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Chainsaw Safety Tips


Before operating a gas or electric chainsaw always wear the proper protective items:   

  • Eye and face protection  
  • If you’re cutting anything that could fall on you, wear head protection  
  • Hearing protection  
  • Steel-tipped shoes  
  • Protective chaps  
  • Gloves and long sleeves.

If you’re operating a gas- powered chainsaw always top off the saw’s fuel tank and blade lubricant before starting. If the saw runs out of lubricant, the blade will overheat quickly and damage the chainsaw.   

Follow this guide for tips on checking on the chain break, lubrication system and chain tension.

  • Learn how to make proper chainsaw cuts: When cutting, always maintain good balance and footing, don’t over reach or cut above shoulder level.  
  • Keep a tight grip with both hands wrapping your fingers and thumbs around the top and rear handles.  
  • Stay aware of your surroundings - Keep your work area free of tripping hazards.  
  • Run the throttle on full and lightly press the chainsaw cutting arm onto the wood to be cut.  
  • Don’t apply heavy pressure, let the blade do the work.  
  • Avoid chainsaw kickback: Don’t allow the tip of the cutting arm to come in contact with any objects. This can cause a fast, reverse reaction causing the blade to kick back toward you.  
  • If you’re cutting a trunk that’s lying on the ground, let up on the downward pressure as you near the end of the cut. You don’t want the blade to come in contact with the ground and damage your saw.