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An earth auger makes it easy to tackle any hole-digging job. No matter how wide or deep you need to go into the ground, there’s an auger to meet your needs.

Auger Basics

Augers are a necessity for anyone who needs to dig multiple holes in the ground, whether it’s to install a deck, to sink fence posts or to plant trees. A post hole auger allows you to drill holes of a consistent width and depth for cleaner, quicker installation.

Augers consist of two main parts: the engine and the bit. Smaller engines are light enough for just one person to use, while the larger models require two people. You can change out the bits depending on what size holes you need.

Making the Right Choice

Think about the project you’ll be doing when selecting a power auger. A small unit, like one offered by Earthquake, will get the job done in soft or moderately compacted soil. They work well for installing residential fences or plantings.

If you’re going to be digging in tougher, more compacted soil or need to make a larger-diameter hole, you might consider a two-man auger such as a Ground Hog.

In addition, you’ll want to think about what size drill bit to use on the auger. Bits typically range from two to 12-inches in diameter, and most will go 30 to 36-inches deep.

If you’re just doing a one-off job, consider an auger rental from The Home Depot Tool Rental Center.

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