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How to Install a Motion Sensor Light

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Shut Off the Power and Wire Your Motion Sensor Lights
a person splices motion sensor wires into a light fixture

The first step to installing your outdoor security lights is to shut off the power at the service panel and remove the existing floodlight. After that, run the motion sensor wires through the rubber gasket and splice them with wire nuts. While mounting the light to the box, position the gasket so it will keep the box dry.

Add the Motion Sensor and Restore Power
A person adjusts the direction of an outdoor floodlight

Restore power, loosen the locknuts and twist the light until it is directed where you want it. Then tighten the locknuts to hold the lights in place. 

Activate Your Motion Sensor
A person activates the motion sensor on an outdoor light

Activate the motion sensor using the manufacturer’s instructions and choose how long you want the light to stay on when triggered. Test the sensitivity of the sensor by walking around it and adjust if necessary.

Once your motion sensor light is installed and activated, leave the light switch in the on position and the lights will come on automatically when the sensor detects movement. With many models, you can change to always-on mode by flipping the wall switch off and on again quickly, and you can go back to motion detection mode by flipping the wall switch to off for approximately 10 seconds.