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Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit

  • Works for Fruit Flies, Gnats and other listed insects
  • No chemical insectides, no odors, no mess
  • Includes one plug-in base plus 2 trap cartridges
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Product Details

The Zevo Flying Insect Trap continuously eliminates flying insects without spraying chemical insecticides. Just plug it into any wall socket to activate the light plus heat attractant system to attract flying insects and capture them into a super-sticky cartridge that you throw away. Use the Zevo Flying Insect Trap in any room in your home where flying insects are seen.

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Questions & Answers

Q:Where can I purchase
by|Sep 8, 2022
2 Answers
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A:  I previously bought on-line and picked up at my local store.

by|Sep 15, 2022

    A:  When you have a little time, please reach out to Home Depot at 1-800-466-3337 to find Zevo near you.

    by|Sep 9, 2022
      Q:Catch cupiboard moths
      by|Aug 8, 2022
      2 Answers
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      A:  Yes

      by|Aug 13, 2022

        A:  Zevo Trap has been tested to be effective against gnats, house flies, and fruit flies. However, we also heard from consumers that the Zevo Flying Insect Trap has also caught other flying insects, and we hope you'll give it a try for moths.

        by|Aug 10, 2022
          Q:Does the kill the black bodied wasp that get into my house?
          by|Apr 26, 2022
          1 Answer
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          A:  No, the Trap is not designed to attract or Trap wasps, Cheryl.

          by|May 15, 2022
            Q:how long does it last
            by|May 15, 2021
            5 Answers
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            A:  I've had mine up near two weeks & looks to still trap mosquitos.

            by|Jul 2, 2021

            A:  I've had mine in over 2 weeks about to change it out

            by|Jun 24, 2021

            A:  The instructions say to replace when full, to check on it every 30 days.

            by|Sep 27, 2022

              A:  Hi Sparky. This is a great question. Replace the refill cartridge when it is full of insects. We recommend checking it every 30 days or as needed. If you have any questions or we can help further give us a call at 866-215-1297.

              by|May 15, 2021

                A:  Depends how many flies you have. If it's in a barn it won't last long. In the kitchen about 6 months.

                by|Jun 2, 2021
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                  It doesn’t work that well. Occasionally a gnat or fly...
                  It doesn’t work that well. Occasionally a gnat or fly will find its way in. But for the most part the little insects are still parading around my house. I don’t recommend this product nor will I buy another one.
                  Response from Zevo InsectJul 21, 2021
                  The bugs come marching two by two, Hurrah, Hurrah. The little one stops to tie his shoe....And is stuck on the trap and starts to boo... We're sorry you're not catching as many bugs in the trap as you'd like. The traps work best when they’re in spots that are easily accessible to flying insects. So make sure yours isn't behind furniture, curtains or in other tucked away spots. To make the trap more appealing to bugs, don't place it near other lights at night. Bugs can get distracted and confused by multiple light sources. If we can help you further, give us a call at 866-215-1297. ...And they all go marching into the trap; to meet their end. Boom Boom Boom
                  • Verified Purchase
                  Worked great for me
                  As you can see in the picture I'm attaching it caught many bugs of various sizes. Most are moths, but also a few fruit flies and what I guess are gnats that very small.
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                    Works great !
                    Brought some plants indoors for winter - this collects a lot of little flying bugs !! Visible proof!
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                      We had so many gnats, didn't catch one
                      We had so many gnats, I bought these, didn't catch one single gnat. Placed one in the bathroom where we had the most. None caught. And one in the kitchen near the sink where there were a lot. Again not a single one. Kept every light off at night so it was the only light source. None. Those little apple looking things with the vinegar smelling stuff inside actually caught some and bleach down the drains helped. Not sure how it's possible that in over a week, we didn't catch one, but it's true.
                      Response from Zevo InsectOct 7, 2020
                      We're sorry to hear the trap isn’t catching as many flying insects as you hoped. We'd like to learn about your insect needs, so when you have a chance, please give us a buzz at 800-374-9429 Monday-Friday 9a-6p EST.
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                        ThIS iS A JOKE!
                        It's a joke I caught a bug no gnat but hey Homedepot I will be bringing this back
                        Response from Zevo InsectSep 29, 2020
                        Hi Pierre, we are sorry to hear about this. Typically when this happens, it is due to the placement of the trap. It is recommended to keep away from windows and place it in a high traffic area. We'd like to learn about your insect needs, so when you have a chance, you can give us a buzz at 800-374-9429 Monday-Friday 9a-6p EST.
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                          Please don’t buy this product
                          I bought this product ( spray) against the flies around my house ; even after spraying on the fly ; it was still living ; all I got was a headache every time I sprayed it.
                            2 found this review helpful
                            PROOF THIS STUFF WORKS!
                            I noticed little bugs flying around my home but too small to catch. This is where Zevo came in! I simply plugged this underneath my kitchen cabinets and so far I caught over 10 bugs within a week. If you have fleas, I believe this can work too. ADVICE: bugs seem to trap best when it's dark and this is the only thing illuminating. Obviously, it tracks their attention.
                              2 found this review helpful
                              Absolutely Awesome
                              I purchased two Zevo Traps a few weeks ago. It was money well spent. The work, and work well.
                                • Recommended
                                Does not work
                                I have had the trap plugged in for 5 days above my kitchen sink where the fruit flies are most extreme. The glow is pretty, but has not caught a single insect.
                                Response from The Zevo TeamAug 29, 2020
                                The Trap is designed to make catching insects a breeze. For the best results, we recommend making sure it's placed in a high traffic area, away from natural light sources, that's easily accessible to flying insects. We'd like to make sure you get the most from your Trap, so when you have a chance, please give us a buzz at 800-374-9429 Monday-Friday 9a-6p EST.
                                  Exactly what U want. Killer night light, safe 2 us
                                  Just like some food chains had/have in a larger form you can have this wonderful item. When you do have an issue where there is a gnat explosion it can be extremely frustrating. You may not realize that where you see 1 or 2 there are many more or they are definitely breeding. I am just hoping that in the 3 days it has gotten them all. They are gross and will just as quickly drink from your toilet then drink from your glas of water. Have fun trying to kill them without this device. I consider myself excellent when it comes ro killing flying insects, especially with a shirt or towel. Gnats are the exception as they are unpredictable and when you do have the opportunity it's more than likely when you can't take it. I purchased 3 or 4 more units and will include in kitchen and bathrooms upstairs. If you ever turn on a faucet and notice one then, it's because they are in your faucet having as drink. Yuck. We had someone leave some food in a little used half bath. This is the result from the product after 3 days and then today being the 4th. I used it once I noticed only 2 gnats. I knew there had to be more but it was unreal how many. This does not shock or have any smell. Simply light and glue net type thing.
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