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Need To Move Water Out?

Sump Pumps

Use a sump pump to remove water from a sump pit.

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Use pumps to help prevent basement flooding and foundation damage by removing water away from the home.

Well Pumps & Systems

Draw water from an underground source (use with pressure tank).

Pool Pumps

Re-circulate and clean the water in your pool.

Sprinkler Pumps

Irrigation pumps draw water from ponds, lakes or other source for irrigation and sprinkler systems.

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You're In Good Hands With A Pump From The Home Depot

Get the pumps you need to keep your home or business running today. At The Home Depot we have a wide selection of pumps available to handle all of your needs. From sump pumps to well pumps, we have you covered. Moving water is a basic, but sometimes complicated need that can be made much easier with the proper equipment. Water can be relocated easily with our high quality water pumps, the best in water mechanics.

Electric pumps are popular and easy to use. These pumps use the latest in technology, which contributes to their durability, high performance, economy and mobility. A submersible pump can be used in water because the motor is sealed from water damage and allows fluid to be pumped through it. You can also extract water from underground locations with a shallow well pump, which provides fresh water to rural homes, cabins and farms. Typically used in conjunction with wells, a water pressure tank will store and provide a consistent flow by maintaining pressurized water, which can be distributed to different areas of your home.

A sprinkler pump is a great fix for your water system or garden irrigation, particularly if you aim to keep your lawn sprinkler systems running smoothly. Sprinkler Pumps move water at a steady rate when they are placed between the water source and sprinkler valve ensuring that each spray head receives enough water for irrigation. If you maintain your own pool, The Home Depot also carries Pool Pumps to keep your circulation and filtration system in check. With technology continuously improving, we can help with all of your water-related needs and keep your home or business looking great.


The AquaPro 1-1/2 HP sprinkler pump is ideal The AquaPro 1-1/2 HP sprinkler pump is ideal to use at depths to water up to 20 ft. The pump is constructed of fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic to protect against corrosion. The high capacity output is ideal for larger sprinkler zones. The unit has a 1-1/2 in. NPT for suction and discharge. ...  More + Product Details Close
The Basement Watchdog Special Connect is our most The Basement Watchdog Special Connect is our most popular backup pump model. It incorporates most of the sought-after features of premium level backups. It will protect your basement from a power outage primary pump or float failure and provide extra pumping capacity when needed. It will sound an audible alarm ...  More + Product Details Close
The upgraded Basement Watchdog Big Combo builds upon The upgraded Basement Watchdog Big Combo builds upon decades of reliability and adds even more features to protect your home from flooding. This Big Combo is a pre-assembled energy efficient ½ HP Cast Iron Cast Aluminum primary pump combined with the Basement Watchdog Special Connect Battery Backup Sump Pump System. ...  More + Product Details Close
The Basement Watchdog Professional 1/2 HP sewage pump The Basement Watchdog Professional 1/2 HP sewage pump features a powerful and energy efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor providing 4400 gph output at 10 ft. lift (6000 gph at 0 ft. lift). The cast iron and stainless steel construction along with dual ball bearings and carbon ceramic shaft seal ...  More + Product Details Close