Buying Guide

Best Ceiling Lighting for Your Home

Things to Consider
A round bronze chandelier hangs in a dining room.

When searching for the best ceiling lighting for your home, there are few considerations to keep in mind. From size and height to the room the light will be installed in, here are the most common things to look for when shopping for ceiling lighting:

  • Hanging clearance: When shopping for new ceiling lighting, a good rule of thumb to remember is that the bottom shouldn't hang lower than 84 inches above the floor. Measure your ceiling height, then subtract 84 inches to find the ideal height for your lighting fixture. 
  • Diameter: Measure the length and width of your room and add those two numbers together. Then use the same number of feet for inches. 
  • Height: Begin with the height of your room and multiply that by about 3 inches per foot. Use that same number of feet for inches to determine the ideal height of your ceiling lighting fixture. 
  • Space: When hanging above a dining room table, always take the table's shape into consideration. For instance, while a long multi-light pendant works over a long, rectangluar table, a single chandelier may look best over a round table. 
  • Style: Always choose a fixture that reflects your home's style. A modern ceiling light over a classic dining table may not be as flattering to the room as a classic chandelier. 
  • Lighting: Diagram your rooms and create a lighting plan for each, including ambient, task and accent lighting. 

A bronze chandelier with five lights.

Chandeliers offer ambient lighting and are typically recommended for foyers, dining rooms, bedrooms or master baths. 

When shopping for a chandelier, consider:

  • The recommended height for hanging a chandelier above a dining room table is 30 inches for the lowest part of the chandelier.
  • The recommended diameter for a dining room chandelier is half the width of the table.
  • For other rooms, add the length and width of the room then convert that number into inches for the right size chandelier.
Flush Mount Lighting
A modern flush-mounted ceiling light.

Flush mount fixtures offer ambient lighting and are often installed in bedrooms, hallways, closets, dining rooms, kitchens, dens, playrooms or more.

When shopping for a flush mount lighting, consider:

  • They hang flat against the ceiling.
  • Ideal for low ceilings.
  • Some house fluorescent bulbs to provide light to a large space, while saving money and energy.
Semi-Flush Mount Lighting
A semi-flush mounted ceiling light.

Semi-flush mount lighting offer ambient lighting and is often used in dining rooms, the foyer, kitchens, bedrooms, patios, 

When shopping for a semi-flush mount lighting, consider:

  • Falls between a flush mount fixture and a chandelier in style. 
  • Hangs approximately 4 inches to 8 inches from the ceiling.

Pendant Lights
Pendant lights hanging in a bedroom.

Pendant lights offer inverted-ambient lighting and downlight-task. They are typically used in kitchens, dining rooms and foyers. 

When shopping for pendant lighting, consider:

  • Hangs from the ceiling like a chandelier but has a single light source.
  • Inverted pendants directs light up and provides ambient light.
  • Downlights direct lights down and are typically used for task lighting or illuminating a workspace.
  • Island lights are similar to pendants and are used for kitchen islands. May have two or three light sources shining downward. 
Fluorescent Lighting
Fluorescent lights in a kitchen.

Fluorescent lighting provides ambient lighting and is typically used in office spaces, kitchens and garages. 

When shopping fluorescent lighting, consider:

  • Available in styles to complement every room in your home.
  • Typically overhead lighting mounted into the ceiling. 
  • Provides more light for less money than traditional incandescent bulbs and fixtures. 
Recessed Lighting
Recessed lighting in a bathroom.

Recessed lighting can provide ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting depending on where it is installed. It's usually installed in kitchens, family rooms, halls, home offices and playrooms.  

When shopping recessed lighting, consider:

  • Also called can or pot lighting.
  • Mounted in the ceiling.
  • Provides inconspicuous ambient or task lighting.
Track Lighting
Track lighting in modern gold finish.

Track lighting provides accent lighting and task lighting. It's usually installed in family rooms, great rooms, hallways and kitchens. 

When shopping track lighting, consider:

  • Curvy works of art light fixtures designed to complement any decor. 
A dimmer switch on a wall.

Certain ceiling lighting fixtures will come with various accessories. Here are the most common types to look for:

  • Dimmers: Adjusts a light’s brightness level. Saves energy and extends the life of your bulb.
  • Ceiling fans and light kits: Used to maintain a comfortable room temperature while providing light.
  • Light bulbs: Different ceiling fixtures require different types of bulbs.

When searching for the best ceiling lighting for your home, there are several factors to take into consideration. Whether it's pendant lighting or lighting installation, we're here to help. Looking for a product to complete your project? We have options to deliver online orders when and where you need them.