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1 ft. x 1 ft. x 2 in. Sound Echo Absorbing Panels with Double-Side Adhesive for Recording Studio (12-Pack)

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  • Absorbs sound waves and echoes for better acoustics.
  • Flame retardant, self-extinguishing and safe.
  • Peel and stick for quick installation.
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Product Details

About This Product

Our acoustic panels are made from high-density specialist acoustic foam that effectively eliminates standing waves and chatter. Our sound-absorbing foam panels are sound-insulating, flame-retardant, odorless, non-toxic, anti-slip, corrosion-resistant and anti-fading. Ideal for sound absorbing treatment on studio or office walls. Ideal for walls, recording studios, instrument rooms, offices, home studios and home entertainment theaters.


  • Material safety: the acoustic panels are made of professional sound-absorbing foam, which has better elasticity, long-service life, non-toxic, no irritating odor and safe to use
  • Professional sound-absorbing performance: install sound-absorbing panels to reduce noise pollution, they eliminate echoes and background sounds not by blocking sound but by absorbing it, acoustic foam is used to control reverberant sounds, this is different from soundproofing, they effectively eliminate standing waves and chatter
  • Art deco: the wall soundboard is small in size, seamless in installation, stylish and beautiful, the material is easy to cut, making it easy to DIY your own space
  • Easy to install: our regular acoustic wall panels install easily using general-purpose spray adhesive and double-sided tape (not included), our adhesive-backed sound-absorbing wall panels come with their own adhesive, you can peel off the adhesive paper and stick it on the wall
  • Wide applications: ideal for sound-absorbing treatments on studio or office walls, suitable for walls, recording studios, control rooms, acoustic studios, broadcast studios, home theaters, game rooms, instrument rooms
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Product Information

Internet # 328774194

Model # RSAP021212B12W

Store SKU # 1010839591

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Product Height (in.)

12 in

Product Thickness (in.)

2 in

Product Width (in.)

12 in

Total Coverage Area (sq. ft.)

12 sq ft



Ceiling, Wall

Color Family




Installation Type

Peel & Stick

Insulation R-Value




Number per Package


Paneling Appearance


Paneling Features

Peel and Stick, Rot Resistant

Paneling Type


Product Weight (lb.)

1.4 lb



Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty


Questions & Answers

Q:Can these tiles be spray painted with interior flat wall paint? If so, would painting reduce the effectiveness?
by|Apr 20, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Spray paint and painting have little impact on sound absorption.

by|May 10, 2024
    Q:Can these panels be used to insulate around ceiling speakers to increase bass levels and clarity of sound?
    by|Mar 31, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Acoustic foam panels can reduce reverberation, increase clarity, and improve sound quality in any given area.

    by|Apr 1, 2024
      Q:My utility closet has my water heater and a new hvac… which is very loud. Can this be used inside the walls of the utility closet to help with the loud hvac? Is it safe to put in there with the gas water heater and hvac?
      by|Mar 12, 2024
      1 Answer
      Answer This Question

      A:  This product is designed to absorb sound and reduce echoes in the room. They reduce overall noise and make things sound softer. But it cannot be completely isolated. It is flame retardant and safe.

      by|Mar 20, 2024
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        Effective sound absorber
        Self adhesive backing made wall mounting very easy. Just be sure to get them aligned properly. I joined the pieces at one edge, then "rolled" the remainder of the piece to insure complete contact with the adhesive backing. You could also peel about 1 inch of a side. Press it to the wall ,then reach behind and pull the backing cover off as you slide you hand over the foam. Sound absorption was very effective. It removed an echo due to the bare walls. I would recommend this product.
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        These panels work!
        I ordered these High-Density Sound Echo Absorbing Panels with Double-Side Adhesive to help reduce the noise from my grandsons room when he is gaming. I was a little worried when I opened the package and saw how thin they were. I was afraid they wouldn't make any difference when adhered to the wall. I let them air out for a few days and that helped a lot. They plumped up and looked like the online picture. My grandson and he his friend hung them up on the wall above his bed. He turned his computer on and went into one of the games he usually plays. What a difference! I can honestly say the echo was gone. My bedroom is on the other side of his wall and it has heloed with the noise that would come through the wall. Our plan is to get some more to place above his computer. The only concern I have is the fact that these are peel and stick and will most likely remove the wall some if I ever remove them.
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        Also for a workout studio
        I have a workout room in the basement with concrete walls, mirrors, and gym equipment. My big bluetooth speaker points right at an opposite wall. It's nothing but a treble ridden, clangy noise box. I got these to add some visual pop on the concrete walls, but mainly to soak up some of that sound. They come vacuum sealed, so they take a few minutes to fluff up, but by the time I was finished installing they were already getting perfectly shaped. The backing is very tacky, I barely had to touch it to the wall to level them out, then a few good presses and it was good to go. I can't believe such a simple product can stop that reverb off a wall. Don't get me wrong, I need more for my space, but I'm convinced they work so I'm definitely buying more.
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        Great Sound Absorbing Panels! Easy to use and easy to install.
        These sound absorbing panels are very nice and professionally made. I installed them in March, for a Drum Room/Studio Remodel project. The high density foam, pyramid shape and 2" thickness, really contributed to the overall sound echo reduction and provided a long lasting solution to unwanted frequency/sound reflections. The double sided adhesive that covers the whole backside of the panel is very sticky. So be sure to pre plan their placement, before permanently sticking them to the wall. If you are not sure, you can use push pins to temporarily help you visualize your finished look. Because once they are in place, they will be hard to remove. I love the new sound dampening to the room and couldn't be happier with how well these sound absorbing panels work! Note: These panels come vacuum sealed. So after you remove them from the package, they are still pushed down and are a lighter grey color. You will need to fully steam these foam panels with an iron (set to 'steam only') or a clothes steamer (before installation), so they can expand to their full potential. You can see the difference in color and thickness in a couple of the photos I provided. The darker panels have been steamed and are fully expanded, while the lighter charcoal grey looking ones are not. After you've steamed them, let them dry for a day or so in a open/ventilated area. After they have completely dried, just peel and stick according to your pre planned location(s). There were no instructions for these two very important steps (or any steps), but you definitely want to do this, so the panels will expand all the way. !!! Always make sure to wear an oven mitt or other hand/arm protection when working with steam !!!
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        Excellent noise reduction panels!
        Excellent noise reduction panels! I somemtimes foster small dogs/puppies for a rescue group and wanted to attempt a bit of noise reduction in the room where they sleep. These panels fit the bill perfectly! They arrived in shrink wrap which reduced the size of the package considerably. After allowing a few hours to expand, the "tiles", which are 12" x 12", filled out nicely and the pyramids stood out a full 2". The back of each panel is covered with self-stick completely, so you will not have an issue with adhering to your walls or doors. You will need to be sure of placement, as I don't beleive they are easily removed. Sound absorption is readily evident, as is reduction of any "echo" in the room. I placed the panels on a door and realized results. If you added panels on a complete wall area, they would work well for sound absorption during live streaming. A great product! A+
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        they work
        I have wanted these for a while now, these looked good so i ordered them. they arrived well packed and in new condition. there are instructions to get them uncompressed and back to original shape. they have glue applied so the install is just peal and place. the big question, do they work? yes they do muffle the sound and quite the music, i love the.
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        Works for me
        I was surprised by the flat envelope that contained these 12 panels! They were vacuum packed and also the panels were interlocked to really compact them. So, I pulled them all apart and let them set for several days, and voila, overnight they had already mostly expanded most of the way. After a couple of weeks, they settled at a depth of 1.75 in., not quite the 2in. claimed, but ok. One of the tiles looked like the end peak was short or cut off after a day, but after the 2 weeks, it finally expanded out to almost perfect. Give them time to fully expand if any look wonky. The adhesive is clear, flexible and gooey like the type used on peel and stick vinyl floor tiles. If you ever try to remove them from finished drywall, they will probably ruin it; so just be aware of that. I’m putting these on my unfinished basement ceiling above the laundry and furnace to dampen the noise that carries upstairs. Its easy to fit them in around pipes etc. and leaves the pipes exposed for continued access. They help.
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        Sound absorbing panels
        Wellco High Density Panels come in a bundle of 12. we got them to help with the echo in my husbands recording studio. They arrive in very flat condition and plump up when you take them out of the package and let them set a while. While they are less deep than I expected they do the job just fine. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the back was fully coated in the material needed to stick them to the wall. Just be sure to clean/dust the wall before installation.
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        They do their job - absorb sound waves
        I admit I was skeptical when this relatively thin package arrived at my door - how in the world are there twelve 2-inch foam panels in that? The answer was soon apparent - they are vacuum-packed for shipping. Once open, the 1" or so package expands to usable shape. They are not diamond-shaped like in the picture, more of a triangle (wedge) shape. They come with adhesive already in place for easy attachment to flat surfaces. The $50 question is... do they work? My first very quick test was using one as a 'shield,' about 15 feet away from a 3D printer, to see the impact on direct sound. I measured a reduction of 3dB peak, which was impressive considering that I was simply holding up a 1' square in front of the sound meter from 15' away. I wouldn't call they "high density" foam by any means.... but it strikes me that you don't really want high density for this application.
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        Not enough time to be thorough
        Haven’t had a chance to review as this takes time to install, and measure acoustic qualities. Is lightweight, seems pretty easy to apply, but not super dense, so not expecting super amazing results. Looking to apply with removable window treatments as this particular product is exceptionally thin and lightweight. Typically I would look to install in either ceiling or wall application.
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