Buying Guide

Best Paint Roller For You


Paint roller covers are made from three main types of materials: lamb’s wool, synthetic fabric and foam.

  • Lamb’s wool roller covers are ideal for oil-based paints and painting on any surface texture.
  • Synthetic fabric covers are great for water-based paints and work for any surface textures.
  • Foam covers work well with oil or high-gloss latex paints, and work best for smooth or textured surfaces.
Cover Thickness

Roller covers, are typical available in 3/16 – ¼-inch, 3/8 – ½-inch, ¾ - 1-inch and 1 ¼ - 1 ½-inch thicknesses. Each thickness is designed for different purposes. Standard wall rollers are 7 to 12 inches wide, while specialty rollers are generally 2 to 18 inches wide.   

3/16 – ¼-inch

  • Ideal for use on smooth surfaces
  • Metal doors, interior doors, trim and cabinets
  • Perfect for semi-gloss or gloss coatings
  • Works well with both oil- and water-base enamels

3/8 – ½-inch

  • Medium (semi-smooth) surfaces
  • Use on painted or unpainted walls
  • Great for walls and ceilings

¾ - 1-inch

  • Can handle semi-rough surfaces
  • Great for stucco

1 ¼ - 1 ½-inch

  • Works well on extra rough surfaces
  • Use on brick and masonry, cinder blocks or chain link fences
  • Use for painting cinder block and chain link fences