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Popular Paint Colors

Use the most popular paint colors to invigorate your bedroom, living room or kitchen. Give a new color palette a try to change the mood or look to fit your vision. Trendy paint colors refresh any space in your home. Painting is a DIY project you can handle with just a few basic tools.

When you’re considering trending interior paint colors, it may seem overwhelming. Top paint colors span a rainbow of choices. Narrow it down by deciding if you want neutral, warm or cool tones.

Neutral tones, such as beige or cream, fit on any wall. They’re a quiet background for patterned or bright furniture or appliances. Popular gray paint colors are used by long-term homeowners and people looking to sell their houses. Neutrals always look clean and classy.

Interior paint in warm tones brings energy to a room. For kitchens and children’s rooms, consider painting with oranges, yellows or reds. Using vibrant colors on the walls may mean balancing it out with more muted colors on the furniture. If you love the energy, enhance it with trim in complementary colors or add animal print accents.

Many of the most popular paint colors are cool ones. Cool colors include blue, green and purple. Blue paint is a favorite for bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s versatile and sure to give a feeling of calm. Greens can range from a deep forest green to a lively spring green, bringing a fresh outdoor feeling indoors.

    Painting Tool Tips

    Once you’ve chosen your paint, it’s time to get rolling. Popular paint colors will refresh your house best when applied with care. Start by getting the right paint supplies for the job.

    • Paint Rollers: To apply your paint, you’ll need a paint roller frame and a cover for it. Natural covers, which are made of lambswool or mohair, are recommended for oil-based paints. Go with synthetic covers in nylon or polyester when using latex or other water-based paints.
    • Painter's Tape: Keep your trim and ceiling looking neat by using painter’s tape. It’s meant to seal out new paint without harming the existing paint below it.

    From popular gray paint colors to vintage blues and everything in between, you’ll find the trending interior paint colors you need for your home. Breathe new life into your interiors with bold paint and matching décor. You and your family will love the indoor days just as much as outdoor ones.