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Gun Safes

Safety is a top priority for any gun owner. Choosing the appropriate safe to house and secure your firearms is a crucial component of gun safety.

When purchasing a gun cabinet, there are a few features you should consider: 
1. Size: A small gun safe is a great place for handguns and can also be used for important documents and jewelry. A large gun safe, on the other hand, is intended for longer barreled weapons such as rifles and shotguns, along with larger valuable items you want to secure. If you plan to store multiple types of valuables, a larger safe may be the best bet.   
Lock type: Firearm cabinets can feature a wide variety of locking mechanisms. Traditional gun safes feature combination or key locks, while more modern technology uses biometric parameters to unlock the safe. Biometric fingerprint safes are designed so that only the fingerprints of specified owners can unlock them.
2. Fire rating: Fireproof models offer another level of protection for your firearms or anything else you wish to store in your gun cabinet. Each cabinet is given a fire rating, calculated by the amount of time it would take fire to breach the safe. The more delicate the item you wish to store, the higher the fire rating you should choose. For example, paper or soft metal jewelry (such as 24-karat gold) calls for a higher fire protection rating than a shotgun or coin collection.
3. Style: The style of gun cabinet you choose will usually depend on the size you need. Wall safes are smaller and are often used for small handgun collections or personal property. Floor safes tend to be larger to accommodate long gun barrels or multiple firearms.
4. Materials: Even the best gun safe is only as good as its material. Heavier weight materials offer better resistance to drilling or tampering. Safes are rated by the thickness of their metal wall panels. The thicker and heavier the panel, the less likely it can be broken into or stolen. 
Once you have the proper type of storage for your guns or any other valuable property, you can rest assured that you have improved the safety and the security of your home. 

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