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Super Plugs 200 Seed Starter Plugs (2-Packs of 100)

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About This Product

Super Plugs maintain a perfect air-to-water ratio and the biodegradable starter plug is composed of organic materials that produce beneficial microbes to colonize roots for healthy seedlings and clones. Plugs are about 1.25 in. x 1 in.


  • Super plugs maintain a perfect air-to-water ratio and produce beneficial microbes
  • Composed of natural materials
  • Each plug is 1.25 in. x 1 in. and can be planted directly into soil or other growing medium
  • Super plugs maintain a perfect air-to-water ratio and the biodegradable starter plug is composed of natural materials that produce beneficial microbes to colonize roots for healthy seedlings and clones plugs are about 1.25 in. x 1 in.
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Product Information

Internet # 318896972

Model # VSSP100-2

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Dimensions: H 1.25 in, W 1 in, D 1 in


Product Depth (in.)

1 in

Product Height (in.)

1.25 in

Product Width (in.)

1 in


Landscape Supply Type

Seed Starter Kit

Package Quantity




Seed Starter Accessory Type

Starter Plugs

Seed Type

Seed Starter Kit Accessory

Questions & Answers

Q:They arrived moist and spongy. I thought they are supposed to be dry. Do I have to worry about mold if I let them sit?
by|Feb 21, 2023
2 Answers
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A:  Thank you for your question. The Viagrow Super plugs should be moist not dry when you receive them. It is important to keep them moist if not using - the best way to do this is by putting the unused plugs into the refrigerator this will keep them moist and sterile for future use. You may also want to try our organic coconut coir starter plugs VCCSS50 as these do not require refrigeration storage. Sincerely, VIagrow

by|Feb 21, 2023

    A:  Hi AJL4. Thank you for shopping at the Home Depot. The Viagrow Super Plugs 200 Seed Starter Plugs should be kept moist but not wet. Do not let them sit in water. The instructions state that you should keep the humidity dome over the plugs to prevent the plugs from drying out too quickly. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Rick_HD_OC

    by|Feb 21, 2023
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    Fits into mold
    These fit perfectly into the mold that I already have for starting plants. All I had to do is place in mold, add water to tray and put the sensor for warming the water (unheated room for growing plants and baby animals). It's a little early for starting plants, but the ones I planted are considered winter plants so they should do well and be ready to put out when the are big enough.
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    Great seed starter plugs with outstanding moisture retention
    I don't know what is in these -- my guess is some combination of peat and coconut coir -- but they are soft, don't compact easily, and they stay damp for days. Our growing season is over, so I haven't started seedlings in these yet, but I expect them to work great. They are small enough to fit a starter flat or to be plugged directly into a pot or the ground once roots are established. If you like to start seeds early, these are a great option. Highly recommended.
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    Great seed starters!
    These super plugs really sprout seeds quickly. Seeds take awhile to sprout up here in the mountains of Colorado, even in plugs, but these plugs produced sprouts within a few days - more in line with the "normal" timeline for other regions. They arrive moist in bags that zip tightly closed, which is useful because we cannot really plant until very late in the spring here. I tried them out, however, to see how well they work and was very impressed with the results. Now I'm looking forward to spring planting again.
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    So Easy to Use
    Was glad to find these Viagrow Super Plugs available for starting seeds as well as cloning. I live in Florida and enjoy gardening year around here. I love hot peppers and usually start from seed several varieties and grow them in 5-gallon pots on my pool deck. I like that you don’t have to soak these in water to get them ready for seeds, have organic materials that produce beneficial microbes to colonize roots and that there are 100 plugs in each bag. I have just planted some pepper seeds, have them in warm place and will place them once they germinate under a grow light and can’t wait to see my pepper plants sprout!
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    Handy plant starter
    Viagrow Super Plugs 200 Seed Starter Plugs (2-Packs of 100). The plugs look like tight little brownies the medium is very tight with a small hole in the center top. The plugs can be used to start seeds, root cuttings, or to transfer small, germinated plants. Once the plant is established with strong roots the plug can be placed in the ground or a larger pot for further development. I had some small pepper plants that had germinated so I placed them in the plugs for further development. The second day the plants still looked heathy in the plugs. I also placed pepper seeds in the plug center to see how long it will take to germinate. Starting cuttings would require very small cuttings otherwise the small plug would not support the weight. I plan to try the plugs with grass seed to establish roots before transferring to the lawn. The plugs arrived in two sealed plastic bags, and all were moist when I opened the bag. There is a Ziplock seal to keep the plugs moist after opening. It is recommended to keep the plugs from drying out.
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    After years of starting seeds I now only use plugs
    After years of starting seeds I now only use plugs and find the Viagrow Super Plus Plugs are perfect for my seed starter 70 cell trays with a dome and reservoir bottom base measuring 18" x 14". The cells are 1-1/2" and the Viagrow Super Plus Plugs fit perfectly. This creates a system of bottom watering that completely eliminates damping off and mold that grow on the surface of the cells killing seedlings. I also have the highest germination rate because the plus remain moist but not oversaturated - the tiny seedlings draw the moisture they need Watering from the bottom is superior to top watering. The Viagrow plugs are self managing wicking just enough moisture. Transplanting is super easy because the plugs can be easily removed and planted either in soil or hydroponic mediums. Viagrow Super Plugs come in 100 plug package and reasonably priced. Using Viagrow Super Plugs, and placing seed trays on warming pads and under grow lights that's on a 14 hr timer my seed starting couldn't be easier while being hands free. This I've found a winner and will be sticking with it.
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    Formed Plugs
    I ordered these to try them in my AeroGarden. They need trimmed a little to fit, but should work. You use them in the small plastic starter pots you can get 8 plants per pot. Once rooted they are super easy to separate and transplant. With potting soil you would have to tear the soil apart to untangle roots to transplant. The quality of these is excellent and easy to use. They seem to hold water pretty good to enhance rooting and growth.
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    Nice size, soft and moist
    I thought these very odd, having never seen or used these before. No where on the package tells me exactly what these are made from, and I like to know that. I actually had to look this up online on their website which said this. "Viagrow germination Super Plugs maintain a perfect air-to-water ratio and retain water incredibly well. The biodegradable starter plug is composed of organic materials that produce beneficial microbes to colonize roots for healthy seedlings and clones. The plugs are completely biodegradable." It still did NOT tell me what the materials are that these are actually made from. I think this should be clearly posted on the packaging. People like me, who have organic farms, chose products that adhere to organic growing methods, are made from sustainable ingredients that don't cause any harm to the environment, and are from renewable resources. They are made in the USA, so I really like that. There is no foul odor to these at all. It does not smell like dirt, compost, manure, chemicals, etc. They are very moist to the touch and don't dry out. I left one outside overnight, and it was the same as when I left it out the afternoon before, in the sun, in temps of 50 degrees daytime and 30's overnight. They feel like little sponges that hold their shape, and don't fall apart or crumble, which is a very good thing. They should hold the young sprouting plants very well, and are not too dense for tender roots to take hold in. There is a hole in the top of them which will probably accommodate most seeds of any variety, even larger seeds like corn kernels. I loved everything about them, and although I can't actually use them here in PA till the end of Feb to start my seedlings, I am very excited to see how well they work. Very convenient and there is plenty of them with 100 in each zip lock bag.
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    Awesome product!
    I got this product not sure what to expect really. However to my surprise these very same plugs are not like I’ve seen before. No netting or anything. I was able to start growing some of my green onions in them . I was very pleased and very excited for the growing season! I have lettuce seeds and carrots that using these maybe able to help me start my winter plants in the house…. I figured 10 bags of these plugs in May will have a jump start on my garden too. Very excited!
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    Easy to use with great results
    These mess free plugs are my new favorite starters. The plugs are 1-1/4" square by 1-3/4" deep and they fit into my jiffy starter trays. For a off brand tray I i trim the plug whith sissors which is easily done. They are easy to use with no mess and no wait for expansion. They come with a hole in the center for seed or stem that extends in about 1/2" depth. I find them easy to keep moist for propegating clippings. Plus the material keeps the stems upright. The plugs are easy to transplant, and the material seems to minimize mold growth.
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