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Designing the Ideal Modern Bedroom: Tips from the Pros

If you're lucky you get to spend about eight hours each day in your bedroom. A well-designed bedroom is about more than just sleep though. For most people, the bedroom is the space where each day begins and ends, hopefully on the right foot. You may also spend a great deal of time in your bedroom doing things like reading, watching TV or talking with loved ones.

Dated bedrooms that feel old-fashioned can be a concern for homeowners, but you don't have to live with old styles you no longer love. Use this guide to learn more about modern bedrooms and incorporate some key elements into your space.

Modern Bedroom Design Characteristics

A lot of people looking to make their master bedroom or guest room more modern wonder what exactly makes a modern space. In many cases, simplicity of design and a few fundamental principles guide modern bedroom design.
•	Clean, uncluttered spaces.
•	Open, expansive spaces that are easy to maintain.
•	Functional furnishings that are stylish, yet practical.
•	Limited color palettes. Two to three main colors make up the bulk of modern bedrooms.
•	Geometric patterns and abstract shapes. Symmetry is an important aspect in modern design.
•	Minimal accessories. Accessories are still part of the design, but modern rooms typically utilize only a few in a given space.

Top Color Trends

Modern rooms don't always fit an exact mold, but being aware of the top color trends can help you with redesigning or redecorating your space. Incorporate one or two ideas into your design, or take elements of each for a unique space that fits your tastes.
•	Black and white bedrooms. Monochromatic color schemes have been a mainstay in modern design for years. Mix and match black and white throughout the room when choosing paint colors, home furnishings and accessories. Mix in colors you love through art and decorative items.
•	Natural and neutral bedrooms. Natural wood bedroom sets and neutral colors like off-white, sand and cream provide a calming, comfortable space. Use colors found in nature like rose red, dusty peach or leaf green for decorative accessories. The natural and neutral color scheme fits more rustic and eclectic homes, too.
•	Nautical bedrooms. Blue and white is a popular color scheme for modern bedrooms where comfort is key. Utilizing clean lines in your bedroom furniture choices will make this Cape Cod classic style feel much more contemporary. 
•	Gold bedrooms. Stainless steel, chrome and nickel are common modern finishes, but gold is becoming much more popular. Utilize gold hardware and accessories with bright colors like yellow, or with saturated red, green or blue.

Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Modern

A complete redesign isn't necessary to make most bedrooms feel more modern. There are easy ways to do this that won't take months of preparation or cost you thousands of dollars and weeks of work. Some projects can even be completed over a single weekend.
•	Paint the walls. Modern paint colors like bright white or neutral off-white can dramatically alter the look of your room. Bold yellows, calming blues and deep reds can work in modern spaces if they match your design vision.
•	Utilize modern wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a major comeback in modern design. Look for geometric wallpaper patterns like blocks or vertical stripes. Textured papers and materials like grass cloth are popular as well.
•	Let your floors shine through. Modern spaces often eschew rugs, letting natural hardwood, cement or resilient flooring make an impact. If you need a rug, choose a modern pattern or abstract textured rug.
•	Make use of metal. Modern spaces use metal picture frames, wall hooks and more. Match these to your door and bathroom hardware. 
•	Bring in modern lighting. Metal table and floor lamps, hanging pendants and recessed lighting are important elements of modern design. Metal wall sconces add an elegant touch.

Modern Furnishings

The furnishings you choose for your bedroom can quickly turn an old looking space into one that's fresh and modern. Follow these tenets of modern design when shopping for your bedroom.
•	Use matching furniture. Bedroom sets create a cohesive look and supply a single shape for you to build on. 
•	Keep it low. Modern furniture tends to have a low, minimal footprint. The exception is oversized headboards, which are very popular in modern design today.
•	Choose minimal window treatments. Pleated curtains and Roman shades can work, but solar shades and flat draperies are ideal in modern spaces. Look for minimal hardware with matching finials. 
•	Add lighting. Modern spaces designed for sleep can make great use of wall-mount sconces. Match them to your hardware and existing bedroom shapes or choose a contrasting shape to break up a large wall.

Modern Bedroom Essentials: Concepts in Accessories

Modern bedrooms are defined by certain elements outside of color scheme and chosen materials. Incorporate them into your design for a creative, cohesive modern style.
•	Pick one pattern. Modern bedrooms are free of visual clutter. Choose one pattern to include and stick with the theme throughout.
•	Refine and remove. Minimal design is a big part of most modern spaces. Find what you don't need on display and hide or remove it.
•	Layer your bedding. Less fussy than traditional bedding, this is a go-to style for modern spaces today. Utilize multiple blankets, throws and pillows.
•	Incorporate modern seating. Chaise lounges, benches and daybeds provide a stylish place for you to sit without getting in bed.
•	Add a floor mirror. Floor mirrors help open up your space and make it feel bigger. Choose frames that match your art, or match frames for wall art to your floor mirror style.

Making your bedroom more modern doesn't require you to refinance your home and rebuild. Use these simple tips to start making changes in your space right now. Just a few modern bedroom design elements can go a long way toward rejuvenating this important space.
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