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Drywall Sanders

Drywall sanders are necessary tools when it comes to drywall installation. A sander is used to smooth out joint compound and other imperfections, giving your wall a polished, finished look. Decide whether you need a manual or electric sander for your drywall work and keep some tips in mind when operating your sander.

Manual vs. Electric Drywall Sanders

There are two main types of drywall sanders you can choose from: manual or electric.

1. Manual: Manual sanders are simple, budget-friendly options ideal for smaller jobs such as patching broken drywall, sanding corners and smoothing out round edges. They come in a few different types. A hand sander is a great all-purpose tool. Just load it with sandpaper and you’re good to go.

If you’re sanding ceilings or tall walls, consider pole sanders. They’re similar to hand sanders but feature a long pole instead of a handle. Sanding sponges are an alternative recommended for corners and detail work.

2. Electric: Electric drywall sanders – also known as drywall power sanders – are a better choice if you’re a professional contractor or frequently do drywall work. An electric drywall sander saves time compared with a manual sander and provides plenty of power to sand ceilings and walls while also removing residue, paint coatings and adhesive.

Many electric sanders are also dustless drywall sanders. These sanders come equipped with a vacuum to suck up the dust and drywall residue, so you don’t have too much to clean up after sanding.

Tips for Drywall Sanders

Even if you’re using a dustless sander, be sure to always wear protective gear such as a dusk mask or respirator. Electric sanders can be loud, so make sure you have hearing protection, too.

Sanding can be a tiring task, so look for sanders that are labeled “lightweight.” To ensure it’s durable, check to see if it’s made of aluminum, which is lightweight and sturdy.

When shopping for either a manual or electric drywall sander, it’s important to consider what type of task you’re going to be using it for and how often you’ll be utilizing it. Check out our How to Install Drywall guide to learn how to use equipment such as drywall cutting tools, mud pans and joint compound.

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