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Protect Your Grill with a Cover

Whether you cook outside all summer long or only occasionally, your grill is an investment that’s worth protecting. To prolong the life of your grill while keeping it clean, browse our extensive selection of covers. 
Reasons to Cover Up 

Your grill may be made of durable metal, but it still needs protection from the elements. Rain, snow, pollen and other particles can all cause wear and tear. This will impact not only its look, but its performance. Protecting your grill with an outdoor cover after each use can extend the life of your cooker for years. 
Shopping for BBQ Grill Covers 

To choose the best cover for your needs, look for one that fits properly. Large covers, like multi-burner or 55-inch-grill covers, are designed for oversized outdoor and built-in models. Some covers encase the entire rolling cart. A small cover is more appropriate for portable and mini charcoal models. You can also use vertical smoker grill covers to protect smokers and fryers. If you live in a region with harsh weather conditions, consider a heavy duty cover, which tends to be thicker and stronger than standard models.

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