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  • Designed to remove baseboards, molding and more without damage
  • Eliminates the need for a shim or small board spacer
  • Integrated wedged center prevents damage to wall and trim
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About This Product

The Trim Puller Mini is the smaller version of the revolutionary, patented Trim Puller tool that does all the work of a pry bar and claw without damage. The Trim Puller Mini has all of the great features and benefits of the Trim Puller, but its compact size has several advantages as it is perfect to reach into tight spaces and allows for delicate work where extra precision is needed where there just wouldn't be enough room for a larger tool. The Trim Puller Mini is designed specifically to safely and easily remove baseboards, crown molding, door casings, chair railing, and decorative panels without the need for a shim or small board spacer. Even though the Trim Puller Mini is smaller than many traditional prying tools, it has a larger flatter wider contact area which reduces the likelihood of damaging walls and trim and features an integrated wedged center that fits into tight places which provides increased removal efficiency. This DIY multi-tool has an impact absorbing EDPM rubber handle that provides increased user comfort and its robust 48 Rockwell c heat treated steel construction provides durability. Save Time, Save Trim, Save Money and Stop Damaging Walls. Add the Trim Puller Mini to your toolkit today.


  • Trim puller multi-tool light weight and compact size: the trim puller mini is designed with a lighter weight and compact size compared to the Zenith Trim Puller, its perfect for working in cramped spaces where there is not enough room for a larger tool
  • Ideal for removing baseboards and trim molding: the trim puller mini is great for smaller DIY projects by safely removing baseboards, crown molding, door casings, chair railing, decorative panel and even nailed or glued countertops
  • Integrated wedged center protects the wall and trim - no more damage: even though it is smaller is size - it has a larger and flatter contact area than traditional pry bar tools which reduces the likelihood of causing damage to both the trim and wall
  • AUTHENTIC, REVOLUTIONARY, TRIM PULLER TOOL that does all the work of a wrecking bar, flat pry bar and claw and eliminates the need for a shim or small board spacer
  • COMFORT GRIP, SHOCK-ABSORBING EDPM HANDLE: This Trim Puller Mini is capped off with an EDPM handle that feels comfortable in the hand while offering exceptional shock absorption
  • Durable steel construction-built to last: made with durable high carbon, heat treated steel with a ground bevel on the edge which allows tool to easily be driven between trim and wall and also allows tool to be used as a shim for leveling cabinet bases
  • EASY TO USE, STORES EASILY: It can also be easily stored inside an everyday toolbox or standard household drawer
  • ULTIMATE DEMOLITION AND REMODELING MULTI-TOOL: The Trim Puller Mini with its nimble size allows you to reach tight spaces for delicate work where extra precision is needed
  • DANCO BRAND ADVANTAGE: For more than 50-years, Danco continues to develop products to support the novice DIYer to the proficient Pro when looking for that specific product to facilitate any home improvement project, Danco is here for you
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Product Information

Internet # 324492980

Model # ZN700051

Store SKU # 1009236475

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Dimensions: H 2.5 in, W 2.5 in, D 8 in


Bar length (in.)


Product Depth (in.)

8 in

Product Height (in.)

2.5 in

Product Width (in.)

2.5 in


Hand Tool Type




Number of nail slots


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Pack Size




Tools Product Type

Hand Tool

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Manufacturer Warranty

Limited 1 Year Warranty

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Nice specialty tool
I always try to save molding and trim whenever possible. This also means I take great pains to not damage either the molding/trim or the wall it's attached to. For years I used a combination of pry bars of different sizes with wood blocks to remove trim without damaging the drywall or trim itself. I think I have got pretty good at it. This is a tool I should have invented! It is designed just to remove trim and it does a good job of it! The design is just about perfect, it makes the job simple. It's earned a spot in the toolbox!
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Smaller trim puller still packs the same powerful punch as the full size trim puller. A must have!
This Zenith Trim Puller Mini was the perfect solution for my recent task of removing trim I plan to reuse and to demo smaller sections where the the larger trim puller was too large or less practical. I really like the small size and lighter weight. Makes it very easy to use and store in my toolbags. Although it is smaller it still packs the same punch as its larger full size model. Having both is essential for me to execute cleaner and more precise demos and home repairs.
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great blade to raise trim without damage
This is a revolutionary pry bar - I use to use a thin putty knife and fight it to get the trim out enough to then pry the trim away from the wall - This bar helps a lot to get trim pulled away - this really helps a lot - The middle helps press the wood away which is terrific - It also has a razer tip helping you slide the edge behind the trim pushing the wood out and does not damage the wood
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Great Compact Tool For Pulling Trim!
This is a smaller version of the Trim Puller tool by Zenith which I have used for years. This smaller version still gives great leverage while damaging the top edge of the baseboard and the wall less than using crowbars or other tools. It still takes some practice to do this efficiently with minimal damage. Sometimes, an older / brittle baseboard will just crack on you no matter how careful you are! I really like this tool. It is sturdy and has a rubber handle for easy grip. It is substantially less expensive than the original (full size) model. Best of all it fits better in my tool bag! Made in Taiwan.
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Pulling baseboard just got easier.
If you have never pulled off baseboard you may be thinking that it can't be all that difficult, but if your not careful it can become a pain in the B. There are a few things that can happen and your stuck adding to your project with having to repair holes in your sheetrock or texturing part of the wall. You still have to cut the caulk line with a utility knife and this tool is designed to pull the board from the wall without putting holes in the sheetrock. It can also be used to pull nails. By rocking it side to side it pulls the board from the wall without a flat bar making it less likely to pop holes in the sheetrock.
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Pretty nice!
This tool has received a ton of stellar reviews, and I am going to have to share my less positive experience. However, it may be due to circumstance. I’m a DIY-er and remodeling a bathroom in my 20 year old home. I used an exterior-rated primer paint in the bathroom, thinking it would handle moisture well. When going after the flooring, I removed the perimeter floor trim and found that the paint wasn’t being sliced well enough by following this tool’s directions. Additionally, I had numerous trim pieces split on me, and went through the drywall with it once. None of these issues are a big deal, as I am planning to get new trim that’s taller anyway, but I thought a dedicated tool would be more helpful. It has several nice features, such as its overall size and comfortable handle, so I may continue using it on select projects. Comparing to pry bar this tool has several advantages. The most obvious is its large contact-surface area against the wall. It greatly reduced the chances that this tool will go through the sheetrock, as well as reduces the chance of leaving a depression mark on soft trim wood. The tip of it is wedge-shaped and comes to a relatively sharp tip. My rubber mallet was not damaged when tapping this tool between the wall and trim, thanks to the mallet face hitting this tool’s large and flat impact surface. The mini profile truly is excellent for tighter spaces like bay windows, hallway door trims etc. Seems like a robust construction too! Lastly, this trim puller is different from prybars in that it has an indentation that sticks out on the inside. It serves to slowly push the trim away, as you tap with a hammer, and gives you more leverage when pulling the trim away from a wall. But, again, I still found myself cracking the wood accidentally.
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Must have
This Zenith trim puller mini is a must have for professionals and DIY’ers. It elongates the use of big heavy tools and can fit easily in tools bags. Soft but durable handle. Made of heavy gauge metal and the center wedge allows for easy removal of base boards and trim by pushing the trim out without digging into the wall or material behind the trim. Comes with a built in nail puller. This item has multiple uses from removing trim and baseboards to removing counter tops. Definitely recommend.
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Works well, but still need to protect the drywall.
This does work well. I'd say as good as a small pry bar. Maybe slightly better. You do have to watch when you do some prying that you don't actually put a dent in the drywall. It's sturdy enough to hammer on and the edge is pretty sharp so it should dig in if the trim is caulked to the wall. This kind of is a one-trick pony though as opposed to a pry bar. Even when using this, I still stick a thin putty knife between this and the wall just to protect the wall.
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Excellent & compact trim puller.
A great compact tool that works very well to remove trim, casing, baseboad and panels from walls without damaging them. I do like the compactness because it will fit in close quarter or hard to get areas. I can get pretty precise placement between the edge of the piece I want to remove and tap with my hammer, leverage from side to side and go on to the next. The tough EDPM handle seems to absorb impact very well. I love the larger wide head than the normal trim pullers, that I have. Also great is the wedge center that helps make removal more efficient. The black powder paint does leave some scuff marks on light flat paints but they easily wipe off with a little care. I do wish that it comes with a cover to keep the edge sharp (but I am making one either out of leather or plastic).
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Great tool for removing trim with (hopefully) less damage
This tool is well-designed to remove trim. It has a relatively sharp blade to slide in between the trim and the wall, and a flat surface above that so you can tap it down with a hammer. As it goes in, there is a tab that is angled away from the wall that gently pries the trim away from the wall. It has a nice handle, so it's easy to hold while you tap with a hammer on the flat surface. After you get it tapped in, you gently rock it back and forth (as shown on the label) to pry the trim away from the wall.
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Showing 1-10 of 27 reviews