Interior Scaffolding

Baker Scaffold

Designed for use on stairs and uneven surfaces. Compact, lightweight and easy to assemble. Easy to balance, move and change positions while working

Folding Scaffold

Built for safety and convenience, folds easily to store and transport.

Exterior Scaffolding

Easy to set up and dismantle, this scaffold gets you to the heights you need quickly.

Get a clear walkway along the length of a structure to allow passage under and through frames.

Allows for maximum
access to work surface.
For light duty work. 

Scaffolding Stages

Provides a work space ideal for pump jack scaffold systems

Scaffolding Platforms

Provides an elevated work space when attached to the scaffold frame

Ladder Planks

Creates a platform between
two ladders

Scaffolding Equipment For Pros


Designed for interior use, easy to assemble, built for safety and convenience

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The Scaffoldbench™ System

Sold Exclusively at the Home Depot

One product does the work of many – a Baker scaffold,
a mobile workbench with miter saw stand,
a garage storage unit and utility cart.

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About Scaffolding

Whether you are a pro or a hard-core DIYer, scaffolding is an essential tool for any heavy-duty project or construction site. It provides a platform for you or a crew to work at different heights that would otherwise be hard to get to. Inside the house or out, our scaffolding gives you the safe and reliable lift you need to get the job done.

Interior Scaffolding vs. Exterior Scaffolding
What’s the difference? Baker scaffolding is a popular choice in construction because it’s versatile, and it allows you to maintain balance and work easily from a platform. Casters make interior scaffolds portable, plus they keep your floors from getting damaged. Folding scaffolding gives the height you need, but also folds like an accordion so it can be stored easily. 

Large construction jobs often require exterior scaffolding. Mason scaffolding is a common go-to scaffold for contractors because it’s easy to set up and take down, and it’s built for heavy-work. Plaster scaffolding will hold just your weight, others will hold your weight plus tools and materials like mason scaffolding. Make sure to get the right scaffolding for the job.

Tip: Safety issues can be easier to spot from a distance, so give your scaffolding a good look as you approach the job.

Innovations in Scaffolding
Safety, convenience and ease of use – our scaffolding products and are designed with you in mind and comply with safety standards to keep you safe. We offer portable scaffolding, anti-slip surfaces, and all the safety equipment you need to complete your project, including scaffolding parts like leveling jacks and braces. Get scaffolding planks, platforms and stages in all sizes and materials. You also have the convenient option to buy scaffolding sets, which include the necessary scaffolding parts you need to get started.

What Height Do You Need?
Scaffolding platform height is a measurement of where your feet would go if you were standing on the scaffolding. Working height is like a ladder’s reach height and is figured by adding about 6 feet to the platform height.

You can buy scaffolding sets or get a replacement scaffold frame, whatever your needs, we can deliver to your job site on your schedule.