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Decorate With Artificial Christmas Trees

Imagine never again cleaning pine needles off your living room floor. With an artificial Christmas tree, you can bring all the same warmth and holiday spirit into your home without the added mess and expense of a live tree. Here’s how to find the perfect tree for your holiday style and enjoy it year after year.

Christmas Tree Options 

Today’s faux Christmas trees seem anything but fake. Many of them look like they came straight from the farm with options like pine, spruce, Douglas fir and Fraser fir. If you have a vision for the perfect classic look, select a tree that looks just like the real-life version. For something more retro, try a Christmas tree with sparkly silver branches. For a bold and ultra-spirited choice, go with bright red. It’s perfect for more lively office or classroom settings.

Find the Right Size Tree for Your Space 

A big tree in your living room can make even a spacious home feel a lot smaller. At the same time, a small tree can get lost in a wide-open area. Fake Christmas trees come in a range of choices in height and fullness to work in any space. For a small home or apartment, a slim or potted tree works well, while a room with a cathedral ceiling calls for a tall, full tree. You also want to make sure your tree is big enough to hold all your treasured holiday decorations

Reduce Holiday Expenses and Save Time 

The cost of a new tree every Christmas adds up. When you buy an artificial Christmas tree, you invest in a holiday staple that lasts for years and will stay lush and vibrant throughout the holiday season. 
Save money and time with a pre-lit Christmas tree. Choose one with LED lights, which use less energy than incandescent bulbs, to save on your electricity bill. Whether you want a small tree for your first apartment or a 15-foot beauty you can admire from the street, there’s an artificial Christmas tree that meets your needs.

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