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  • Almost There! I ordered the Sun Joe Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher/Gutter Cleaner SBJ6906E-Red to replace...
  • November 04, 2019
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Almost There! I ordered the Sun Joe Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher/Gutter Cleaner SBJ6906E-Red to replace another 15 year old BD unit. I just completed my Fall clean up and used all the functions. The unit appears to be well engineered and packaged for a safe delivery. It is important to know that the unit in all configurations has “weight” and really requires a two hand use. The blower power head weighs in at almost 6 ½ pounds. The blower attachment is about 3 feet long and probably increases the overall weight by a pound. It has variable speeds for clean up with a good air flow. Attachment of the blower attachment to the power head is simple and straight forward. The next stage was the mulching of the leaves. Attachment of the vacuum unit can be a little challenge because it is mounted below the power head. The attachment point is a circular spring loaded plate that must be held open with the tube insertion. The overall weight in this configuration is about 9 pounds. The vacuum tube has an adjustable wheel for rolling on the ground and assist in handling. Earlier versions had complaints about the collection bag. This version included two collection bags that were well constructed with a collar to secure the bag to the blower head. The bag unzips for empting. It is extremely effective in mulching the leaves. The disappointment was the gutter cleaning feature. If you are only doing a one story building it is workable but if it is a two story a real challenge. First issue is the overall weight – blower head about 6 ½ pounds increased by another 3 pounds for the gutter cleaning attachment kit. SJ stated the kit extends reach to 15 feet. Since an average two story house’s gutters are 16-17 feet then a step ladder should easily make up the difference – NOT. The blower power head in about 1 ½ feet and the gutter cleaning kit is about 7 ½ feet but the real measure is closer to 8 feet in vertical height. To reach the 15 feet, the user has to raise the unit using both hands over their head, a real challenge to the average person. To handle this configuration for a two story house you need a 6 foot ladder elevation because of the attachment head and the fact that gutters have anchors requiring the tube to be moved up and around the anchor points. A more reasonable approach would have 2 additional tubes as part of the package for the 15 feet promise and easy user burden. Please note these are not available for purchase. The first floor gutters at a height of 8 feet worked okay. Other reviewers have noted and my experience is similar the tubes unscrew in use and required tapes for effective use.

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By: cw
  • Electric Blower
  • January 18, 2019

Every thing is as described. It will be used when winter is over.


Bernalillo NM
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By: Chefjohnny
  • Works great
  • December 25, 2018

Assembled easily and has a lot of.power. Not too heavy which is perfect for me


Elsinboro NJ
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By: CherylL