How to Replace Hinges

Replacing cabinet hinges is an easy DIY project if they have become loose through normal wear and tear or if you just want to upgrade the look of your kitchen

2-4 hours
How to Replace Hinges

It’s important to take your time when replacing the hinges on cabinet doors because each door needs to be removed during the process. Place a soft cloth on a nearby countertop to use as a work surface. Also, be sure not to drop any tools on your countertop.

What You'll Need

Remove old doors and hardware
Remove old doors hardware - Replace Hinges

Use a screwdriver or power screwdriver to remove the old doors, hinges, catches and other hardware.

Position new hinges
Position new hinges - Replace Hinges

• Set a combination square at the 2-inch mark.
• Position the new hinges an equal distance from the top and bottom of the door.
• Use a finish nail or an awl to mark the screw locations.
• Use a cabinet and drawer installation template to ensure that all of the knobs and/or handles are in the exact location on all doors and drawers.

Attach hinges and hardware
Attach hinges hardware - Replace Hinges

• Drill pilot holes and attach the hinges with screws. Do not drill all the way through the cabinets.
• Mount the new knobs, handles and catches.

Attach cabinet doors
Attach cabinet doors - Replace Hinges

• Attach the cabinet doors to the frames.
• Make sure the doors overlap the openings by an equal amount on all sides.
• Allow a 1/8-inch gap between doors that cover a single opening.