Project Guide

How to Make a Succulent Christmas Tree Centerpiece

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Cut Chicken Wire
Person cutting chicken wire.

Cut chicken wire into a 12-inch by 12-inch square with aviation snips. (Caution: chicken wire can be difficult to work with, be sure to protect your hands with gloves.) Fold back cut edges. Shape chicken wire into a cone and fold edges together. Fill the planter with foam or other material sturdy enough to support the topiary.

Shape the Chicken Wire & Fill With Moss
Person placing moss inside the chicken wire.

Fill the bucket with water and soak the sphagnum moss for about 15 minutes. One handful at a time, squeeze out the excess water and place inside the chicken wire cone. Continue to fill the cone with dampened moss until it’s full. Place the filled chicken wire form on the base inside the container and secure with floral pins.

Gently Shake Off the Potting Mix
Person shaking off the potting mix.

Prepare the succulents for placement on the tree by gently removing them from their containers and shaking off most of the potting mix.

Attach Succulents with Floral Pins
Person attaching the succulents using floral pins.

Use floral pins to attach succulents to the tree form. Secure the floral pin to the chicken wire base. Add rows from the bottom up, and create vertical “ribbons” with a special color or texture.

Create the Design and Pattern
Close-up of succulents.

As you work around the topiary, alternate plants for variety. Step back and view the project from varying distances.

Embellish & Enjoy
A finished succulent Christmas tree.

Finish the Christmas tree with succulents or a star embellishment or ornament from your own Christmas tree. Enjoy the Christmas tree for holiday entertaining, and keep the joy of succulents around after the holidays. Finally, when the holidays are over, pull out the succulents and give them fresh potting soil and planters and delight in them throughout the winter.

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