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About Security Safes

A safe will protect your valuables from theft. Though you might want to put your irreplaceables in a bank safety deposit box, a home safe can give you peace of mind for documents and other valuables you want to keep at home. You’ll feel better knowing your weapons, jewelry, money, birth certificates and family photos are stashed in your home safe. Be confident at the office, too. A commercial or office safe protects cash, receipts, keys and other valuables against burglaries at your place of business, too.

Benefits of a Gun Safe

It’s important to keep control over who has access to your guns and ammunition. It protects everyone in including your family members and guests. Not only does it protect your home, but it also protects your guns. You might want to check with your homeowner's insurance to see if discounts are available for having a gun safe. A gun safe could save on your premium.

Safeguard Your Stuff

When considering a safe for your home, first think about the kind of protection you need. Do you need a safe that can resist cracking attempts? A safe that can’t be carried away. Many safes also come with bolt-down kits, an added deterrent to thieves. Diversion safes can be concealed in a wall or disguised as everyday household objects.

Protection from the Elements

If you are more concerned with protecting your valuables from fire, smoke and water damage, look at waterproof and fireproof safes. These safes are based on a fire-resistance rate, which can be roughly an hour, but some fires safes with the right hardware can withstand up to four hours.

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