Build an Outdoor Sofa

1-2 hours

Personalize your patio with a space to sit and relax

Build an outdoor sofa bench

Whether you need a break while working in the yard or are simply relaxing on the patio, a sturdy outdoor sofa will come in handy. This intermediate-level DIY project will help you build one of your own in just an hour or two.

Click here for a video that can guide you step-by-step through this project.



cut Lumber
Cut lumber - Outdoor Sofa Bench

• Measure, mark and cut the 10 2 x 4-inch x 8-foot boards using a circular saw according to this cut list and diagram.
       o Seven 72-inch wood sections (seat boards)
       o One 75-inch wood section (bottom back board)
       o One 79-inch wood section (top back board)
       o Two 24-inch wood sections (arm rests)
       o Five 21-inch wood sections (cross pieces)
       o Four 22 ½-inch wood sections (legs)
• Smooth any rough ends with the sanding sponge.

Assemble the seat Frame
Assemble seat frame - Outdoor Sofa Bench

• Lay the two 72-inch seat board sections horizontal and parallel standing on their 2-inch sides.
• Place two of the 21-inch cross piece sections vertically standing on their 2-inch sides between the two seat boards and flush with the ends.
• Clamp in place.
• Secure the 72-inch seat boards to the 21-inch cross sections by using a 1/8-inch drill bit and pre-drilling two holes through the 72-inch seat boards and then using two 2 ½-inch screws in each end.
• Align a third 21-inch cross piece vertically in the center of the frame, pre-drill holes and attach with screws.
• Finally, split the remaining difference in half on both sides of the center cross piece for the fourth and fifth 21-inch cross pieces, pre-drill holes and attach with screws.
• Attach the five remaining 72-inch seat boards flat and evenly spaced about 1 ½ inches apart on top of frame using one screw into each cross piece beneath.

Add the Seat
Add the seat - Outdoor Sofa Bench

Attach the five remaining 72-inch seat boards flat and evenly spaced about 1 ½ inches apart on top of the frame using one screw in each cross piece beneath.

attach legs and arm rests
Attach legs and arm rests - Outdoor Sofa Bench

• Stand frame on long end.
• Align the two 22 ½-inch legs flush to each side of the frame at 8 ½-inch from the bottom of the leg to the bottom of the frame, pre-drill two holes and attach with screws.
• Flip frame over and repeat on opposite side.
• Stand sofa on legs.
• Secure the two 24-inch armrests to the top of the legs, flush with the inside of the legs, by pre-drilling and attaching one screw in each end.

Attach Back Boards
Attach back boards - Outdoor Sofa Bench

• Lay sofa face down.
• Align the 79-inch top back board so that it is flush with the top of the hand rails.
• Pre-drill and attach with 2 screws on each side.
• Then using one screw on each side, pre-drill holes and attach the 75-inch bottom back board 1 ½ inches below the top board.

Paint or stain (optional)
Paint or stain  - Outdoor Sofa Bench

• Paint or stain sofa/bench with exterior paint or stain.
• Use a stainable/paintable wood putty to fill in screw heads and touch up with paint or stain used.