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The Short Film “Hope Builds” Shows How The Home Depot Helps Our Neighbors Through Natural Disasters

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Severe Weather Prep

Prepare your home and family for severe weather

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Live Stream Workshops

Get live, expert advice on how to prepare for severe weather and hurricanes

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Tool Rental

Rent what you need to get more done

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Project Guide

How to Board Up Windows

Learn how to properly board up windows before a hurricane strikes. Plus, a list of the tools and supplies you’ll need.

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Inspiration Guide

How to Prepare for Wildfires

Learn how to prepare your property, plus get ideas for how to recover in case a wildfire affects your property.

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Buying Guide

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Get tips on making an emergency plan, what supplies you’ll need and how to secure your home before a hurricane strikes.

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Severe weather and natural disasters can strike at any time. Severe weather preparedness is vital for dealing with whatever Mother Nature brings your way. From flooding and wildfires to tornadoes, snowstorms and hurricanes, we have the supplies you need for disaster preparedness. The Home Depot Weather Center is your tool for helpful information on severe weather preparedness for your family, home or business. Whatever you need, we’re here to help with your emergency preparedness.

How to Prepare for Severe Weather

The key to preparing for any type of severe weather is to prepare early. You wouldn’t want to be putting up hurricane shutters in driving wind and rain, right? When it comes to disaster preparedness like hurricane preparation, we can walk you through every step you need to take to get your home or business ready before a hurricane threatens. Plus, learn how to create a family disaster plan and an emergency kit.

Our hurricane checklist will make sure that you have the proper tools, materials and supplies to deal with storms. When it's hurricane season, conditions can change rapidly, so increasing your level of preparedness is key. In some parts of the country, the main severe weather threat is tornadoes. Knowing how to prepare for a tornado is important to keeping you and your family safe and secure.

If you own a business, our Severe Weather Safety Tips for Businesses guide shows you steps to take to keep your staff and customers safe. Start by conducting a risk assessment to identify potential hazards at your workplace when severe weather strikes. Determine the resources you need to protect your business.

If snow is your main severe weather threat, stock up on all the supplies you’ll need including snow shovels, salt for the sidewalks, generators, heaters and even blankets. Learn how to prepare for a blizzard and the extreme cold and power outages that often accompany them. Our Winter Storm Preparedness and Clean-Up guide details what you’ll need before, during and after the storm.

Disaster Preparedness Supplies, Delivered

Start putting your severe weather preparedness plans in motion now with the help of The Home Depot. Shop the items you need for your area’s specific weather threats. Snowblowers, chainsaws, sandbags and more – we have what you need to weather any storm. Get your storm prep supplies delivered. Buy online and get free 2-day delivery. Or get free in-store or curbside pickup.