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Area Rugs

Area rugs help bring color, warmth and definition to any part of your home, from the front door to the bedroom. Whether you opt for round, rectangular or runner rugs, you'll want to carefully consider rug size and maintenance when making your selections.

Rug Sizes

The size of your room and how you have your furniture arranged play key roles when choosing a rug size. To avoid the mistake of selecting a rug that’s too small for your space, measure the length and width of the area where your new rug will be placed, then record those dimensions. 

Here are some general guidelines to consider for each room of your home:

● Doorway: Entry rugs can range in size and shape depending on the layout of your room. A runner can guide guests down a long hallway, while an oval or rectangular rug works well for smaller spaces.
● Living Room: For a substantial space, it's best to purchase a large area rug so all your furniture can sit on top of it. A 9 X 12 or 10 X 14 oriental rug can be a striking addition to a large living area. In a small living room, choose a 4 X 6 or 5 X 7 area rug to place under your coffee table. To add coziness and texture, consider an oval braided rug.

● Bedroom: As a rule of thumb, bedroom rugs should extend about 18 to 24 inches beyond all sides of your bed. Try fitting an 8 X 10 or 9 X 12 large area rug under all your furniture if you have a big bedroom. Shag rugs provide a comfy cushion under your feet. You can also experiment with 3 X 5 or 2 X 8 matching runners along each side of your bed.

● Dining Room: In your dining room, ensure the legs of your table and chairs rest on top of your rug. Also, make sure your rug has about 24 inches of extra room to prevent chairs from sitting unevenly or catching an edge when they're pushed in. Standard rug sizes for rectangular dining tables are 8 X 10 and 9 X 12. If you own a circular dining table, consider a round rug

Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Keep these helpful tips in mind when searching for area rugs:

● No matter what material your rug is made from, regular vacuuming is the best way to maintain its beauty. It’s recommended that you vacuum at least once a week unless your rug is in a high-traffic area. In that case, twice weekly will help preserve it. To avoid damaged fibers, make sure you don’t use the beater bar or brush roll while vacuuming. (If you have pets, this may not be possible, so keep this in mind when making your rug selections.)

● If you’re looking for a machine-washable option, a cotton area rug is a top choice.

● Area rugs made with natural (sisal, jute) or synthetic (polypropylene, nylon) material should be spot cleaned as needed. For more serious stains, take your rug to a professional cleaner.

For more area rug buying tips, see our Rug Sizes for Your Space guide.

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