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Insect Sting and Bite Relief, Chemical-Free Treatment, FDA-Cleared and Dermatologist Tested, Fast Symptom Relief

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  • Fast relief for all insect bites and stings
  • Works solely by using concentrated heat
  • Safe, easy-to-use and chemical-free
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Product Details

About This Product

Bite Away is an electronic device for the symptomatic treatment of itching, pain and swelling caused by insect stings and bites.It works in a matter of seconds solely through concentrated heat applied to a small, limited area of skin, and is completely free of chemicals. This localized pulse of heat triggers a response from the body that reduces itching and pain, and subsequently causes swelling to go down.How it works:Select 3 or 5 seconds and simply place the surface on your insect bite or sting. The device heats up safely until a temperature of around 124°F is reached. This temperature is hot enough to provide symptom relief without damaging or burning your skin. The temperature can be surprising, but only lasts for 3 or 5 seconds, depending on which setting you have chosen.


  • Fast-Acting Relief - With a 3 or 5 second application, Bite Away can relieve symptoms from insect bites and stings in a matter of minutes
  • Suitable for Everyone - Bite Away's chemical-free treatment is suitable for adults, expectant mothers, allergy sufferers and children ages 2+ (adult supervision and application required for children under the age of 12)
  • Compact and Portable - Designed to easily travel with you on camping trips, planes or even just a backyard barbeque
  • Simple and easy to use - select the 3 or 5-second setting and place the surface on your bite or sting. The device will heat up for the selected time which triggers a response from the body that reduces itching, pain, and swelling
  • Mess and Odor-Free - No greasy, messy, or odorous ingredients that leave behind unwanted residue or stains
  • Safety You Can Trust - FDA-cleared and dermatologist tested with patented multi-level safety features
  • Treats insect stings and bites from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, chiggers, yellow jackets, no-see-ums, fire ants, and ants. It is ineffective against venom from spiders, scorpions, and snakes
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Product Information

Internet # 316000961

Model # VI00545

Store SKU # 1006108755

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Dimensions: H 5.5 in, W 6.0 in, D 1.375 in


Product Depth (in.)

1.375 in

Product Height (in.)

5.5 in

Product Width (in.)

6.0 in


Application Type

Electric Light

Concentrated or Ready to Use

Ready to use

Garden Pest Location

Not for Garden Use


Indoor, Outdoor

Insect Repellent Features



Garden, Personal



Pack Size


Pest Common Name

Ant, Bee, Chigger, Fire Ant, Mosquito, Wasp, Yellow Jacket

Pest Control Type

Lawn Insect Control

Primary Active Ingredient


Product Weight (oz.)

3.88 oz



Safe For

Safe For Kids



Spray Application Type

Not A Spray

Questions & Answers

Q:does this work on chigger bites
by|Jul 19, 2021
4 Answers
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A:  I haven’t used it on chigger bites but it did work on the bites I had gotten working in the yard. I would definitely make sure the insect- chigger or tick hasn’t burrowed under the skin. Not sure if the heat is powerful enough to kill it.

by|May 19, 2023
1 found this answer helpful

A:  Yes, bite away is effective treatment on all insect bites

by|Jul 22, 2021

    A:  I don’t know. If those bites are similar to mosquito bites it may.

    by|May 19, 2023
    1 found this answer helpful

    A:  Yes.

    by|Jul 20, 2021
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    • 96% recommend this product
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    Concentrated heat on bites and stings
    This Bite Away puts a concentrated spot of heat right on the insect bite or other irritation spot. The only variation is length of the heated spot: it can be 3 or 5 seconds before it goes out completely. The buttons are differentiated by a clock-like wedge on the buttons—the wide wedge is the longer time (though this differentiation is hard to see). It does provide relief from the irritation and itching. The instructions appear overly verbose and are printed in a tiny font that I found difficult to read. However, operating the device itself is quite intuitive.
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    Quick and effective relief
    My wife is a mosquito magnet while my nemesis is fire ants. Both of us usually get a nice sized welt or blister from the bite that stays for several days. We were excited to use the “bite away” to ease the discomfort - being simple to use and providing immediate relief. Just touch its tip to the bite and press either the three or five second heat-button and instantly you feel the warmth take over. No itch, no pain and all done so quickly. The buttons are not very clearly marked, so caution is needed until you learn which one does what.
    • Recommended
    Very effective
    I really don't understand how this bug bite zapper works, but boy does it work! This is a must have in the home if you live anywhere where you are constantly plagued with bug bites, as I am here in Southwest Florida. If anyone has had a fire ant bit you know how awful they are. They swell up, itch as bad as poison ivy (if not worse) and take forever to heal. I have a constant battle with them. And yep, shortly after I recieved this zapper I got bit. I immediately used the zapper. 24 hours later I have only a small red spot on my hand. I didn't have any itching whatsoever with this bite. Before and after pictures are provided. To use the zapper you place the small metal dot (shown in my picture-about the size of a pencil eraser) on the bite and choose either the 3 second or 5 second zap, press the button, release immediately and wait until the light comes on and then goes off. 5 is regular, 3 is for sensitive skin or area. You will feel a slight burning sensation but there is no burn left on the skin. You may repeat the procedure as needed but should leave a 2 minute interval between uses. And if there's a stinger associated with your bite, you should remove the stinger first. It runs on 2 AA batteries that are included. When the batteries need replaced the light on the unit will flash 3 times and give a triple signal. This is an awesome product!
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    I was very skeptical but to my amazement, it works
    Some people were blessed with being a chick magnet, me on the other hand, I was cursed with being a mosquito magnet. So when I discovered the bite away Insect Sting and Bite Relief wand, I was very skeptical, but to my amazement, it works. With the onslaught of mosquitoes we’ve had in our area, and the constant bites I was getting, I wanted something that was non-chemical for the relief of itching, and the bite away was just what I needed. The bite away is small and compact and is perfect for bite relief both at home as well as when camping.
    • Recommended
    Could have used this a month ago. Cat slid in along with its fleas. Cat was out quickly, but it left its fleas behind. Lots of bites itching me all over. Cat got treated for fleas and so did house. The last of the bites got treated with this little pen. Push button and wait for the light to go off. It got a little warm just before the light went out. Dr.s and Vets are using this technology in a larger scale on the burn victims of the California and Australia fires to help new flesh to grow.
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    fast and effective relief from bug bites
    I was very impressed by this bug bite treatment. I have a different style of such a treatment that operates on the same principle (heat), but this one works really fast -- in just 3 to 5 seconds. The ceramic pad that makes contact with your bug bite heats up in 3 or 5 seconds depending on the button you press. There is a 3 second treatment button and a 5 second treatment button. The 3 second button is for people who have sensitive skin, or who does not tolerate heat well. The 5 second button is the regular treatment. For those using this for the first time, I recommend the 3 second button because the thing heats up quick and gets pretty hot, 125 degrees. It comes with instructions as well as two AA batteries. I highly recommend this. It is also pretty compact and can fit in a shirt pocket easily.
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    Easier way to treat insect bites.
    For treatment of insect bites and stings try the “take the bite away” handheld device. You get a therapeutic dose with this convenient device. It’s chemical free, safe and relieves pain. The wand is less than 7 inches long so you can easily carry in your pocket. You comfortably apply the wand to the skin at the ceramic pad and apply for 3 or 5 seconds depending on the strength you need. 3 seconds recommended for younger children. The wand does emit heat so be careful as you apply. Hold device directly on the bite for usage.
    • Recommended
    Autumn still has mosquitos
    It isn't cold enough to stop mosquitos or bees from biting. I react to bug bites with large welts and lots of itching, so I thought I would try this. First of all, really nice design; secondly, comes with everything you need to use right away; and lastly, great instructions. I found opening the compartment for the batteries really easy to open, and the batteries came with the Bite Away. It is suppose to relieve the itching and swelling, which I really need. It has two setting, on for sensitive skin, 3 seconds or normal skin, 5 seconds. It is made in Germany.
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    I am a mosquito and flea magnet, I am always the person that ends up with 5 big welts from bug bi...
    I am a mosquito and flea magnet, I am always the person that ends up with 5 big welts from bug bites when everyone else got none. I decided to give the Bite Away a try. I have to admit I was a little leery of the reviews but I have to admit I think this thing really works! I was out planting some small trees and got two bug bites, used the Bite Away and the itchiness was gone and the bite could barely be seen the next day. All you do is apply the device for the set number of seconds, it does deliver a small burning sensation but a few seconds of mild pain is better than days of itching and welts. I definitely recommend it!
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    This fascinating product, made by bite away, claims to provide relief from insect stings and bite...
    This fascinating product, made by bite away, claims to provide relief from insect stings and bites, and I admit that I was highly skeptical that it would be effective. I'm pleased to say that my skepticism was misplaced, as we've now tried it on several bug bits on my wife and son, and both of them felt immediate relief from the bug bite's itchiness. Fortunately for me--but unfortunately for writing this review--I don't often suffer from itchy bug bites, so haven't been able to test it on myself, but this product's claimed benefits seem verified by my wife and son's experiences. That said, be aware that the ceramic does get very hot (approx. 124°F, according to the product's description), so both my wife and son yelped a bit the first time they felt it heat up. Luckily, the sensation is quick (either 3 or 5 seconds, depending on which you choose), so there's no damage to the skin; however it's still a surprisingly hot sensation.
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    Showing 1-10 of 57 reviews