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How to Trellis Cucumbers

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Choose Your Cucumbers
A cucumber and yellow bloom in garden soil
  • If you want to grow cucumbers on a plant trellis, you must first determine which cucumber plants grow best vertically.
  • Cucumbers grow easily when you directly plant seed in the garden. Choose a vining variety like 'Sumter' or 'Marketmore' instead of bush-type cucumber plants that naturally grow better among shrubbery.
  • Review the seed packet to see which type of crop you’ve chosen for your vegetable garden.
  • Cucumbers are summer garden companions along with tomatoes and peppers. 
Prune the Cucumber Plant
Gardener pruning cucumber leaves in a garden
  • Wait until your cucumber plant begins to sprout then use pruners to trim the leaves along the bottom to allow for optimal air flow. This will keep the roots healthy and promote growth.
  • Alternatively, you can insert the trellis first and plant cucumber seeds around the base to help guide the growth.
  • Make your trellis portable in order to practice crop rotation for healthier soil and plants. 
Install the Cucumber Trellis
Cucumber vine growing on a trellis.
  • Plant trellises come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different kinds of plants and complement your outdoor decor. 
  • Choose one that fits your space and is tall enough to contain your growing crop. 
  • Most include stakes of some sort for easy installation and should be secured into the soil, along the main stem.
String the Cucumber Plant
Cucumbers tied to a garden trellis
  • Use a thinly twisted rope or twine to tie the stem to the trellis. We recommend one made of natural fibers that are biodegradable like sisal or jute.
  • String the plant in multiple areas, leaving two or three inches of space in between. 
  • The purpose is to make sure your cucumber plant is propped upright and in the proper position to grow vertically. 
  • Cucumbers are an easy-to-grow component of a victory garden.

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