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White Bathroom Ideas

White Bathroom Color Patterns
white bathroom with black tile floors and white walls

Rather than opt for a single plain bright white, try using patterned wall treatments or fixture materials in your bath. Patterns like marbling or geometrics in varying shades of white, cream or ecru add intetest and texture to the space. 

White Bathroom Accent Colors
white bathroom with blue accent wall

Accent walls can punctuate or tone down a room color. Colors like blue, red or black combine well with white bathroom color schemes.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas
white bathroom with white wall tile

White tile on the floor or walls in a white bathroom gives your toilet decor a striking design with sparkle. 

White is also easy to keep clean with bleach and microfiber cloths. A unique addition to floor tile is under floor heating in the bathroom to keep your feet warm.

White Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas
white bathroom with marble patterned wallpaper

Patterned white wallpaper makes your white bathroom look sleek and feel lush. 

Look for marble or pearl styles that add contrast to your bathtub, flooring or sink area. 

Furnishings for White Bathrooms
white bathroom with freestanding shelf and mounted flush lighting

Proper lighting, bathroom mirrors and shelving provide decor while keeping your bathroom organized and ultimately more useful.

Motion lighting fixtures and dimmer switches will allow you the flexibility to set the mood in your white bathroom with the appropriate level of brightness for any use.

Minimalist White Bathroom Ideas
white minimalist bathroom

White is the common color of minimalism. Keep it clean and simple with all white bathroom furnishing and a touch of stainless bathroom accessories.

Rustic White Bathroom Ideas
rustic white bathroom with wood finished furnishings

Rustic themes typically involve weathered items and rougher pieces that give you a homey feel. 

A rustic white bathroom won’t be as worn looking but it will have touches of wood with a unique finish that gives it personality.  

Modern White Bathroom Ideas
modern white bathroom with round bathtub

Horizontal lines accent a modern bathroom and white only makes it stand out.

Rectangular and long shaped furnishings showcase the straight lines that fit a modern bathroom style. 

Cottage White Bathroom Ideas
cottage white bathroom with succulent plants on shelf

Get a very cottage atmosphere with cabinet door finish that reflects cabin life or coastal living in your suburban home.  

Black and White Bathroom Ideas
black and white bathroom with arched windows and black accent wall

The ultimate color combination for any home bathroom decor theme is black and white.

Designing a black and white bathroom through tile stripes, accents or linens will make this interior look more spacious.