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How to Make a Scarecrow

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Build the Backbone and Shoulders
A yardstick and paint stick are used to build backbone and shoulders.

Begin with a yardstick and a 5 gallon paint stick that will be the backbone and shoulders of the scarecrow.

Working on a table or the ground, place the yardstick vertically. Center the paint stick horizontally at the 8-inch mark.

Secure the Yardsticks
The yardsticks are secured to the back of the scarecrow.

Wrap floral wire around the point where the sticks meet. Pull wire tight and use scissors to cut.

Dress the Scarecrow
A person begins dressing the scarecrow.

Dress the scarecrow, beginning with a shirt. Overalls are the best choice for the next layer, but pants will work if you sew the shirt to the pants.

Stuff the Scarecrow
A person stuffs the scarecrow with hay.

Stuff the body with plastic grocery bags, or burlap, or crumpled paper such as brown builder’s paper. Use handfuls of straw to finish at the sleeves and neck.

Place Scarecrow in Display
Hay is added in and around scarecrow for extra detail.

Settle the scarecrow body into position and add the finishing touches like straw in the pockets.

Add Footwear
Red garden shoes are used as the scarecrow's feet.

Search through your closets for old shoes or boots for your scarecrow.

Add a Pumpkin Topper
A plastic jack-o-lantern is used as the scarecrow's head.

Use a utility knife to cut a notch in the bottom of a pumpkin candy carrier or craft pumpkin. Slip on top of the yardstick “neck.” Top with a jaunty hat.

Fill In Display
Flowers and other outdoor decor are used to create a scene.

Prop the scarecrow on a chair, crate or bale of straw and surround with elements of your fall porch display — pumpkins, mums and a “Boo” sign.

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