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How to Make an Herb Centerpiece

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Make a Loop
Person makes a loop with twine.

Tie a loop at one end of a spool of garden twine. Do not cut the twine; leave the loop attached to the spool.

Make a Bundle
Person bundles together the herbs.

Make a bundle of herbs. Keep the length the same and make the bundle thick. The herbs will dry or wilt once cut.

Keeping the bundles thick will help keep the garland looking full and lush even if some of the leaves wilt.

Attach the Bundle
Two herb bundles tied together with twine.

Lay the bundle of herbs about an inch down from the loop on the twine. Hold the bundle and twine in one hand, then secure in place with the paddle wire.

Wrap the wire around the base of the herb bundle several times. Do not cut the wire.

Make another bundle of herbs and place it at the base of the previous herb bundle, but slightly off to one side of the bundle.

Secure it in place with the paddle wire.

Keep Adding Bundles
Multiple bundles attached together with twine.

Add the next bundle of herbs at the base of the previous bundle, but to the opposite side, and secure it in place with the paddle wire.

Continue in this manner until you reach the desired length.

Lots of herb bundles tied together.

When you reach your desired length, cut the wire and wrap any excess wire around the base of the last herb bundle.

Cut the twine about 6 inches longer than the length of the garland and tie the excess twine into a loop.

Decorate then Display
Herb bundled decorated with pinecones.

Decorate your herb garland by tucking in pinecones, ornaments, fresh flowers, candles or seasonal decor once on the table.

Tips for storing fresh herb centerpieces: Herb centerpieces look best when used within a few hours of making them. However, if you need to make one the day before, you can store the herbal arrangement in a cooler with an ice pack, or in the refrigerator. Because they are cut, they will lose water rapidly and dry out. Be sure to wrap the herb centerpiece loosely in plastic before you pop it in a cooler with ice.

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