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Clothes Racks and Storage Options

Whether you live in an older home without closets or you simply need more space, a portable wardrobe is an easy way to add storage. Freestanding racks and closets can hold everything from clothing and accessories to shoes. 

Where to Use a Freestanding Clothes Rack 

Out-of-season garments can take up valuable space in your closet. A portable clothes rack offers an alternative for those seasonally-used pieces. It’s also a great option for guests when built-in closet space is limited. A wardrobe will give them a place to empty their suitcase and help them feel right at home. 

Freestanding racks include features like adjustable shelves, detachable hook brackets for handbags or extra pieces of clothing and collapsibility for convenient storage. If you need to stow clothes away for a few months, consider one with a cover that provides protection from dust and moths. 

Other Uses for Storage Racks 

Storage racks are the perfect addition to laundry rooms and dressing rooms. Use a hanging clothes rack to sort and hang laundry or choose a heavy-duty option to store your clothing after washing and ironing. The mobility of a rolling clothes rack also makes it easy to put laundry away, and many offer hassle-free assembly. 

Is storage a challenge in your home? Check out our closet organizing tip video to declutter your closet and our closet organization system video for improving your storage setup.

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