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Greenhouse Ideas

Glass Panel Greenhouse
A greenhouse with glass panels and canvas sheets.

This medium size, glass panel greenhouse incorporates optional canvas fabric as protective shades from excess sunlight. 

The exterior sides feature planters to create a glass greenhouse that blends into the lawn and natural surroundings. 

Polycarbonate Panel Greenhouse
A combination glass and plastic paneled greenhouse with furniture inside.

This chalet-style greenhouse, with transluscent polycarbonate sheeting for the roof panels, incorporates plants and extra outdoor living space for year-round enjoyment.

Plastic Sheeting Greenhouse
Plastic sheet greenhouse.

This style of greenhouse provides germinating, incubating and growing space for plants. It can be constructed with transluscent plastic sheeting and connecting rods or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes to raise the greenhouse's interior temperatures. It also provides light and protective covering from outside elements. 

Greenhouse Assembled From a Kit
A greenhouse that was built from a kit.

This is an example of a detached, standalone greenhouse with polycarbonate panels assembled from a kit. 

The Home Depot has a wide variety of greenhouse kits to browse and select from. 

Wood Frame Greenhouse
A greenhouse with a wood frame.

A detached, small DIY greenhouse made with wood frames and polycarbonate panels adds natural style to your outside space. 

Tent Greenhouse
A greenhouse tent with PVC pipes for support.

This easy-to-assemble, portable greenhouse pops up like a tent, with rods for support and plastic sheeting for panels.  

Small Attached Glass Greenhouse
A small glass paneled greenhouse attached to the side of a house.

A small, glass-paneled greenhouse attached to the side of a house provides a convenient space to protect and nurture your growing plants throughout all seasons. 

Large Attached Greenhouse
A greenhouse attached to the side of a house.

This attached or "lean-to" style of greenhouse serves as extra outdoor living space as well as a shelter for growing plants. 

Classic Backyard Greenhouse
A typical looking glass greenhouse in a yard.

A pitched roof on a small glass or polycarbonate greenhouse allows for taller plants (and people) inside. 

Large Size Greenhouse
A larger sized greenhouse with shelves of plants in it and two people watering plants.

To up your growing game, this polycarbonate and glass-paneled greenhouse incorporates length and height for longer shelves to display many plants. 

Increasing the height of a greenhouse creates more overhead room for bigger, taller plants to grow. 

Cold Frame Greenhouse
A box, cold frame greenhouse.

Basically a box with a hinged lid, a cold frame uses solar power and insulation to create a microclimate suitable for tender vegetation. It is "framed" from cold weather by a protective cover or lid of glass or plastic. The transluscent or clear lid lets light in for the growing plants inside the box. 

A covered raised garden bed can also be used as a cold frame greenhouse. 

Use a cold frame to overwinter plants, start seeds, harden off seedlings and extend the growing season.

You can direct sow seeds into a portable cold frame, just be sure to put it in place about two weeks early so the earth can warm up enough for seeds to germinate.

Mini Greenhouse
A miniature greenhouse.

A mini or portable greenhouse is good to-go when you unpack one from a box and set it on small spaces and patios. 

Shaped Greenhouse
A hexagon shaped greenhouse of glass panels.

A pergola shaped and multi-sided greenhouse enhances your backyard living space and keeps plants protected while serving as a gardening workshop. 

Hut Greenhouse
Hut style greenhouses.

Provide extra protection for your growing plants with a pop-up hut greenhouse. 

Typically, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes or flexible, connecting rods provide a framework for the hut-style greenhouse. The tent portion is made from a variety of materials and stretched over the frame. 

Greenhouse Supplies and Accessories
Tables inside a greenhouse.

Once inside, add greenhouse supplies and gardening platforms, tables, seating, storage units and shelving to the interior of your greenhouse. Then put in plants and start gardening

Plants suitable for growing in a greenhouse depend on your region and climate. These include succulents, exotic flowers, fruit trees, shrubbery, grasses, seedlings, herbs, vegetables and beyond. 

Greenhouse Lighting
Lights for a greenhouse.

Keep a consistent source of light on your plants with overhead grow lights. Any size greenhouse will need electricity to power the grow lights. 

Before choosing and purchasing a greenhouse, check the manufacturer's specifications for electical capacity, especially if you plan to add grow lights to a greenhouse's interior. 

Shelving for Greenhouses
Shelving inside a greenhouse.

Increase your interior growing space and capacity with longer racks of stacked shelves so you can grow even more plants. 

Greenhouses help gardeners get a start on the next season and also protect plants as they grow. Once you decide on a greenhouse, The Home Depot delivers.