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Air Conditioners & Fans to Cool Your Space

Keep your space cool and comfortable with cooling solutions from The Home Depot. From wall and window air conditioners to energy-efficient portable air conditioners and fans, we have what you need to fit your space and your budget.

Find the Right Air Conditioner

When it’s hot outside and, even worse, when it’s hot inside your house – nothing is more important than cooling down your space. A good air conditioner system not only cools the air, but it filters and circulates fresh air, too, creating a healthier environment. When it comes to air conditioner units, you have several options. Most people prefer whole-home air conditioners (also known as central air conditioners), but that’s not always an option with the duct work required. Mini-split air conditioners give the option of whole-home air conditioning, minus the duct work. Some models come with as many as four units (to cool four rooms or four zones) connected to just one outdoor unit. Save money and energy by simply turning off the power in rooms you’re not using. Like mini-split air conditioners, most wall air conditioners also can heat or cool your space. That’s just one of the many benefits to wall air conditioners. They cool rooms quickly, can be installed on just about any wall and blend seamlessly with your current decor. Customize your comfort with optional features including multiple speed settings, easy-to-use remote controls and timers.

If you’re not sure which air conditioner to get for your space, start by using our BTU calculator. It helps you calculate how many BTU’s or cooling units you’ll need, based on the size of your room. Depending on your space, you might be able to use a small window air conditioner or a small portable air conditioner. For casement windows, windows that swing open vertically or crank open, we also feature a selection of casement window air conditioners.

Portable Cooling Solutions

Stay comfortable on the go with portable cooling options like portable air conditioners and fans. Fill your room with fresh, cool air with a window fan. Most window fans require little or no tools for assembly and installation. Energy-efficient window fans pull fresh air in and can be reversed to push hot, stale air out of your home. It doesn’t get any more portable than a box fan. Box fans are compact, lightweight and easy to carry, making them an excellent choice for an office, bedroom and any other living space. Tower fans are popular for their sleek, space-saving design. Both tower fans and pedestal fans usually have an oscillate feature. Allow the air to move from side to side or direct it wherever you want it to go. For large spaces, consider blower fans and industrial fans. Today’s models are more lightweight and portable than ever, perfect for garages, workshops and gymnasiums.

Enjoy your outdoor space more with a wall-mounted fan on your enclosed-patio or covered deck. Most can be tilted to direct the flow of air wherever it's needed. Or create a comfortable outdoor environment on hot days with a misting fan. Misting fans distribute a fine mist to cool down outdoor patios, pool areas, sporting events and more. No matter what space you’re trying to cool, we have an option that will work for you.

Calm. Cool. Delivered.

The Home Depot is your one-stop shop for your air conditioning and cooling needs. Whether you’re looking for portable evaporative coolers, wall air conditioners or air conditioner parts like AC lines or filters, we have what you’re looking for. And don’t sweat the delivery. We offer free delivery, in-store and curbside pick-up for most items.

Let Us Do It For You

HVAC installation and replacement should be handled by professionals for safety reasons. Give our experts a call whenever it's time for HVAC repair, HVAC maintenance, or other HVAC services, and we'll do it for you. For small spaces, consider mini split installation to enjoy air conditioning without a ductwork install. Learn more with our HVAC service cost guide.