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SuperScan M4 Stud Finder

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  • New Target Control mode locates wood studs and not metal
  • AC scan mode locates live, unshielded AC wires
  • New LoLevel Indicator displays weak signal objects in TC mode
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Product Details

About This Product

Featuring new, revolutionary Target Control Level 1 Technology, the Zircon SuperScan M4 advanced wall scanner is tuned to find clean, wood studs while filtering out metallic false positive objects, such as plumbing, conduit, straps, brackets or ducts, hiding beneath surfaces. The LoLevel and MetalliWarning Indicators alert to the presence of dangerous, deep, less dense false positives and metal targets, reducing the chance of accidentally drilling into a piece of metal or plastic pipe. with the addition of AC Scan mode, users can search for hot, unshielded AC voltage. The SuperScan M4 offers 5 distinct detection modes - TC, StudScan, DeepScan, Metal Scan and AC Scan. A 4-mode switch makes it easy to toggle between functions, while the ColorTrip Display conveniently details information. The screen illuminates pale blue in TC mode and locates the center, edges and direction of wood studs, while enabling the user to identify safe-to-drill zones by utilizing the new 'Trust but Verify' technique. When TC mode is off, the tool will perform in StudScan mode indicating both wood and metal studs. DeepScan mode doubles the scanning depth to find wood and metal studs beneath extra layers of drywall or paneling. The dedicated Metal Scan mode helps users identify both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. AC Scan mode enables users to locate and map the wall for live, unshielded AC electricity.


  • New target control mode locates the center, edges and direction of wood studs and not metal, up to 3/4 in. D (19 mm) behind surfaces, identifies safe-to-drill zones between adjacent drywall screws, nails and protector plates
  • StudScan mode locates center, edges and direction of wood and metal studs up to 3/4 in. D (19 mm)
  • Deep scan mode doubles the scan depth of wood and metal studs up to 1-1/2 in. D (38 mm)
  • Metal scan mode locates ferrous metal up to 3 in. D (75 mm) and non-ferrous metal up to 1-1/2 in. D (38 mm)
  • AC scan mode locates live, unshielded AC electrical wiring up to 2 in. D (50 mm)
  • WireWarning detection alerts to live, unshielded AC wires up to 2 in. D (50 mm)
  • LoLevel indicator displays low (weak) signal objects, such as plastic water pipes, while in TC mode
  • Signal strength indicator helps distinguish between shallow and deep targets while in studs can and DeepScan modes
  • MetalliWarning indicator turns on when metal is detected in TC, studs can and DeepScan modes
  • ACT (Auto Correcting Technology) automatically corrects common errors, such as when scanning begins over a stud
  • Low battery indicator for optimum performance (9-Volt battery required, not included)
  • Target spotlight illuminates on screen when target is detected
  • Colortrip display illuminates pale blue in TC mode, green in deepscan mode, blue in metal scan mode and red in AC scan mode and to alert the presence of live AC electricity
  • Spotlite pointer shines an arrow-shaped light on the scanned surface to indicate target location
  • V marker groove enables accurate marking of target location
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Product Information

Internet # 315382839

Model # 71438

Store SKU # 1005945697


Dimensions: H 7.9 in, W 3.5 in, D 1.9 in


Product Depth (in.)

1.9 in

Product Height (in.)

7.9 in

Product Width (in.)

3.5 in


Audio alert


Batteries Included


Battery Type Required


Detects metal


Detects voltage


Digital Display



Electronic, Hand-Held, No Additional Features

Hand Tool Type

Stud Sensor

Laser level included


Maximum wall thickness (in.)


Number of Batteries Required






Tools Product Type

Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

Zircon Corporation ("Zircon") warrants to the original purchaser (or original user by gift) that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for its useful life (not to exceed twenty years from date of purchase)

Questions & Answers

Q:Can this stud finder be used to locate wood studs behind wire lath and plaster?
by|Dec 22, 2023
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Hello Harris. Due to the wire mesh in the wall the M4 will not be able to work in this application. Thank you.

by|Jan 9, 2024
    Q:Will this work on plastered walls?
    by|Oct 28, 2023
    0 Answer
    Answer This Question
    Q:Does zircon SuperScan M4 detect joist floor under carpet
    by|Oct 23, 2023
    0 Answer
    Answer This Question
    Q:Can the M4 detect copper piping thru a concrete wall?
    by|Apr 8, 2023
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  In theory.

    by|Oct 7, 2023
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      • 74% recommend this product
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      Simply does not work
      Single handedly the worst stud finder I have ever used. The thing cant find the jam on the side of the door. It constantly will give off false studs and passes right over the real ones. The different modes change absolutely nothing and just straight up does not work. I don't know if the company needs to up their quality control to stop putting out lemons or they're all bad. DO NOT BUY
        2 found this review helpful
        Last Zircon product I buy
        First off I already owned a Zircon HD800 that was quite unreliable to say the least, but decided to give the newer M4 a shot based on it using some new technology. Right off the bat after installing a brand new 9v battery it only reconsider a stud located next to an outlet with half inch drywall on the wall, at best 50% of the time. Even my older HD 800 had a better batting average than that. I will never wast my time with another Zircon product again. Most definitely not recommended.
          2 found this review helpful
          Good stud finder, too complicated
          I want to love this stud finder, and I kind of do love it for finding studs. It's certainly the best I've owned in this department. It accurately finds the center of studs and the graphic LCD display is helpful. I also appreciate the backlight. My problems with this device lie elsewhere: It is exceptionally large and cumbersome to hold, at least for my hands. The instructions are complex, and the system of icons is not always intuitive. Electrical wiring detection did not work at all even where I know there is live, Romex-type cable behind the wall, and I am following the instructions precisely.
          1 found this review helpful
          Lots of features
          Zircon Super Scan M4 Stud Finder seems to do exactly what its meant to do. the four modes are handy to have although I did have a difficult time locating studs through old plaster walls. The one feature I really like is how it identifies unshielded electrical lines in the wall which can literally be a life saver. The edge finder and arrow light on the wall is another big time saver. the only knock I have is the size of the tool.. its big maybe too big to find a home in your tool belt
          • Recommended
          1 found this review helpful
          Excellent stud finder
          This Zircon SuperScan M4 Stud Finder it's a great tool to have around the house, this it's another solid product by Zircon. This stusld finder comes with four modes target control that will help you detect ac wire warning indicator, and metalli warning indicator for metal. The stud finder is easy to use, make sure that you calibrate it before each use. I was able to find the stud edges and center with ease. Excellent tool and great to use every time you need to find a stud. Highly recommend it.
          • Recommended
          Consistently Accurate
          After many years of relying on “simple” stud finders for occasional use, and being frustrated by inconsistent results, I decided that it was time for an upgrade. This Zircon Superscan is quickly making me wish I’d done it sooner. After only one week, I am already relieved from the stress of double checking the readings and sometimes going as far as drilling a 1/64th pilot hole just to confirm stud location.
          • Recommended
          Most advanced and accurate stud finder I've used.
          Absolutely impressed. My other stud finders will now be collecting dust. My observations: • Simple to use with 5 modes. Take a moment to read the instructions/overview, but really the usage is straight-forward. I can see in some of the existing comments that many people simply don’t understand how to use the device correctly. This works great if you take a moment to understand it and then apply this knowledge to the usage. • The 5 modes for M4 are Target Control, Stud scan, Deep stud scan, Metal Scan, and AC scan. I tested all modes where I know that wires, metal, plastic pipes, and studs existed, and this picked them up. Once I calibrated myself to how this works, I found it to be very accurate and it was almost enjoyable seeing how well this detects objects. • The TC scan is nice since provides the edges and centers of the studs (with a colored readout screen to assist) with a red arrow so you can mark the center. • Low-level indicator was handy when plastic pipes were located. • This runs off a 9-volt battery which should provide years of battery life on one battery. • I like the wire warnings when I scan live electrical wires. • I like the different colors on the screen to ensure you remember the mode you are in. I’m really impressed with this. Again, my other stud finders are not even close to the technology and accuracy this achieves. I recommend.
          • Recommended
          High Hopes - Dashed!
          Over the years I have had good and not so good stud finders, mostly multi function ones like this Zircon M4 and I had high hopes for this latest state of the art stud, deep scan, metal and AC scanner. In summary, I am very disappointed! When I built my house I photographed every surface at the pipes and wires stage so I could "see" through the walls if I needed to. Lining up the right piece of outer wall with the corresponding pipes and wires photo I was able to see the effectiveness and accuracy of this tool. It is inconsistent to say the least. The stud scan was totally ineffective most of the time, the deep scan was better but still variable in its accuracy. The metal and AC scans did not inspire confidence either. The full exercise is shown in the video if you want to see how the M4 performed.
          4 found this review helpful
          Inconsistent results in TC/StudScan mode
          I received the Zircon M4 stud detector in good condition. I read the instructions and brochure in detail, and remove the battery tab as directed. This is a rather large unit but it is easy to hold. It is made in Mexico. It has a limited lifetime warranty. I put the unit in the TC StudScan mode, which is supposed to be used to detect studs up to 3/4” . I found it rather inconsistent and insensitive in its ability to detect studs. It behaved as if the studs were very thin or the drywall was thick. Often it would not detect studs when I knew there was a stud. I couldn’t find a difference between the TC or StudScan modes. I did note that it would detect metal or electrical cables underneath the wallboard quite well. I tried the stud detector using the DeepScan mode for deeper studs up to 1-1/2” away, and it was much better at detecting the studs. I will use this in the DeepScan mode.
          • Recommended
          1 found this review helpful
          Wowee.....If you need to remodel or even just hang a picture, get this
          I have relied on now ancient stud finders. First was one of those little magnetic boxes that requires a search by putting the thing on a wall and hoping that it will locate a nail or screw in the drywall. The magnet "acts up" and one can guess the stud is centered beneath the screw or nail. Then, along the way, I graduated into modern technology and bought a Zircon stud finder, equipped with red and green lights, a dial and two buttons on the side that turned the thing on. It has done a great job for me over many years. Now Zircon makes a Superscan stud finder that beats them all. Not only does it locate a stud, but can warn you about water pipes and electrical lines. It even can find studs behind another outside layer of wood, like siding or ship lap. The display is fabulous and it also gives an audible signal when the stud, water line or electrical line is present. So I am retiring my old Zircon with a bit of my tear in my eye. It has served me well but time for a stud finder that does so much more.
          • Recommended
          Showing 1-10 of 309 reviews