matte, Gloss, Satin and Semi-Gloss

Water-based poly features low odor and easy soap and water clean up.

Water Based Poly Headboard

Varathane Ultimate Water-Based Polyurethane

Crystal clear, non-yellow finish offers protective coating over indoor surfaces including tables, shelves and more.

Oil Based Polyurethane Based Can

Available in Matte, Gloss, Satin and Semi-Gloss

Oil-based polyurethane creates a warm amber glow that deepens over time. Golden tone highlights wood grain.

Oil Based Poly Table and Bench

Varathane Ultimate Oil-Based Polyurethane

Durable poly sealer offers superior scratch and stain resistance for delicate furniture and stained wood.

Triple Thick Polyurethane Can

Available in Matte, Gloss, Satin and Semi-Gloss

Triple thick poly top coat protects 3X faster than traditional polyurethane. Advanced durability in one coat saves time.

Triple Thick Poly

Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane

Seal and protect surfaces with a premium, long lasting finish. Ultimate protection for stained or natural wood.

Varathane 1 qt. Satin Triple Thick Polyurethane is 3X thicker than traditional polyurethane. Its advanced water-based, self-leveling formula allows wood projects to be completed with just one coat. It provides a durable finish with exceptional scratch and stain resistance on bare and stained wood.
  • Protects from scratches and stains on interior wood surfaces including furniture, doors, trim and more
  • Only 1-coat necessary, covers up to 50 sq. ft.
  • Satin finish offers a soft, low-sheen look
  • Ultimate durability provides long lasting protection for stained or bare wood surfaces
  • 3xs thicker formula allows for quick project completion
  • Premium water-based formula dries to the touch in 2 hours
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Apply in direction of wood grain using a high-quality synthetic brush with a smooth, uniform coat
  • Avoid overloading brush when applying, a very thick coat is not necessary product will naturally build a thick finish
  • Over large areas, work in manageable sections and blend sections together while edge is still wet
  • Product has a slight amber effect, if applying over light colored stains or paints, test in an inconspicuous area first
  • Online price includes PaintCare fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, DC, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT, WA
  • California residents

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Container Size
1 Quart
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)


Application Method
Base Material
Water Based
Coating Product Category
Color Family
Dry to touch (min.)
Number of coats recommended
Number per Package
Paint/Stain Clean Up
Soap & Water
Paint/Stain Features
Paint/Stain/Waterproofer Product Type
Shellac, Lacquer & Polyurethane
Product Form
Substrate Condition
Bare Wood,Finished Wood,Old/Reclaimed Wood,Stained Wood,Unfinished Wood
Substrate/Surface Use Type
Time before recoating (hours)
Vertical / Horizontal

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Satisfaction guaranteed for full refund of purchase price

Questions & Answers


Can you use this on recently stained new hardwood floors (Red Oak)? The stain has been drying for...

Asked by DenverDad December 30, 2020

Yes you can. I apply it two days after staining. Stain dries very quickly if applied properly. Even though the poly is self leveling it’s going to darken the area and you will notice streaks and bumps when applied. Not sure if you will sand inbetween coats. Make sure you know how to apply it properly on such a large area. Make sure you use a high quality synthetic brush for the edges.

I want to seal a table top that I painted with acrylic satin interior valspar paint. I am concern...

Asked by jayzee October 19, 2020

I’ve used this product for years and never had any yellowing. Most recent application was to seal over a custom driftwood stain I blended. 2 years and no yellowing.

Can this be used as a top coat on an epoxy river table?

Asked by Mike September 22, 2020

Great question, Mike. Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane is suitable for use on stained, painted, or bare wood surfaces only. It would not be able to adhere or dry well over epoxy. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 5

I applied this to oil based stained stairs. I now have brown spots mostly on the sides. any idea why? sanding it down?

Asked by mc July 19, 2020

That's odd! To ensure the best results, you want to ensure that Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane is applied to a dry surface in good, sound condition. If the stain is penetrating, you most likely need to wipe off excess stain to ensure proper drying. The surface can be sanded and recoated to help correct it, as long as the surface and stain is in good, sound condition. Please keep in mind, this is not a floor-grade polyurethane and we do not recommend it for use on walking surfaces. It will not hold up to direct foot traffic and start to crack and peel. Instead, we recommend a Rust-Oleum Varathane Floor Finish for walking surfaces. https://www.homedepot.com/s/varathane%2520floor?NCNI-5 - Rust-Oleum Product Support 3

Can you thin this with a little bit of water or do you need to use something else?

Asked by Kit July 12, 2020

Happy to help, Kit! To ensure full durability and the best results, we do not recommend thinning Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 3

I am refinishing butcher block art tables in my elementary school art room. 450 kids ages 4-13 w...

Asked by Kristin June 17, 2020

Glad to lend a hand, Kristin. As long as the coating currently on there is allowed to fully dry and is lightly sanded to promote adhesion, you can apply Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane on top. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 5

Can I use this poly on a cutting board, of course allowing it to fully dry?

Asked by Mase May 30, 2020

Happy to talk through this, Mase. We actually do not recommend the Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane for a surface that will be exposed directly to food contact. This product is not rated for this type of application and is generally used for interior applications such as desks, chairs, etc. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 1

Can this product be applied using a HPLV sprayer? or any other sprayer?

Asked by Max April 21, 2020

Thank you for reaching out, Max! Due to how thick Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane is, we do not recommend spraying the product and we do not recommend thinning it. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 3

Do I really have to wait 7 days to use varathane triple thick satin over my cabinets.. I used Behr urethane alkyd satin.

Asked by Chris April 7, 2020

Not sure what you mean. I have refinished part of my cabinets and I put it on as soon as the stain was dry.

Can the Satin Triple Thick Polyurethane be rolled on

Asked by Vick March 26, 2020

I tried that. It works best with a brush because of the thickness of the product.

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I was hesitant on the "triple layer" application. I've never used something like this. It was v...
I was hesitant on the "triple layer" application. I've never used something like this. It was very easy. I simply loaded up a cheap 50 cent paintbrush with the Triple Thick Poly and slapped it onto my stained handrail. It will look like you're going to have tons of brush streaks, but put it on thick enough and it kind of levels out on it's own. The first handrail I did, I spent too much time working it and it got a bit sticky. The second time, I just really loaded up the brush, splashed it only and then smoothed it out with the brush quickly. Probably 5 minutes in total and within an hour it was nearly dry to the touch. I would absolutely use this again; beats sanding between coats, no bubbles to deal with. Very, very happy with the results!
by steve9207
The thickness of this formula does not prevent less layers but does allow the layers to be easily...
The thickness of this formula does not prevent less layers but does allow the layers to be easily applied and more even. Also, clean up only took a minute. Hopefully, this will provide additional durability for these corn hole boards.
by LAGirl
I wanted somethign that was durable for a table top that i was refinishing and I liked the fact t...
I wanted somethign that was durable for a table top that i was refinishing and I liked the fact that it was a triple thick version, and water based application. I refinished my table and put 2 coats of the Polyurethane on and it came out fabulous! I have attached a photo of the finished product. I'm obsessed with the way it turned out!
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Had to restrip, stain, and finish the table
I followed all of the directions on the can and applied the coat evenly. However when it dried my table felt awful. It was bumpy and you could feel each individual brush mark. Sanded the table down so that it was smooth once more, tried again, same result. My table was no longer smooth but wavy and crunchy. It was so butchered I had to completely redo the table. I would’ve redone the chairs but I didn’t have enough stripper and I was under a time crunch. I highly recommend doing the normal varathane over this.... that one worked a million times better and was smooth as can be.
by ryu
Response from Rust-OleumSupportJul 21, 2020
That's odd, Ryu! Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane needs to be applied to a sanded smooth surface. It is also essential the surface is clean and dry at the time of application. A high-quality synthetic bristle brush also needs to be used and the polyurethane is applied in the direction of the grain.
- Rust-Oleum Product Support 3 Rustoleum
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Beautiful product
I used this product for my unfinished wood dining room table. This tinted the wood to a natural wood that I absolutely love!!!!! I will definitely use this product again!
by Age
Drys quick and smooth. You’ll have to use a different...
Drys quick and smooth. You’ll have to use a different technique when applying since it is much thicker. Very happy with the final result...
by MRwoodworks66
Product yellows over painted wood!
I am disappointed in this product. After refinishing a larger bathroom vanity and applying a couple coats of paint, I was finally ready to wrap up my project. As I was applying the poly, I noticed that my vanity was yellowing in several of the areas I had covered. The product also bubbles after being brushed on, and the bubbles pop, but leave the ring in the finish, but I was able to lightly brush over those areas again to knock the ring down. I was hoping that if I waited long enough, the yellowing would go away as it dried, but it hasn’t. Unfortunately, I now have to sand it down to see if I can get the poly coat off and try not to disrupt too much of the paint. I won’t be buying this product again.
by LL
Response from Rust-OleumSupportMay 27, 2020
Let's talk about this! If Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane was able over a water-based paint on bare wood, you are most likely experiencing tannin bleed on the surface from the wood. To prevent this, we recommend priming the surface with an oil-based primer before painting with a water-based paint. You can sand the surface smooth and prime with Rust-Oleum Zinsser Cover Stain Oil-Based Primer prior to repainting and topcoating. To prevent bubbles in the finish, you want to apply this polyurethane with a high quality synthetic bristle brush and not overwork the product on the surface. You also want to ensure the surface is clean and dry prior to topcoating.
https://www.homedepot.com/p/Zinsser-Cover-Stain-1-gal-White-Oil-Based-Interior-Exterior-Primer-and-Sealer-3501/100398377 Rustoleum
2 people found this helpful
This is good stuff, folks. Don't listen to others complaining here. In order to get a good result, you must know how to use the product properly. When I opened the can I saw a very white milky substance which I was not expecting. Don't worry, once you paint it on a surface it will gradually become clearer reaching full clarity in about 30 minutes. It will give your surface a slight stain color which looks great on natural wood but might affect other surfaces. I would only use this only on wood as I am unsure how the slight color it adds would affect other surfaces. It is definitely thick, best to compare it to painting with syrup. Once you place it down on your surface, you have about 5 minutes to brush it flat, after that it will start getting a bit tacky so might be a good idea to leave it and sand it later to get the result you want. It says you can use one coat but truth be told I did two coats because since I was sanding later on I didn't want to sand through to the surface. Don't worry if you were unable to brush it completely flat, you can sand it a few hours later as long as it is somewhat flat. The container says it is enough for 40-50 square feet which is true if you do one coat but half that if you do two coats, which I recommend. After the first coat and letting it dry for at least 36 hours, it is good to wet sand with 200-320 grit sandpaper. Then after your final coat also let it sit for 36 hours at minimum and wet sand with 400 grit sandpaper. If you have two coats then you don't have to worry about getting through to the surface accidentally. It says semi-gloss but in reality it is more satin which is perfect for my needs. No need to spend a lot of money on a specialty brush for this, you can use any brush as long as it is not the cheapest one, in other words a middle quality brush will do. You can wash the brush by letting it soak in water with dishwashing soap mixed in. Clean up is easy so no worries if you splatter. The main point I want to get across is you want to paint it thick, do two coats, and then sand. You will be happy with the result, trust me. Let the final coat sit for 72 hours before placing any objects on it since it is still a bit tacky after 36 hours but good enough for sanding. Also it is important to wet sand so that you won't leave any marks. Do not sand dry! Wet sanding is the way to go! This was my first time using this product and I give it a perfect score. I hope it will last me a good few years.
by proman
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Good product, nice results and easy application....
Good product, nice results and easy application.
by Larry
Pros: Easy to apply and very good self-leveling to eliminate brush strokes. Cons: Noticeably yellow immediately after drying. Would not recommend applying over light painted wood... My "brilliant white" bookshelf is now a faint shade of amber. Minwax makes a 3x "one coat" poly that doesn't yellow.
by Mg
Response from Rust-OleumSupportDec 18, 2019
Something is amiss here. Rust-Oleum Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane will offer a crystal clear finish. If applying over a stained or coated surface, we do recommend applying in a test area first. If applying over a water-based paint on bare wood, you may be experiencing tannin bleed on the surface. To correct this, we recommend priming with an oil-based primer and then recoating. If needing further assistance, please give us a call at 800-901-0411. - Rust-Oleum Product Support 5 Rustoleum
Showing 1-10 of 279 reviews