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Eco 5 FoodCycler, 84 oz. Single speed Slate Food Composting Blender

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About This Product

The Eco 5 makes it easy for anyone make a positive environmental impact. It's an effortless alternative to composting, and it reduces the volume of food waste by up to 90%. Food scraps and uneaten leftovers that would otherwise end up in a landfill are broken down into a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be mixed right into your garden soil.; Large Capacity- The 5-liter bucket offer twice the capacity of the previous generation.; Refillable Filters- Rather than throwing them away, filters in Eco 5 can be refilled with new carbon pellets. Odorless and Quiet- The refillable carbon filter and quiet cycles make the Eco 5 ideal for indoor use.; Convenient -Our compact food recycler reduces food waste to a fraction of its original volume overnight.; Compact- The Eco 5 fits almost anywhere-store it on the counter, in the pantry, or in the garage.; Easy to Use- Run multiple cycles per day, year round, with just the press of a button.; NA; 3 Year Limited.


  • Large capacity- the 5-liter bucket offer twice the capacity of the previous generation.
  • Refillable filters- rather than throwing them away, filters in eco 5 can be refilled with new carbon pellets, odorless and quiet- the refillable carbon filter and quiet cycles make the eco 5 ideal for indoor use
  • Convenient -our compact food recycler reduces food waste to a fraction of its original volume overnight
  • Compact- the eco 5 fits almost anywhere-store it on the counter, in the pantry, or in the garage
  • Easy to use- run multiple cycles per day, year round, with just the press of a button
  • 3- year limited warranty
  • Eco 5-unit, removable bucket, bucket lid, power cord, carbon pellets
  • Using a wrung-out cloth, wipe down the outside surface of the unplugged unit, around the bucket compartment of the unit, and the outside of the bucket, do not manually clean the inside of the bucket, we do not recommend using any household cleaners when cleaning the unit
  • Plastic (ABS, PP, PA), cast aluminum, silicone, stainless steel
  • 500-Watt
  • Click here for more information on Electronic Recycling Programs
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Product Information

Internet # 327753747

Model # 71594

Store SKU # 1010462490

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Questions & Answers

Q:How often is the carbon pellets replaced or refilled?
by|Apr 20, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Hi there! f used regularly, filters will need to be changed every 3-4 months (about 500 Cycle Hours).

by|Apr 24, 2024
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    Amends my compost pile
    Outstanding machine. I use it everyday. I place the final product in my compost pile and now I have large earthworms
    • Verified Purchase
    This machine is amazing
    Yes, you really can turn a pail filled with nutrient-dense scraps into handfuls of nutrient-dense compost overnight. I’ve run about six batches now and every time I am still amazed at the results. A typical pail for me will have egg shells, tea bags, avocado skin and pit, potato peels, zucchini ends, inside of bell pepper, chopped banana peels, and any other misc veggies and fruits that have gone bad. I feel SO much better getting great use out of these scraps vs sending them to a garbage dump.
    • Verified Purchase
    Great tool highly recommended!
    This has been amazing! We garden and this makes a great nutrient rich mix that we can throw in the beds! We feel much less guilt with left overs that don't get finished because we know they are immediately going into our families future!
    • Verified Purchase
    I feel so environmentally friendly using this!
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love my Vitamix food recycler. I often look for ways to be more environmentally friendly, and this small appliance does a great job helping me with these efforts. The appliance looks good on my countertop and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It was packed extremely well when it arrived in great condition and undamaged. It was very easy to set up and follow the instructions. The composting bin is very small and is easy to pull out of the machine in order to dump the compost in my flowers for use as a fertilizer or soil conditioner. The machine works overnight or throughout the day if you have time to set it throughout the day and makes compost out of everyday table scraps or anything that I have expiring in the refrigerator. I really think this is a fantastic addition to my kitchen and a great way to turn table scraps into a usable product for my flowers. Honestly, my flowers have never looked better and I find it easy to just scratch this Compost into the dirt around them. This is a great addition to my kitchen. I have used it several times in the past few weeks, and I don’t notice any smell in the compost at all. I typically remove it fairly quickly after processing to use in my flowerbeds, but I have not noticed a smell, which is important since the appliance is located in the kitchen. I’m very happy with this item an extremely glad it has a strong name like Vitamix behind it.
      • Recommended
      First Time User
      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was a little intimated by this machine at first, however was excited to make my own compost. At first I didn’t think it would hold as much scraps, I was quite surprised and not only the amount, but they types of scrapes I could throw in. I have used a few times now and it can’t be any easier, from taking out of the box and setting up to the first use. I store mine in my garage because I thought it would emit orders, but it has 0 scents coming fine it. I can’t wait to continue to make compost for my plants and flowers. Very happy and surprised with how easy it was to use.
        • Recommended
        Can't get enough of it
        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Have always loved to compost my leftover healthy foods and use it in my plants and garden. So this product is perfect for me. It does take up to 9 hours to process one bucket full of honeydew but the outcome is a dried odorless almost like dirt. As you can see in my photo. I'm currently working on my second batch which will be all of my rotten zucchini. It seems to be processing much faster and I think it's because it was softer than the honeydew. I am going to sprinkle this into my plants and hope that it helps with the nutrients that they need.
          • Recommended
          Excited to up my gardening
          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I am so excited to up my gardening skills with the Vitamix FoodCycler. I was surprised that the unit has a bit of weight to it. We are keeping it in our laundry room. It doesn’t take up much counter space. I left food waste in it for about 3 days with absolutely no odor coming from the unit with it closed. My first time trying it was with egg shells, coffee & tea grounds & some organic waste. It was only about a 1/3 full & took about 4 hours. The unit was very quiet while running. And so easy to use. The waste bucket was a touch warm when it finished. I’m excited to see how my garden does this summer with the fertilizer from my FoodCycler.
            • Recommended
            Layers of Food Turned into Soil
            [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Wow! The FoodCycler by Vitamix Eco 5 is absolutely amazing! After adding different Layers of food, that was ready for the garbage, the FoodCycler was just about ready. If your following the instructions that were supplied in the Vendor box, finish the steps and close the lid. Start your Foodcycler, I did ours at bed time, and several hours later you will have some great looking Soil!! Also, not only was it amazing but it was very quite from the beginning to the end!!
              • Recommended
              Effective , efficient and a must have !!
              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We recently bought The Vitamix Food Cycler Eco 5 and it is an impressive addition to any kitchen seeking to reduce food waste and promote eco-friendly practices. This compact and powerful food recycling device has exceeded my expectations with its efficiency and convenience. First and foremost, the Eco 5 is incredibly easy to use. Simply load your food scraps into the machine, close the lid, and let it work its magic. The device automatically grinds and aerates the scraps, accelerating the composting process significantly. The cycle time depends on hot much wet or dry the waste is. We turned it on the night and checked it in the morning . The bin had nutrient-rich compost ready to be used in the yard or potted plants. One standout feature is its odor management system. I was initially concerned about potential odors emanating from the unit, but the built-in carbon filter effectively eliminates any unpleasant smells. The good part is that carbon pallets are not that expensive as it may be required to replace them a couple times a year , again depending on usage. The Eco 5's compact design is sleek and modern which is another aspect worth highlighting. It doesn't take up a lot of space making it ideal for kitchens of all sizes. While the initial cost may seem a bit steep, the long-term benefits of the Vitamix Food Cycler Eco 5 easily justify the investment. Not only are we saving money on purchasing compost and fertilizers, but also doing our part in making positive impact on the environment. In conclusion, we are super happy with our buy . Its user-friendly operation, efficient performance, and compact design make it a valuable addition to our kitchen. If you're looking to reduce food waste and contribute to a greener future, I highly recommend the Vitamix Food Cycler Eco 5.
                • Recommended
                Better than expected
                I compared multiple food cyclers/composters for 2 years. I decided on the Eco 5 due to VitaMix quality, warranty and item structure. This handles everything and I do not put it bones other than chicken. It is very quiet and it is heavy. Once you have it out and set there is no need to worry about the weight. Very easy to use--only one setting. I think the only smell is when it's finished the smell is similar to coffee grounds. Down sides: plastic and charcoal holder is in plastic and plastic bag. One warning: my dog smells the finished product and eats it so I can't put it anywhere in garden or flower beds. I live in a cold climate so outdoor composting only works a couple months in the year.
                  Showing 1-10 of 62 reviews

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