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Questions and Answers for Air Innovations 1.4 Gal. Cool Mist Digital Humidifier for Large Rooms Up To 400 sq. ft.

Internet #206021786

Model #HUMID16-WHT

Store SKU #1001361461

  • Permanent ceramic filter never needs to be replaced
  • Anti-microbial tank & base - helps prevent bacteria growth
  • Cool mist humidifier runs up to 70 hours on one tank

Questions & Answers

Q:Mine quit working. Runs for about 3 minutes then starts making a beeping noise. Any suggestions?
by|Apr 13, 2020
5 Answers
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A:  We're sorry for the problem you're having with this humidifier. It's most likely an easy fix. You may want to contact Air Innovations' Customer Care to do a small amount of troubleshooting. Visit air-innovations.com and use the chat feature for fastest results.

by|Apr 15, 2020

    A:  This happened to me and this helped: I found that after I filled the tank and put it back in the cradle and shook the tank gently, it released the trapped air that wasn’t letting the water through. (It’s being because it thinks the tank is empty.) Hopefully that will help!

    by|Apr 15, 2020

      A:  Ours does that also. We notice that it does that when the water is to high in the tank. Turn it off, carefully lift up the tank from the bottom part about 1/2 in for about 10 seconds. This kind of adjust the flow. Replace and turn on. We have had ours for over six months and works fine. Hope this helps.

      by|Apr 15, 2020

        A:  this is a guess . Maybe it needs cleaning ? Are you using tap water - you need to use the pure water you use in an iron .

        by|Apr 14, 2020

          A:  I’ve never had a problem with mine. Only thing I could suggest is to clean it (if you have been using it regularly).

          by|Apr 16, 2020
            Q:How do you fill the tank, form the top or bottom?
            by|Jan 6, 2020
            5 Answers
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            A:  at the line in the middle it can be lifted off. that filter you see from the front on the left is full of filter stones and after being lifted off it unscrews from the bottom of the upper piece and fills there. it has a spring loaded one way valve . then you just put it back on top and adjust settings. They automatically turn off when empty as well. I fill mine about once every 24 hours on a decent setting . so recap . lift off and flip over. unscrew the thing and fill . replace one way valve filter screw on and flip it over and set back in the cradle. I hope this helped.

            by|Jan 8, 2020

              A:  It fills from the bottom. When you flip the tank over there is a handle to hold/carry the tank and a valve that unscrews to allow the tank to be filled.

              by|Jan 9, 2020

                A:  The opaque, top part lifts off and can be filled at the faucet.

                by|Jan 10, 2020

                  A:  From the bottom

                  by|Jan 7, 2020

                  A:  It is very easy. There is the base and water tank. You flip the water tank over where there is a big screw like stopper you unscrew and fill the water tank with water.

                  by|Jan 11, 2020
                    Q:why did it beep when it didn't run out of water? it beeped 2 hours in and woke me up. There was plenty of water. did I accidentally set up some setting??? how do i fix this??
                    by|Dec 26, 2019
                    2 Answers
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                    A:  I have not had any “beeps”.

                    by|Mar 7, 2020

                      A:  I have 2 of these units and they run very quiet and the only time I have had it beep is when it is low water or turning it on or off or if the power is interrupted where it powers off and then back on. I have not had that issue even with setting a timer. Make sure you do not have it sitting on a towel or something that will block the sensor in the bottom of the unit that checks the humidity & you have the humidity set to where you want it. Also I have found that sometimes you need to lift up the top & reinsert to the base to make a good contact.

                      by|Dec 27, 2019
                      Q:Best humidity control range is 40-50%. Can it control high level of humidity as well ? For example 80-90% ?
                      by|Dec 12, 2019
                      2 Answers
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                      A:  Yes you can set it at what humidity level you want it at

                      by|Dec 13, 2019

                        A:  This device will only add humidity. It can add to a higher level but it will not remove humidity. You need a dehumidifier generally a refrigeration type device to collect moisture by cooling the air.

                        by|Dec 27, 2019