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Choose the Right Tape Measure for the Job

A tape measure is one of the most basic yet critical tools in your toolkit. For almost all home projects, from hanging curtain rods to laying tile floors, you need accurate measurements to ensure success. Today’s choices in tape measures offer convenient features that can help.

Tape Measures With Added Features

Today’s tape measures include a variety of features to help make your next measuring task simpler.

• Self-marking. A self-marking tape measure applies a graphite mark on the tape, giving a precise and hassle-free measurement every time.
• Digital display. Skip the struggle of making out the tiny quarter-inch lines on the measuring tape. A digital tape measure gives an electronic reading, and it can even convert fractions to decimals and inches to centimeters.
• Laser measurement. A laser version has powerful lasers that can measure short distances with a beam of light, so you don’t need to stabilize the other end. It also has the traditional tape included, so it’s a great tool for double-checking your work.
• Durable casings. Great for construction and outdoor jobs, these offer extra protection for your tape measure and keep it in great condition in rugged settings.
• Magnetic tape. Some options come with a metal hook that attaches to metal surfaces, reducing the risk of slippage as you measure.
Consider Length and Width

Choose a tape measure that is the right size for your needs. For a versatile tool fit for household projects, crafting and decorating, consider a shorter tape measure that is 12 feet or 16 feet in length. For construction or measuring large areas, up to 35 feet is ideal.
The wider it is, the more sturdy and straight it will be when it’s extended. While thinner tape measures won’t be as strong, they’re lighter and more compact — great for on-the-go jobs.

For your next construction project, redecoration plan, or to round out your toolkit, browse our tape measures to find the right one for you. Consider a two-pack: They make a great gift for a college student or a first-time homeowner.

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