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Store out-of-season clothes covered and dust free. Or, keep your most-used clothes in rotation.

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Keeps clothes organized anywhere - mud rooms, studio apartments. Comes in handy when your'e out closet space.


All Your Closet Storage and Organization Needs

Fix up your closet space piece-by-piece or start with whole new closet organization system. You can do it yourself or get help from our closet experts. Imagine all your clothes lined up, uncluttered, with room for all your sweaters and shoes. The floor of your bedroom closet could be visible, once again.

Closet Makeover from Start to Finish
Get a full in-home closet makeover. Make it happen quickly by scheduling an appointment with our closet design consultants. They can help you build the perfect closet storage solution no matter how cluttered your space is. You’ll get suggestions for the right combo of closet shelves and closet drawers specific to your needs. You can trust our closet and storage organization installers. They are licensed, insured and verified. Plus, you’ll get just one competitive price for the closet materials, including installation. We try to make it easy, so you can focus on what will go where.

Get Just What You Need
If you only need a slight improvement your closet situation, start with one or two clothing organizers. Stock up on plastic hangers or wood hangers and place your clothes in plain sight. Affordable and agile, a hanging closet organizer can create new nooks and drawers for your clothes. Try a hanging closet shelf to store you most used scarves or favorite t-shirts. Closet drawers or closet shelves might be all you need to eliminate clutter. 

If you’re not sure whether to go with wood or wire, check out the closet systems on display at your local Home Depot store. You’ll get a better sense of the look and feel of the materials. Plus, our associates are standing by to help you decide.

Get Your Shoes Off the Floor
Get in the habit of kicking your shoes off and onto a shoe rack so you know where they are when you need them. A shoe rack in the garage or near the front door will help keep tracked-in dirt to a minimum. They come in so many styles, you’ll find one to match your décor - a white shoe cabinet will match any room and a wood shoe rack can add a touch of elegance. Black shoe racks can go anywhere, in the garage or on the front porch. Hanging shoe organizers save space in your closet. Try a storage cube for your shoes, if you’re not overly organized and just need to have a place to toss them that’s not the floor.


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