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Bedroom Paint Ideas

Choosing a Bedroom Paint Color for a Master Bedroom
Master bedroom with light blue walls.

When contemplating how to choose a bedroom paint color for a master bedroom, consider the size of the space. Lighter colors will make the space seem bigger, while darker colors will make the space seem smaller. 

Consider Existing Decor
Bedroom with green walls and wood accents.

When taking on bedroom painting, take into account the color scheme of any existing decor. If you want to save money while redecorating, you will want to incorporate as many of the items you have as possible, so you don’t have to go out and buy all-new furniture and accessories. Want to match paint colors to a color that caught your eye around town or that great shade in your throw pillows? Use the Project Color app to find a color for your bedroom walls. 

Ask for Input
Bedroom with grey walls and a large bed.

If you share the bedroom with a partner, you’ll want to get their input on color ideas as well. When it comes to the colors themselves, brown accents work well with soft blue shades while deep blue and navy with white creates a crisp, clean look. Also, darker walls are an ideal way to soothe those who have trouble sleeping. 

Go Bold Carefully
Bedroom with a deep red wall.

When deciding on bedroom paint ideas, consider who will be using the bedroom. For kids, a bold color, like coral or green, may be a great choice. Similarly, for a master bedroom or guest room, bold red may be too stimulating in a space that should be relaxing, while a deep red may add warmth and calmness. 

Choose a Bedroom Paint Color for a Guest Bedroom
Bedroom with grey walls, a bed, nightstand and hanging mirror.

Figuring out how to choose a bedroom paint color for a guest bedroom can be tricky. Unlike the master bedroom, you likely spend much less time in the guest room. Your preferred bedroom color scheme might not appeal to your guests. Stick to calm colors that invoke feelings of tranquility to make your guests feel more at home in the space. 

Add Faux Finish or Textures
Bedroom with faux finish walls that look marble.

Using textured techniques and a faux finish can wake up walls easily. One of the more creative bedroom paint ideas, faux techniques like marbleizing, faux granite and sponging add dimension to walls and create the illusion of texture. 

Consider Lighter Colors
An all-white bedroom wall with grey furniture.

If the room you are painting is small, choose a lighter color, which will make it look more spacious. When in doubt, stick to softer, more subdued colors, such as white, creamy beiges, browns and grays. If you do want to add a bit of character to the space, you can always opt for an accent wall. 

Look Up
Bedroom with ceiling painted grey.

While some may say you should steer clear of painting the ceiling anything but white, as it can disorient your guests, you can opt for light or neutral shades. If you want to add a bit of dimension to the room, consider a non-disruptive color like light grey or beige.